Monotype Core Laddering Challenge [Cycle 6]

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Challenge #53 will hopefully be released this afternoon. This will be the last challenge for Cycle 6. Also, Challenge #51 will end at 11:59 pm est tonight, so if you want to get some last minute laddering done, you have all day today to do it. Good luck! :)
Challenge #53
2 Cores, Apr 8 - Apr 22


contributed by Stun

Mega Garchomp + Latios
(You must use a Garchomp using the Garchompite)
tag: CCDr6
Hall of Fame Rankings:
Platinum: 1600+
Gold: 1450+
Silver: 1350+
Bronze: 1250+


contributed by Stun and Ticken

Stunfisk (The Great)+ Zapdos
tag: CCEl6
Hall of Fame Rankings:
Platinum: 1550+
Gold: 1400+
Silver: 1300+
Bronze: 1200+

KevinELF (Dragon)
Trichotomy (Dragon)
Dragon Expert Soma (Dragon)
Cjl1 (Electric)
Waszap Electric)

Crimson Torrent (Electric)
@kicool (Electric)

Dece1t (Dragon)

Fiat500 (Dragon)

Note: To register to participate in a core challenge, we will no longer be using Google Docs, you must reply to this forum with the proper information to be eligible! See the example post here for details. To apply for certain HoF levels and/or submit a new peak, see the example post here.

As a reminder, Challenge #52 is still ongoing until April 15th!

This will be the last Core Challenge for Cycle 6. After this one we will be taking a brief break in preparation for Cycle 7!​
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PS Username: Allegiant Exca
Challenge Alt(s): CCDr6 Excadrill
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Main: Fiat500
Challenge Alt: CCDr6 Dragonmamma


HoF Level:
Bronze (1200+)
[posting bronze because I don't think I'll have the time to aim for plat. I'll get there sometime]
^ guy rage quitted so here's a battle that came after, better display of the team:


Someone once said that laddering is more stressful than studying for finals... Im doing both atm so bring it on xD
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butterscotch love
Challenge Registration

Main Alt:
Challenge Alt: CCEl6 Fila

Maybe I'll have the time to actually start this one e_e


Part of the journey is the end
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Challenge Registration
PS Name:Alliance KevinELF
Laddering Alt(s): CCDr6 KevinELF, CCEl6 KevinELF
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