Tournament Most Wanted - Week 2

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Welcome to the first ever Most Wanted, an all-Ubers team tournament where six team captains draft players to assassinate others and amass huge sums of bounty for the glory of Ubers supremacy. This is a brand-new tournament uses a snake draft, flexible tier pools, a fresh new bounty system, and tournament assassinations. The winning team will be crowned when their total bounty surpasses 300,000 or are the highest team standing after seven rounds. As a player you have one mission: take out your opponents, and on your terms.

I’ll be your host along with Nayrz.

General tournament rules and regulations apply. Pokemon Showdown is the default simulator for all metagames unless both parties agree. If you play on anywhere that isn't PS! you must save a log of the match. All matches are best of one.

Following typical team tournament standards, all Most Wanted games must be public - this includes replays which must also be saved to consider the match result valid. If there's no public replay evidence of the game (either replay searchable or posted with your win) we will ask that you replay the game. If you don't want to be at risk of nullified match results, play on Smogtours. You (and your opponents) are always at liberty to push for games to be played on Smogtours as it is the default server when there are disagreements. I figured this was clear but since we've had some silly stuff going on with PS main, alts, and hidden rooms already it needs reminding and will be stressed in the future week OPs. Its a community tournament. Relax with the sneaky tactics.

We reserve the right to judge any individual match on a case by case basis, regardless of assumed precedence set. If you don't like that, you are welcome to not play. Be aware of this.

To protect yourself as much as possible from DCs and timer issues, play on Showdown (because it has an at least semi reliable system of rejoining after a DC) and make a gentleman's agreement to not hit timer.

To help handle all DC cases you will need to submit your teams to the host before the match. You do not have to submit, but if you do, you protect yourself from the opponent taking a win. It's a simple procedure that removes most subjectivity from a decision regarding a DC. Unlike with the scheduling restrictions, all you have to do is submit the team you are using at anytime before the match takes place. Read this rule and understand this now before you join the tournament. Since I'm stating this now, I'm basically going to ignore you if you DC, didn't submit a team, and "had a guaranteed win." Expect it. Also note that I'm going to let the player (not the team), decide whether he is going to take the win or go another route (replay same moves, replay different teams, etc.).

Regarding time outs, they are a bit more complex, specifically because some timeouts are due to DCs. The best we can do for this scenario is say that there is some number between 1 minute and 2 minutes (which we will not publicize) that we will set as a limit for timing out, and if you timeout with more than that limit time remaining, we'll assume it is a DC, whereas the opposite is a true timeout. A true timeout defaults to a loss, while the DC timeout is prone to the DC rules (did you submit or not).

Tournament Standings Sheet

Week 2 Team Totals:

Altruistic Assassins
- 129,500
Behemoth Blades - 112,000
Cutthroat Corviknights - 77,500
Hoenn Hitmen - 98,500
Slaying Sirfetch'ds - 95,000
The Syndicate - 96,500

Week 2 Most Wanted:

#1 - Hack
Bounty: 35,000
Record: 1-0
Team: Altruistic Assassins
Tiers: SS, ORAS, BW


#2 - Garay oak
Bounty: 34,000
Record: 1-0
Team: Hoenn Hitmen
Tiers: SS, USM, ORAS

#3 - Kebabe
Bounty: 33,000
Record: 1-0
Team: Slaying Sirfetch'ds
Tiers: USM, ORAS, BW

Week 2 Assassins:


Week 2 Pools:


Hack (35,000) [AAS] vs. Terracotta (23,000) [CCK]
Reje (20,000) [AAS] vs. SiTuM (15,000) [TSD]
Ballfire (11,000) [TSD]
vs. Cynara (10,000) [BBD]
Goat Heart ♥ (8,500) [SSF] vs. orch (3,500) [CCK]
ice-master-523 (6,500) [SSF]
vs. Sharow (3,000) [BBD]
Manaphy (5,500) [SSF] vs. crucify (2,000) [HHM]
Watchog (2,000) [TSD]
vs. WreckDra (2,000) [CCK]

Garay oak (34,000) [HHM] vs. Zesty43 (28,000) [BBD]
DracoMaster Dab (12,500) [AAS]
vs. March Fires (12,000) [CCK]
PurpleGatorade (11,000) [TSD] vs. Skysolo (10,000) [SSF]
byronthewellwell (9,000) [SSF] vs. The Dovahneer (9,000) [HHM]
Megazard (8,500) [BBD] vs. Hugo Barrington (7,500) [AAS]
Catalystic (6,500) [SSF] vs. GotCookies (6,000) [AAS]
LuckyPiper (4,500) [BBD] vs. Royal1604 (2,500) [CCK]
RCred403 (2,000) [HHM]
vs. Jase Duken (2,000) [TSD]

Enzo Gorlami (30,000) [BBD] vs. Mr.378 (22,000) [CCK]
Aishia (19,000) [HHM] vs. Sitonai (11,500) [AAS]
Mysterious M (10,000) [HHM]
vs. SparksBlade (7,500) [AAS]
squinn (6,500) [CCK] vs. dream (5,000) [BBD]
Vileman (4,000) [CCK]
vs. Serga (3,500) [HHM]

Kebabe (33,000) [SSF] vs. Dominatio (19,500) [AAS]
Chill Shadow (11,000) [HHM]
vs. Melle2402 (6,000) [TSD]
Thugly Duckling (2,000) [CCK]
vs. benbe (2,000) [BBD]

Exiline (30,000) [TSD] vs. Staxi (21,000) [BBD]
0kay (11,000) [SSF] vs. iry (10,000) [AAS]

Week 2 Benched Players:

Evuelf (17,000) [TSD] - Penalty
absdaddy (8,000) [HHM]
Alkione (5,000) [SSF]
Eternal Spirit (2,500) [TSD]

Deadline is January 19 at 11:59 PM PT

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Hack (35,000) [AAS] vs. Terracotta (23,000) Both players impressed week 1 but I will give the edge to Hack.
Reje(20,000) vs. SiTuM (15,000) Both players also impressed last week but i will give the edge to the Irys this week in reje.
Ballfire (11,000) vs. Cynara (10,000) I wanna see more from ballfire this round and i think sarah will be motivated to win one.
Watchog (2,000) vs. WreckDra (2,000) I dont have a good read on this so im just putting it down the middle.
Garay Oak (34,000) vs. Zesty43 (28,000) Hot MU. Both are great players but i will give the edge to Garay whos just been solid in all of USM. DracoMaster Dab (12,500) vs. March Fires (12,000) Dab didnt play last week so im gonna give it to Tape whos solid at USM.
Megazard (8,500) vs. Hugo Barrington (7,500) God Hugo
LuckyPiper (4,500) vs. Royal1604 (2,500)
Royal is more experienced.
RCred403 (2,000) vs. Jase Duken (2,000) No read but would love to see my boy jase come back.
Enzo Gorlami (30,000) [BBD] vs. Mr.378 (22,000) HL oras mu personally. Im gonna give the edge to Gomez but would love to see numbers to prove me wrong.
Aishia (19,000) vs. Sitonai (11,500) Aishia was solid in upl and last week so I'll give the edge to him here.
Mysterious M (10,000) vs. SparksBlade (7,500) no read here
squinn (6,500) [CCK] vs. dream (5,000) no read tbh
Vileman (4,000) vs. Serga (3,500) Vileman is in his tier so im waiting to see a good performance this week.
Chill Shadow (11,000) vs. Melle2402 (6,000) He won last week so gonna give CS the edge.
Thugly Duckling (2,000) vs. benbe (2,000) Benboat.
Exiline(30,000) vs. Staxi (21,000) This man sm ashed me last week so he gets the bold :blobsad:
And ofc lets smash it my sirfetch'ds!
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DracoMaster Dab (12,500) [AAS] vs. March Fires (12,000) [CCK]
Tape is pretty good and although Dab isn't bad either I think this leans to tape (40/60)

PurpleGatorade (11,000) [TSD] vs. Skysolo (10,000) [SSF]
A close one which I can't call either way, their skill level being about the same so i think this will come down to prep

Megazard (8,500) [BBD] vs. Hugo Barrington (7,500) [AAS]
Hugo gonna win this 100% if he doesn't choke

Catalystic (6,500) [SSF] vs. GotCookies (6,000) [AAS]
I feel Cata has the edge in skill and experience here although cookies has been trying pretty hard as of late (55/45)

LuckyPiper (4,500) [BBD] vs. Royal1604 (2,500) [CCK]
Don't know who piper is and i havent seen royal play in recent times but he used to be pretty good

Kebabe (33,000) [SSF] vs. Dominatio (19,500) [AAS]
Kebabe in bw isn't gonna be stopped by dom

Thugly Duckling (2,000) [CCK] vs. benbe (2,000) [BBD]
Thugly didnt play that good last week rip him

cut out gens im not familiar enough with and/or dont feel like predicting and team games
Hack (35,000) [AAS] vs. Terracotta (23,000) [CCK]: Both great players with allot of meta knowledge and experience between the 2, hard to predict for or against either in this matchup, this is personally one of the games I am looking forward to the most gl to both.
Reje (20,000) [AAS] vs. SiTuM (15,000) [TSD]: I am not familiar with either in terms of SS but just from the one game from each I saw this past week I can say I was more impressed with Reje then that of Situm
Ballfire (11,000) [TSD] vs. Cynara (10,000) [BBD]: Ballfire had his tour debut last week where he did misplay a fair bit however he did prove he doesn't let such things tilt him and managed to get the w anyways, I know him personally and think he is a very competent player or at the very least has the capacity to be one, looking forward to this match.
Goat Heart ♥ (8,500) [SSF] vs. orch (3,500) [CCK] :)
Ice-master-23 (6,500) [SSF] vs. Sharow (3,000) [BBD] I think both are great players just seen more SS from Ice-master then that of Sharow
Manaphy (5,500) [SSF] vs. crucify (2,000) [HHM]:
Watchog (2,000) [TSD] vs. WreckDra (2,000) [CCK]: I played vs Watchog in Semi's of the SS kickoff-tour where he beat me, in those games he really earned my respect as a player and even though I was disappointed with the way he played last week I still do think very highly of him and think he will win this match. GL my friend.

Garay oak (34,000) [HHM] vs. Zesty43 (28,000) [BBD]: Garay been on a hot-streak lately he has proved himself to be the best of the best, would be silly to predict against him.
DracoMaster Dab (12,500) [AAS] vs. March fires (12,000) [CCK]: Big fan of March Fires and the way he plays, largely unfamiliar with Dab have not seen him around the tour scene at all as of recently.
PurpleGatorade (11,000) [TSD] vs. Skysolo (10,000) [SSF]: Solo earned allot of my respect when he had beaten me in ULT being one of the few players that beat me while I was full-stalling,that being said I do not think that there as that much of a skill difference between these two players and think this will be a great match, looking forward to it
byronthewellwell (9,000) [SSF] vs. The Dovahneer (9,000) [HHM]: Both are great players who I respect both made circuit with similar results, yet another must watch for me.
Megazard (8,500) [BBD] vs. Hugo Barrington (7,500) [AAS]:
Cat (6,500) [SSF] vs. GotCookies (6,000) [AAS]: Loved the way Cat played last week loved the team he used to really a goat ass team only a true god could have built that team.
LuckyPiper (4,500) [BBD] vs. Royal1604 (2,500) [CCK]: I don't have much to say about this mu but I like piper.
RCred403(2,000) [HHM] vs. Jase Duken (2,000) [TSD]:
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Reje (20,000) [AAS] vs. SiTuM (15,000) [TSD] : 2 solid builders in this metagame, I expect a good game with reje getting this cause it has overall better game sense and more help.
Ballfire (11,000) [TSD] vs. Cynara (10,000) [BBD] : better builder vs better player . I point on cynara simply cause it’s the better player and if the preparation isn’t wrong in a neutral matchup Sarah should win
ice-master-523 (6,500) [SSF] vs. Sharow (3,000) [BBD] : ice master aka ag goat vs our French chef, I expect a fire game unluckily I never seen sharow playing ss so I can’t judge properly altought ice master is quite good we can expect whatever from sharow building
Manaphy (5,500) [SSF] vs. crucify (2,000) [HHM] : as for the cynara game I expect the better player to win by going for a neutral matchup

Garay oak (34,000) [HHM] vs. Zesty43 (28,000) [BBD] : hot take i know, garay is by far the most solid player in usm while zesty had a big downside moment. Even taking in consideration this I am going for zesty cause this is a bo1 and no one is able to take the matchup edge better than zesty if he is relaxed.
PurpleGatorade (11,000) [TSD] vs. Skysolo (10,000) [SSF] : as much as I respect both players Solo is a beast in team tours when he plays his main tier (u clown going in adv for nothing) and I see pg not super stimulated so yea unless something change in pg mentality skysolol should win
byronthewellwell (9,000) [SSF] vs. The Dovahneer (9,000) [HHM] : could go either way Byron is somewhat Monodimensional as player and kinda easy to predict but dovah is able to choke end games more than orch
Megazard (8,500) [BBD] vs. Hugo Barrington (7,500) [AAS] if hugo takes it half seriously he should win
Catalystic (6,500) [SSF] vs. GotCookies (6,000) [AAS] as much as I love catalystic he has still the ag mentality in both playing and building while gotcookies also got the time to try hard. Nearly equally skilled players the one with the better team will win
RCred403 (2,000) [HHM] vs. Jase Duken (2,000) [TSD] jase is Rich he can just pay his opponent for the win. Jokes aside I don’t know rrcred so i am going for the one I know better

Aishia (19,000) [HHM] vs. Sitonai (11,500) [AAS] : aishia has the best oras results in the last year so yea I love u hb but u are too much of a weeber to prepare
Mysterious M (10,000) [HHM] vs. SparksBlade (7,500) [AAS] : unless sparky gets again the matchup cause mm has really no time to prepare I don’t see how an Indian can beat someone that comes from my dad country

Kebabe (33,000) [SSF] vs. Dominatio (19,500) [AAS] : kebabe will eat dominatio like a shaorma
Chill Shadow (11,000) [HHM] vs. Melle2402 (6,000) [TSD] : both are friends and good old gen players but I think melle is a few more versatile in the building

Exiline (30,000) [TSD] vs. Staxi (21,000) [BBD] sexiline is too good in this shit (make this tier die if u want exiline to start losing) altought staxi did well I don’ see him winning
0kay (11,000) [SSF] vs. iry (10,000) [AAS] : if iry stops using super slow teams and base On his skills he should win even if 0kay is a really good builder and player as he showed last week
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