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Approved Move and ability compatability checking during team building

I recently came across this quote from Zarel about why moves, abilities, and items are banned so infrequently, and it got me thinking.

Zarel said:
It easier for people to learn new tiers. New bans show up in the tier list which you look at at the start of teambuilding, instead of being an unpleasant surprise after teambuilding while trying to ladder.
What if it was easier to tell if a move, ability, or item was banned in a given tier? Like, if you decide your new team is a PU team with the built-in tier picker selection box, and go to add a Politoed, you'll immediately see that Drizzle is greyed out or crossed out or whatever. Or if you try giving Baton Pass to your Beedrill, instead of displaying information about the move, it would display a little red box that says "banned", sort of like what happens if you try to give a Pokemon a move it can't learn.
I was originally going to include this in the "easier ban viewing" suggestion, but decided that while the end result would visually be very similar, they would probably be so different under the hood that they should be split into two suggestions.

What if the legality checker alerted you when you try to add an incompatible move or ability, instead of just after you've already added it? For example, if you have a Charizard that knows Belly Drum and go to give it Acrobatics, it would display a red box that says "incompatible". Or if you have a Chansey with Natural Cure, the same red box would appear if you try to give it Psywave. The box could also say what the thing you're trying to add is incompatible with, whether that be something generic like "incompatible with another move" or something more specific like "incompatible with Belly Drum".


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I've merged your two suggestions into one thread because they both are concerned with team validation, and in this case depend on the same mechanism. In general though, opening multiple threads (one per suggestion) is a good approach as it allows users to vote on suggestions individually :)

Team validation is currently done server side, not client side, which is why we aren't able to validate on the fly. I have a plan to make this possible, but its unfortunately not an easy change given our architecture and the complexities of learnset checking. In any event, this is soft blocked on the Preact client because we're unlikely to want to futz around with the teambuilder that is getting rewritten from scratch.
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