Monotype UN-Ban Tournament - Won by Memomiguel


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Sorry for the delay everyone, but it's time for round 1! The matchups are:

EricSaysHi vs ImKoolKidz (extension)
akaFila vs 85percent
Azelea vs MiyoKa
average fella vs neomon
KevinELF vs MonotypeMemer
Vodoom vs smub
Harpp vs Eien
From Pallet Town vs Lady Salamence
Jase Duken vs Guwahavel
Decemm vs Magma
TheArchitect_ vs Poison Adhesive
Ieki vs Namranan
Israel Rivera vs RaJ.Shoot
mvge vs memomiguel
Shokkking vs GotCookies
Azick vs SoulWind

For our opening round, we'll be starting up with two of Monotype's most controversial pokemon:

Zygarde-10% is unbanned on both types. (WARNING: Do not bring Power Construct)

Magearna is unbanned on both types.

The deadline for this round will be next Friday, December 7th. Please also remember that battles must be played in the Ubers format. If you have any other questions, please refer to the OP or message me on the forum. Good Luck!
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