Most Uber Tournament Ever V - Round 2 (rewrote all groups on 11/8, reread then PM if still unclear)


^ made by bugmaniacbob for smog23

Introduction(written by yohoE, will be used for next 13 iterations as well. i also added 4 words)

Welcome all to the 5th edition of the Most UBER Tournament Ever, also known as MUTE. This tournament will be hosted by SparksBlade, with major contributions from Arii Stella, Dominatio, Hack, Lacus Clyne, and WreckDra.

Ubers is a tier where only the manliest, most based Pokemon reside. Pokemon such as the behemoth, Primal-Groudon; Pokemon like the bloodcurdling Mega-Salamence. You see, there are no counters in Ubers, and there are close to no safe switch-ins. In Ubers, you always have to assess your situation; you always have to think about which Pokemon you don't need, and which Pokemon will bring you the win. This Tier is as fast-paced as they come; this Tier is as team-reliant as it comes. As stated in former MUTE Tournaments, our Tier, sadly, is not getting the attention and love it deserves. In the words of the great Furai, it's time to give Ubers the love it deserves. We will be rekindling arguably the best Ubers tournament ever created, hosted originally by some of the all-time Ubers greats such as Bojangles, Hugendugen, Zephyr, Furai, Firemage, and Fireburn (and me last year!): THE MOST UBER TOURNAMENT EVER!

General Tournament Rules
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here
  • Standard SM Ubers
  • Single Elimination
  • Matches should be conducted on Pokemon Showdown! You may play on Pokemon Online if both players agree to do so.
  • Save replays of your games in case of discrepancies!

Special Rules:
  • This will be a team tournament akin to Team Trials. There will be teams of 5. We will have 24 teams, chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • Sign up as a team
    • Everybody on the team must confirm
    • Come up with an awesome name
    • For those who do not have a team, I will be keeping a list of “free agents” so go ahead and express interest! I will not be making teams though, so it is your responsibility to seek out other free agents.
    • IMPORTANT: When you sign up as a team, each member will be randomly assigned to be in a Division (A-E are possibilities). When teams play each other, people will play the corresponding player in their division. The restrictions will be given by division as well. YOU MAY NOT CHANGE DIVISIONS.
  • Every round, each division will be given a teambuilding restriction. You obviously must follow this.
  • Yes, this means you are building a new team every round. I still expect people to adhere to strict deadlines.
  • Build your teams with your team!
  • and hate fireburn

The Restrictions

A: Red Orb, Blue Orb, and all Z-Crystals are banned.

B: Only moves that cause direct damage (e.g., Brave Bird, Counter) or indirect damage (e.g., entry hazards except Sticky Webs, poison and burn-inducing moves, Leech Seed) are allowed.

C: All direct recovery moves, such as Recover, Roost, Rest, and Ingrain, are banned, as well as the ability Regenerator. However, moves and abilities whose secondary effect is healing are allowed, like Oblivion Wing, Grassy Terrain, Leech Seed, Z-Refresh, Water Absorb, Grassy Surge, and Power Construct, as well as recovery items like the Berries and Leftovers.

D: Every Pokemon must have at least one move that causes changes to its own or its target's stats (boosting moves like Swords Dance and Flatter or stat-reducing moves like Rock Tomb, Defog, and Close Combat). Note: Swagger is unbanned for this group, so it's recommended that the challenge be issued in AG.

E: Following the latest usage stats from the ladder (1760 stats), the total sum of your 6 Pokémon's individual usage percentages (to the first place after the decimal) must not exceed 140. For example, a team of Primal Groudon, Ho-Oh, Marshadow, Mega Salamence, Ferrothorn, and Arceus-Fairy amounts to 83.9+18.2+45.2+19.5+6.3+16.7=189.8 and thus is not allowed.


Jesús and Leon's children~ (2) vs Eternia's Council (1)
A: Poek vs Lord Outrage
B: Lacus Clyne vs Rodriblutar
C: Arii Stella vs Sacri'
D: ict vs Garay oak
E: Gastrik vs Real FV13

barack obama taskforce (3) vs ur mum xD (2)
A: blunder vs Mir Sayad
B: TDK vs Arik
C: obii vs ayman x
D: soulgazer vs Arifeen
E: KratosMana vs tehdicktutor

The Barringtons (2) vs not sure of the name cuz im bad (2)
A: Thimo vs byronthewellwell
B: Exiline vs Cynara
C: Leru vs Level 56
D: MiyoKa vs Mr.378
E: darrell1297 vs EternalSnowman

Chloe's Weebs (1) vs Team Will Come Up With a Better Name later (3)
A: Synoptic vs Osh
B: Fardin vs SANJAY
C: Velvet Blood vs MJ
D: Ransei vs Sharp Ladder UU
E: ADF Test vs Hamhamhamham

END GAME TEAM (2) vs god help us (1)
A: EG Tamalin vs Edgar
B: sassyaccident vs Hack
C: Jhonx~ vs PROBLEMS
D: -Sora- vs Evuelf
E: thunder n' blazes vs Kebabe

Never-Ending-NightPigeons (0) vs Team If We Win BKC Brings Back The Pompadour (3)
A: loving1096 vs The Trap God
B: ahhh vs Fireburn
C: expurement vs Nayrz
D: nishikino kotori vs BKC
E: Vc Altaria vs dice


REPLAYS ARE NECESSARY (post in the thread or pm them to me, but i swear if i don't see the game by deadline im gonna just coinflip the matchup i ain't the generous fireburn)


TDK vs zugubu royale

The round went up on 28 July, and there was no contact till 2 August. zugubu royale contacted but gave no availability or timezone. TDK provided both and asked for what time works, to which zugubu royale responded 2 days later asking for a time on that very day. The time was never confirmed, zugubu royale didn't even respond to the VM to say he's online(if he was online at that time). TDK was about 2 hours late and mentioned he can play at that time or later, but got no response in next 24 hours(and still nothing yet). For those reasons, TDK gets the act win.

Toxigen vs Garay Oak
Garay Oak contacted Toxigen on the same day the round went up, and never got a response, following which he called act in the thread. Garay Oak thus gets the act win.

MJ vs imsosorrylol
MJ claimed he was given the win by imsosorrylol on PS, and looking at the VM there was very little scheduling done. imsosorrylol hasn't protested MJ's claim of being given the win, so MJ gets the win.
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