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Fake Out got a huge boost, especially in double and triple battles. Even a slow Fake Out user can now flinch the user of any other priority attack.

Far more important is that a faster Fake Out user can flinch a Pokémon using Follow Me or Rage Powder. Finally!
What if a TR team simply double protects and THEN sets up TR or whatever they are planning? You can get a CM boost or something, sure, but Kiss can still flinch you to death. :/

But yeah, this is a MINOR nerf to Trick Room teams, but I'm sure there's going to be ways to play around the new Fake Out.

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besides the aforementioned specific matchups in regards to ES being +2 priority the big loser has to be Sucker Punch which will now fail against an ES user.

On a related priority topic, does anyone know if negative priority moves trigger a cutsap berry on an appropriately wounded pokemon or does the cutsap berry remain unused until the pokemon uses a move that is 0 priority or better?
No, Custap Berry makes you move first in your priority bracket. So if you and your opponent both choose Quick Attack (and your berry has activated) you will move first no matter what. But if they select Quick Attack and you select, say, Psychic, then they will move first.
For Doubles if the restricted pokemons are not used again, then alot of strats set up on the first turn with Belly Drum, Rain Dance, Traunt-removal, and such. So a double protect off a TR Team is alot worst than in '10 where most strats didn't really need to set up so much due to the power of the pokes in use.

As a note, Kangaskhan is still the only Scrappy Fake-Out i can find, at 90 Base Speed, the only higher Speed Follow Me user i can find is Pachirisu, with Furret and Lucario tied at 90. Fast Guard has Aakeous at 110, Infernape at 108 (from Breeding), plus the 4 Fighting Legendaries at 108 but they learn it at 55, and i've not see if there is any level-down cup in B&W like HGSS had for VGC to use. So its fairly reliable for stopping set ups, barring a faster fake out user.

On that note Weavile seems to still be the fastest Fake Out, and outspeeds all Follow Me and Fast Guard users from what i can tell. So only Ghost set up seems to be able to stop it, barring a Scarf Follow Me/Fast Guard.
Could someone clarify how these moves work: Rage Power, Wide Guard, and Fast Guard? Ok so basically isn't rage power the same thing as wide guard, and wide guard is similar to follow me? What is the difference between follow me and rage power or wide guard? Also fast guard may fail if wide guard is used before it? Sort of like the protect and detect thing?
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Fast Guard and Wide Guard are basically the same thing, protecting your team for that turn like protect. Follow Me is completely different. Follow Me makes your opponent always target the user of Follow Me. I'm assuming any type of Detect, Protect, Wide Guard and Fast Guard work under the same "may fail if used in succesion". So if you use any of the 4 moves in a row it will have less a chance of working.
This just made Lucario an even better late game sweeper not being revenged by priority from anything. My fav is actually getting better didn't know that was possible.
I always thought that ExtremeSpeed should have + 2 priority, afterall, it sounds like its faster than the others...

Its finally here! Extremespeed is the fastest priority move!
Quick (noobish) question; under Trick Room, will negative priority moves hit first? (so Focus Punch hits right after the user tightens focus?)
Quick (noobish) question; under Trick Room, will negative priority moves hit first? (so Focus Punch hits right after the user tightens focus?)
No, priority functions normally under Trick Room. The Focus Puncher will still have -4 priority and (most likely) go last.
Noobish question, do these moves completely negate the speed stat of a pokemon? So if you had the slowest pokemon vs a scarfed pokemon but the slow one uses a priority +1 and the scarf uses a 0 priority move, the scarf will go 2nd?

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