Monotype Ladder Tour 2

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Banned deucer.
stole most of the OP from Andromeda. and the RU guys

Welcome to the 2nd Monotype Ladder Tournament
This tournament will consist of two stages:

1. The first is the actual laddering portion of the tournament, which will last an entire month. The eight participants with the highest rating at the end of each week will be entered into the playoffs. If a player "won" for multiple weeks, the next highest rated person will be admitted into the playoffs.
2. At the end of the laddering stage (stage one), the playoffs will start with the 32 top ladder players of the month. Pairings will be randomized. More information on format and rules are listed below. Since there is a possibility we will need substitutes for the tournament, we'll take the 9th and 10th people in each period and randomize them as subs if needed. If you qualify as #9 or #10, you are still able to participate in other cycles and try to qualify for the top 8 of a given cycle.

Before you start laddering, you MUST create a fresh alt and post the name with the tag for that cycle (don't forget to register the alt!).

Cycle 4 Tag: LT4
Cycle 3 Tag: LT3
Cycle 2 Tag: MLT2
Cycle 1 Tag: LT1

Example nick: LT4 scp
  • This will allow us to track who is actually entered into the tournament, and more importantly, that everyone starts on fresh alts.
  • In regards to discussion in this thread, I will allow discussion of what you guys see on the ladder. This can be anything from ladder trends to who's making a large push on the ladder. This is meant to be a competition of sorts, so compete and talk about it.
  • You can sign up at any point during any cycle, but you must use new alts with the correct tag for each cycle
Your rank on the ladder "resets" at the end of each cycle. You must ladder with a new alt each cycle and post it on this thread before you start laddering.

Before participating in the tournament, take a moment to read the tournament rules:
1) You must sign up in this thread before you start laddering! If we find out that you were laddering on an account before posting to this thread you will be dq'd from that cycle.

I really shouldn't have to say this, but...
Do not take any action to artificially boost your ladder ranking. This includes trying to avoid playing a battle against a friend (in that case you're both boosting).

I'm leaving both these as open ended as possible so they cover the future cases that might pop up.
To help police this tour, I'm going to restart the Mono Ladder Bot and have it join the ladder tour matches.

If you're caught cheating, you will be banned from the Monotype room and from participating in any Monotype events that are hosted through Smogon (at least any that I have control over) for at least 1 year.
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