Tournament Monotype Premier League V - Player Signups

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Name: DukeOfKalos
Metagames Played: SM/ORAS mono
Timezone: EST
Potential Activity Issues: Work from between 10am-2pm usually three days a week.
Name: JulianBGG107
Metagames: SM Monotype
Timezone: GMT -6
Activity issues: On weekdays I study so I am only available from 5 p.m. onwards (hope is not so big of a deal)
Name: Peterwhite
Metagames Played: Lol, I do best in Doubles OU, but I'll play anything and everything.
Timezone: PDT
Potential Activity Issues: Work might interfere with being available, but outside of working hours I'm fine. I'm traveling late August, but I still should be able to participate in battles.
Name: RandomGamer300
Metagames Played: BW Monotype, USUM Monotype
Timezone: Est
Potential Activity Issues: June 21-30 will struggle during evenings, more trouble on weekends
Name: XerniasVsZekrom
Metas Played: ORAS Or BW
Timezone: GMT
Activity Issues: Unable to play until 4pm mon-fri until july 19th (school)
Name: Wizpig1231
Metagames Played: SM
Timezone: AEST (UTC/GMT +10)
Potential Activity Issues: Mostly active in July, otherwise only 5:00pm-9:00pm AEST excluding weekends
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