Tournament Monotype Premier League V - Player Signups

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Name: Miss Novelist
Metagames Played: SM monotype (participated in pspl this year as a monotype player)
Timezone: CEST (UTC +2)
Potential Activity Issues: On weekdays only between 6 and 10 pm due job, quite flexible in weekends, as long as times as reasonable
Name: AquaBlitz88
Metagames Played: SM & ORAS
Timezone: BST
Potential Activity Issues: Little bit of school early July, shouldn't impact much though
Name: SamBjikuKaiju
Metagames Played: SM & ORAS (BW too, need some teambuilding support there.)
Timezone: IST (+5:30)
Potential Activity Issues: Busy between the 19th and 24th of July, free otherwise.
Name: LanturnLight
Metagames Played: SM OU preferably. Some familiarity with ORAS (can help check teams - speed tiers and mu's). Also cheering<3
Timezone: -6 GMT
Potential Activity Issues: There may be one week in late august im not available for 3 days. Otherwise, I can flex my evening and afternoon schedule any weekday.
Name: thomaspoppema
Metagames Played: sm
Timezone. CEST (UTC+2)
Potential Activity Issues: less time on the first week of july
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Name: KryogenicCygnus
Metagames Played: SM and ORAS
Timezone: PST(GMT-7)
Potential Activity Issues: None unless obviously a personal emergency occurs.
Name: Beita Dacho 041
Metagames Played:AAA, BH, TS
Timezone: GMT-6
Potential Activity Issues:Holidays from June 1 to June 15, and maybe school.
Name: Smart_TJ
Metagames Played: ORAS, SM, can also do BW but not as well
Timezone: EST
Potential Activity Issues: none
Name: Fidg3t_Spinn3rs
Metagames Played: All
Timezone: Central Standard Time (but it's Central Daylight Time due to summer daylight savings)
Potential Activity Issues: I am not online whenever I'm asleep. (10:30 PM to ??? AM)
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