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Welcome to the Monotype Oldgens Subforum!

This is a subforum that separates from the main Monotype forum. It houses Monotype Oldgens in SM, ORAS, BW, and DPP with official threads that contain many resources. .Anything related to Monotype Oldgens specifically including discussion threads and non-circuit tournaments will go here aside from Monotype Premier League-which will take place in the main forum as it is a tournament that includes current generation. There are tags that go with each generation for the sake of organization.

Monotype Oldgens Subforum Rules:
– All global rules apply.
You need approval before posting a thread. Start a conversation with the forum moderation team to submit your thread idea first.
– Do not make meaningless or one-line posts.
– Be nice to one another!

Here is the list of formats supported in this subforum with an official thread:

- SS (Gen 8) Monotype
- SM (Gen 7) Monotype
- ORAS (Gen 6) Monotype
- BW (Gen 5) Monotype
- DPP (Gen 4) Monotype

If you would like to write analyses for Monotype Oldgens, check out the Pastgens Monotype Analyses forum.
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