Monotype Role Compendium V2

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I may be making myself look like a noob, but in what way is Mega Scizor a ground-type check? It's not weak to it but doesn't have the coverage to check ground Pokemon.

Anyway, may I suggest adding:


  • Choice Band Users: Azumarill
  • Choice Specs Users: Sylveon
  • Choice Scarf Users: Sylveon
  • Spikes Users: Klefki
(I'm not sure if Spikes is listed in any typing, or if there is a point in suggesting it)

I'm on mobile so I'm not making it all fancy like everyone else does with their posts. I'll edit it later.
Bulky Mega-Scizor can set up and survive most Ground mons.

Band and Specs aren't listed as options on any.

I don't agree with the Scarf Sylveon idea. I, personally, have never seen it. I also don't think it would work well and is outclassed by Gardevoir and Togekiss.

Klefki Zyo can add if he wants.
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