Tournament Monotype Generations Tour [Won by Lotus Wincon]

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Week 4
Please make sure when building your teams you follow the banlists for the Monotype version of each Generation. All information on Monotype Generation specifics and the banlist is linked in the OP under Tournament Resources. Using a team with banned Pokemon will result in a forfeit for your match. As a reminder, SM is the first tier played each week. Then the next generation is decided by the loser of the last game.

SirSkit vs. Lotus Wincon
YellowAce vs. zugubu royale
The Excadrill vs. (Azelea vs. iRKD)
(Ridley. vs. smub) vs. Vodoom

Extensions deadline is Saturday 10 PM GMT+4
Week 4 deadline is Tuesday 10 PM GMT +4​
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