Tournament Monotype Generations Tour [Won by Lotus Wincon]

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Week 1 has come to an end. Those who contacted their opponents but their opponents never responded were given activity wins. The others aside from extension matches were flipped in the Monotype Events Room.

Activity Wins
Misaka Mikoto vs Abunnyin3d
ItsYaBoi1337 vs Arifeen
vs Mold
xEpicc vs HNBL
vs xRoy

Activity Flips
Escoffier vs DBW
dusk raimon vs iRKD
vs Temperarious
Fardin vs Mateeus_1

Extension Matches
Karmic Retribution vs Seo.
Holy Ghost vs SirSkit

Week 2 matches will be up soon
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i sense a biased asf tour host lmao. get johned nd gotta wait thru an extension. like I was tryna do in our pms earlier im gonna call act
zz mono gen sirskit holy ghost activity call.png

I'm not the tour host but judging from an outside perspective into your discussion for when to play, I'm not quite sure how you could have any chance of being johned when you didn't actually answer as to whether or not you'd be available, nor did the both of you agree on a time or anything from what anyone can see.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact The Excadrill or Izaya on smogon.

Week 2
Please make sure when building your teams you follow the banlists for the Monotype version of each Generation. All information on Monotype Generation specifics and the banlist is linked in the OP under Tournament Resources. Using a team with banned Pokemon will result in a forfeit for your match. As a reminder, SM is the first tier played each week. Then the next generation is decided by the loser of the last game. Please post all replays in the order of which they were played. Remember, first tier played is SM.​

MiyoKa vs iRKD
(Holy Ghost vs SirSkit) vs Escoffier
Arifeen vs YellowAce
Nailec vs Alpha-Harpreet
Torkool vs Hys
Anttya vs smub
Ridley. Vs TheImcaness
Azelea vs terrors
Mindnight vs iLlama
Lotus Wincon vs Asziran
I am bu vs zugubu royale
The Excadrill vs Fardin
Sae Sae vs Cloud9 NxtLvl
Vodoom vs HNBL
Misaka Mikoto vs Bluxio
EricSaysHi vs (Seo. vs Karmic Retribution)

Due to the size of the tournament everyone after the 64th signup has been placed as a substitute. Substitutes will be placed in by the order of which they signed up in. More substitutes are needed!
Deadline: Monday August 28th at 9:30 PM EST (GMT -4)
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