Tournament Monotype Premier League V - Player Signups

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Name: adjustments
Metagames played: SM
Timezone: EST
Potential Activity Issues: No

last time i did this i got drafted for the sole purpose of being benched so hopefully that changes this time
Metagames Played:USUM & SM
Potential Activity Issues:Will be busy for a week and a half in July, but will still be able to play.
Name; Shnarf
Metagames played; SM mana type, willing to learn others if needed.
Time zone; Eastern Standard time
Schedule conflicts; I'll be on vacation from July 4th through the 13th, and certain weekends I will have all day events to attend. With the exception of that week in July, I'd be willing to make time to play a few matches

P.S. This is the first league I'm signing up for, so let me know if there's anything I can do to make it easier to organize :D
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