Monotype Premier League VI - Week 5

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Week 5
Replay Thread
Records Spreadsheet


Meteor Falls Miniors (8) vs. Mirage Island Milotics ( )

SS: Maki's Fox vs le LLiolae
SS: Conflux vs gorex
SS: Ridley vs Perish Song
SM: Attribute vs Mateeus
SM: Bitana vs Empo
ORAS: Shiba vs Cell
BW: Caetano93 vs Freeroamer
Bo3: Leru vs devinn


Dreamyard Darkrais (3) vs. Hau'oli Houndooms (5)

SS: Kev vs Splash
SS: col49 vs zugubu royale
SS: Feliburn vs Fylkir Pudin
SM: EviGaro vs Days for Dabs
SM: Maple vs Harpp
ORAS: Izaya vs maroon
BW: Zukushiku vs North
Bo3: Arifeen vs Trichotomy


Blackthorn Bucks (4) vs. Hearthome Honchkrows (4)

SS: kythr vs Eternal Spirit
SS: Havens vs Fírnen
SS: Its Choco Bitch vs Star
SM: lax vs Gondra
SM: Brisked vs TheArchitect_
ORAS: Catalystic vs Yami
BW: Jyph vs Sabella
Bo3: Azelea vs 1 True Lycan


Goldenrod Gengars (5) vs. Trick House Treeckos (3)

SS: dahli vs Floss
SS: Dieu Amphibien vs Bouff
SS: Confide vs MetaRiolu7
SM: Toadow vs Prosaic
SM: Nailec vs LuckyPiper
ORAS: Croven vs taide
BW: avarice vs Crashy
Bo3: Chaitanya vs Wanka

Bo3s start with SM!

The deadline for Week 5 is: July 19th @ 11:59PM EDT (GMT -4)!
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doing 3 predictions I care about

SS: Maki's Fox vs le LLiolae - I know Le Lliolae guy is definitely goated and probably the best player on that team, but when you see your name against Maki Fox it makes any player shiver and question their ability at mons. Maki not being taken in the original draft was actually a good thing as his pent up furry anger will see him easily win the game clean as he's achieved full god mode. He's very confident right now as he was pretty happy that I predicted him to win

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 2.59.26 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 3.02.09 AM.png

SS: Conflux vs gorex- someone told me Conflux dodged Le Lliolae on purpose. Big mistake, as unfortunately for him he got paired with mono god hoerex who will stomp him easily 6-0.
Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 2.48.46 AM.png

SM: Nailec vs LuckyPiper- I bought Luckypiper a Nezuko pillow case and a cute pair of Nezuko sneakers and he still didn't draft me. Also, called my waifu bingo bad so I'll give him a 5% chance to win.
Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 2.38.19 AM.png
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I haven't done these in so longggg

Meteor Falls Miniors ( ) vs. Mirage Island Milotics ( )

SS: Maki's Fox vs le LLiolae - Maki's has come a long way from needing 30+ alts for suspect tests. Not far enough for this one though.
SS: Conflux vs gorex - gorex smashed dickmaster without an elec immune last week while confluxx has been losin water vs fire easy ass bold
SS: Ridley vs Perish Song - Perish was probably a lot better last week than people gave him credit for coming into this tour, ridleys still better tho
SM: Attribute vs Mateeus - I can't figure either of these guys out. I don't think mateeus is bad but he seems to get super nervous. I don't think Attributes particularly bad either but what the fuck is that sheet record he's surely better than that indicates. Maybe he gets nervous too but I really don't understand it. Feels like a solid bold most times until you look at his records but goin with experience I suppose
SM: Bitana vs Empo - The classic mainer vs better tour player, Bits had a rough go of it, coulda been 3-1, could most definitely have been 0-4 while empos gotten better as the tours gone on. Don't think Bit really plays aggressively enough in contrast to his personality either. backin the better player to take advantage.
ORAS: Shiba vs Cell - Cells been a part of some mediocre games so far but he's somehow 3-0 and definitely tries harder so
BW: Caetano93 vs Freeroamer - Freeroamers been solid while Caetanos had some ugly ones. The doctors good but hasn't found it in mono yet
Bo3: Leru vs devinn - from what I've seen hugely inconsistent w some potential vs the established mono weeb leru. devin prolly took that oras game with a better kingdra set last week but 2-1 leru

Dreamyard Darkrais ( ) vs. Hau'oli Houndooms ( )

SS: Kev vs Splash - Ahh the dismantled monotype Canadians face off after forgettable world cups (yea an east dude shouldnt b sayin this but o well) Kevs been better in this tour and splash has had the worst of it recently.
SS: col49 vs zugubu royale - zugu gonna pull out some garbage as usual and luck around to steal this one. The kamisama / hgn2-5925kbjn is good tho
SS: Feliburn vs Fylkir Pudin - Fylkir seems nervous and likes throwing out his wincons. Feliburns better
SM: EviGaro vs Days for Dabs - Former gengar EviGaro... I have taught her well she will win surely... although my teachings may have been ruined by zap. Dfd's been alright so far bailed in 1 by dickass vodoom
SM: Maple vs Harpp - both r pretty even to me but harpp gets the bold because bad name changes are never rewarded
ORAS: Izaya vs maroon - talkin about bad name changes
BW: Zukushiku vs North - highlight of the week maybe. zuku a slight touch better while north is probably a bit more invested, bolding north cause gotta pick
Bo3: Arifeen vs Trichotomy - Trich seems to fuck around and pull wins from outta nowhere way too often, some part of my gut says arifeen takes this but almost impossible to bold against trich rn

Blackthorn Bucks ( ) vs. Hearthome Honchkrows ( )

SS: kythr vs Eternal Spirit - unfortunately only thing that sticks to memory about kythr is the ending of his game vs feliburn although I think he's been alright otherwise. gama just looks like he doesnt care 1 bit
SS: Havens vs Fírnen - frnen threw one out last week, havens has 2 in a row for the first time ever? interesting game but frnens still just more solid
SS: Its Choco Bitch vs Star - almost never not bolding star, love choco tho
SM: Vodoom vs Gondra - fun one, hopefully gondra shows up. vodoom choked on cock into lying about low roll LMAOOO dumbass. edging gondra for that but they're probably pretty even accounting for tier experience/overall play (gondra better)
SM: Brisked vs TheArchitect - what the fuck is this. kaiser gettin the boot if his boy goes down again tho
ORAS: Catalystic vs Yami - yamis game was truly bewildering last week, cata's generally alright.
BW: Jyph vs Sabella - Jyph been better this tour soooo, obv close.
Bo3: Azelea vs 1 True Lycan - azelea unleashed. azelea foddered. Also fuck you for those questions. Matchup closer than it looks though.

idk why i did these. hf wanker, go gengars
see its not late this time nobody has played any games yet gg

Meteor Falls Miniors (3) vs. Mirage Island Milotics (5)

SS: Maki's Fox vs le LLiolae - mpl debut for makis and you know what, ive changed my mind i think he will do well here, not enough to win but enough to at least have a good time
SS: Conflux vs gorex - gorex has been up there with the best buys of the mpl so far but i think flux can win this here
SS: Ridley vs Perish Song - im 3 predicts in and already running out of things to say i think ridley is probably better
SM: Attribute vs Mateeus - mat has not brought normal yet so he has to bring it here trust me its genius bring fighting attribute
SM: Bitana vs Empo - really no reason not to back empo to win here he is 3-1
ORAS: Shiba vs Cell - look i still dont know who shiba is and cell hasnt lost yet
BW: Caetano93 vs Freeroamer - i think freeroamer is better? not sure but its good enough for me
Bo3: Leru vs devinn - i reckon devinn might take this one tbh, no real basis for this because leru is better but fuck it

Dreamyard Darkrais (0) vs. Hau'oli Houndooms (8)

SS: Kev vs Splash - damn the canadian teammates up against each other here, backing splash to win though
SS: col49 vs zugubu royale - why does nobody ever answer any of the questions that i ask? who is col49?
SS: Feliburn vs Fylkir Pudin - we will get an 8-0 win one week trust me
SM: EviGaro vs Days for Dabs - oml dabs has been on a fucking tear i dont think its possible for the man to lose
SM: DugZa vs Harpp - ah here it is, harpp vs the absolute worst name change ive ever seen, add to his snaking attempts last week and he is for sure not winning here. honestly maple isnt even that bad its just like why did you pick that out of all the possible options you could think of, you dont even have the ps alt for fucks sake
ORAS: Izaya vs maroon - hopefully a great game, i think maroon has the goods here to win
BW: Zukushiku vs North - despite the fact that i have no idea about bw this looks like a highlight and of course im backing north to win
Bo3: Arifeen vs Trichotomy - arifeen has had a rough tour so far, and unfortunately for him i expect that to keep going

Blackthorn Bucks (3) vs. Hearthome Honchkrows (5)

SS: kythr vs Eternal Spirit - kythr isnt losing another game this tour, hes going to go on a fucking streak just you watch
SS: Havens vs Fírnen - ok im relenting i do think frnen is going to win this and i will actually pick him this time
SS: Its Choco Bitch vs Star - choco cant lose either oml already 2-0 its too fucking easy
SM: Vodoom vs Gondra - vod got absolutely slaughtered by dfd last week absolutely no fucking chance he wins here
SM: Brisked vs TheArchitect_ - i know who brisked is
ORAS: Catalystic vs Yami - and zarif was telling me that cata would be better in oras than sm, and all i can say is that i am always right, if you ignore my wrong predicts of course which you should they didnt happen
BW: Jyph vs Sabella - jyph has been really good so far so i think hes going to keep the train rolling
Bo3: Azelea vs 1 True Lycan - ive never actually seen azelea play a game of mons and hes up against lycan who is definitely going to win

Goldenrod Gengars (2) vs. Trick House Treeckos (6)

SS: dahli vs Floss - peachy really has ptsd from last mpl oml, hes that scared of luckypiper that hes playing ss to avoid him it really is sad
SS: Dieu Amphibien vs Bouff - should be a good mu in all honesty, if this was a seasonals game id just tell bouff to pick fire and claim but who knows he dieu might mix it up a bit here
SS: Confide vs MetaRiolu7 - back to even with mr7 and i think hes the better mono player than confide
SM: Zap vs Prosaic - ayyy prosaic got win number 1, only against zap here so easy win number 2
SM: Nailec vs LuckyPiper - taking himself out of bo3 has worked wonders for piper, winning 2 on the trot, can see him winning again here tbh
ORAS: Croven vs taide - undefeated taide what a timeline, although croven has been playing well too but 3-0 taide would be goat
BW: avarice vs Crashy - see i fucking told you all crashy wasnt losing his last two games im actually so fucking good at this
Bo3: Chaitanya vs Wanka - chait is the only 4-0 player still and i would expect him to continue that form, wanka is good though so im expecting him to at least take it to a third game unlike everyone else chait has played
So here is how I see it:

Meteor Falls Miniors (3) vs Mirage Island Milotics (5)

SS: Maki's Fox vs leLLiolae
Count the Ls
SS: Conflux vs gorex
That pricetage will justify itself right? Or na
SS: Ridley vs Perish Song
Y'all unlocked PSong's ultimate potential with your hate he feeds off of that nicely
SM: Attribute vs Mateeus
The irony of the fact that Normal has been putting in work in SM every single weak and yet Mateeus is winless is not lost on him either. Mat needs a good matchup to regain his confidence but for some reason I feel like that is this timeline don't quote me if Attribute trashes him
SM: Bitana vs Empo
Empo is having the better tour also Bit said he wouldn't play for us after I drafted him in GMPL for 35k to be fair he also didn't sign up but I guess I'm salty still
ORAS: Shiba vs Cell
Cell is too good
BW: Caetano93 vs Freeroamer
This would be a HL matchup if it didn't happen to be BW that they play
Bo3: Leru vs devinn
Lol why would I pick devin n

Overall I think Milotics aren't as good as their record so far indicated I think Gengars underperformed there but credit where it is due I was not expecting them to be in 1st halfway into this tour well done.

Meteor Falls Miniors is an apt name as the whole team seems to be tilting at a pivotal moment in this tour.

Dreamyard Darkrais (-3) vs. Hau'oli Houndooms (11)
Darkrais have Kev, Arifeen, and I guess Dugza, so that puts us up 11 to -3 why even try not worth predicting
Oh yeah they have Feli but Pudin is still gonna win that one so 12 to -2 I guess

Blackthorn Bucks (4 ) vs. Hearthome Honchkrows (4 )

SS: kythr vs Eternal Spirit
I'm not really following SS at all but Piper and Crashy said good things about K3ppr so the same probably applies here
SS: Havens vs Fìrnen
Backing Havens so Fìrnen keeps predicting against me it is working in my favor so far
SS: Its Choco Bitch vs Star
It is obvious which player here has more class
SM: Vodoom vs Gondra
I'm the only one who beats vod this tour
SM: Brisked vs TheArchitect_
He's gonna not bring Salamence and win
ORAS: Catalystic vs Yami
Cata is the best prepare to cry Yami
BW: Jyph vs Sabella
Jyph is gonna fuck around and get slapped
Bo3: Azelea vs 1 True Lycan
Lycan has the reputation and the record

The Bucks are playing well and I don't have the krows making the playoffs, it's really just lycan and an otherwise suspicious lineup for the most part, it's a 3 win team on paper as far as I can tell but they are going to be making a push here while the bucks simultaneously find themselves lulled to complacence.

Goldenrod Gengars ( 3?) vs. Trick House Treeckos (3? )

SS: dahli vs Floss
Edging peachy here bc I used to know that he was the better player over Floss but it is SS so idk
SS: Dieu Amphibien vs Bouff
SS: Confide vs Metariolu7
I will always back MR7
SM: Zap vs Prosaic
I think y'all hyped Prosaic too hard coming into this and it got to his head maybe he is finding his footing but Zap is having the better tour so he might not be afraid to lose as much as Prosaic, giving him the advantage
SM: Nailec vs LuckyPiper
Piper went into the hyperbolic bo3 chamber and got smashed but he has recovered nicely in SM Nailec better watch out
ORAS: Croven vs taide
I like what I've seen from Taide in this tour
BW: avarice vs Crashy
I think Gengars will put a lot of attention on winning BW this week but it could go either way I mean Crashy is playing better. This game will be what seels the fate of both teams down the line
Bo3: Chaitanya vs Wanka
You would think he would lose eventually but maybe not how can one not predict Chait

After an unimpressive start Treeckos have been flourishing meanwhile Gengars don't have Feitan and it looks to me like they still haven't figured out their lineup which is a bad sign this far into the tour but they have plenty of good players carrying the dysfunction. I'm excited about every match here besides the one with bouff and whoever that other guy was, obviously these two teams faced off last MPL Finals so it will be fun to see how it goes this year.
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Meteor Falls Miniors (3) vs. Mirage Island Milotics (5)

SS: Maki's Fox vs le LLiolae - Belgium always wins.
SS: Conflux vs gorex - Gorex is doing well atm but I see Confluxx wins here.
SS: Ridley vs Perish Song - Even if PS beat me, I think Ridley is better overall.
SM: Attribute vs Mateeus - Fuck Attribute.
SM: Bitana vs Empo - Bitana is struggling this mpl and Empo is playing slighty well, so, Empo wins here.
ORAS: Shiba vs Cell - Close game, so !pick.
BW: Caetano93 vs Freeroamer - Freeroamer stopped watch Leicester City games to focus on MPL, here is the win.
Bo3: Leru vs devinn - Leru can win it even if Devinn is decent.

Dreamyard Darkrais (3) vs. Hau'oli Houndooms (5)

SS: Kev vs Splash - Maple syrup derby here. But I think Kevinelf has a slighty advantage.
SS: col49 vs zugubu royale - Zugu wins here and let me win ssnl final, legit.
SS: Feliburn vs Fylkir Pudin - Fylkir will jump over his oppo this week like a kangoroo.
SM: EviGaro vs Days for Dabs - Nice game last week from DfD but Evigaro will win it.
SM: DugZa vs Harpp - Harpp will play Fire, Dugza poison : Nihilego wins and Dugza wins so.
ORAS: Izaya vs maroon - Close game between 2 good monotypers. But Maroon will win it because Izaya told me I was French.
BW: Zukushiku vs North - The best game between these 2 teams, I think Zuku can win it.
Bo3: Arifeen vs Trichotomy - Arifeen will lose the 8th Gen game and Tricho wins.

Goldenrod Gengars (3) vs. Trick House Treeckos (4)

SS: dahli vs Floss - Hyped game, I think Dahli has more experience to win this.
SS: Dieu Amphibien vs Bouff - This salow doesn't play steel all the time now. So if Chait gives a good team to him, he may take the win.
SS: Confide vs MetaRiolu7 - Siuuuuuu.
SM: Zap vs Prosaic - My old friend Prosaic will learn how to SM now he's awake. (Fuck Zap).
SM: Nailec vs LuckyPiper - Finally Nailec came out from his cave, I'm curious to see this game between 2 greats players. I dislike anime, so, win for Nailec.
ORAS: Croven vs taide - Taide is performing well and I think he's going to keep his win streak.
BW: avarice vs Crashy - Copy paste from what I said for Taide.
Bo3: Chaitanya vs Wanka - Mmmh, one part we've the biggest Salow in Monotype, other part we've someone saying I was wrong at football.
It's like choosing between corona and influenza. Fuck this.
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