Tournament MPL IV Manager Signups

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Manager: Azelea
Assistant Manager: Misaka Mikoto
Team Name: Blackthorn Bucks
List of Accomplishments:
I made playoffs as a player in the first two versions of mpl and last year managed the bucks to semifinals where we lost to the eventual champions in the last game of a tiebreaker. What i’m really proud of though is my 3 ULC medals (Alliance Dethroner only has 1)


Why would you make a Good Manager?:
i carried a team with zarif to playoffs last year



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Manager: AV8
Assistant Manager: Mold
Team Name: Mauville Memers
Omega-Last Friday at 10:04 PM
Yeah idm if people sign up with the name

List Of Accomplishments: None im a bad player

Mold's Accomplishments: Only behind Overseer in times blacklisted in monotype

Why would I make a good manager: Im WoA, you can frequently catch me on them TeamWoA LIVES AYE LMAO
Mold: Hasn't played a game of mons in 3 years, IN HIS PRIME he still wouldnt make a good manager



Banned deucer.
Manager: Cam
Assistant Manager: Omega
Team Name: Slutty Seo's
List Of Accomplishments: very experienced players as you can see by us both being top 10 on ladder which is a clear show of skill. Omega is running the tour and has experience managing an MPL team (Mauville Memers). Omega is taller than the other managers and has two black aunts.

Team Banner:

Why would I make a good manager?: No piss taken, no fucks given. I'll teach you how to matchup every opponent like me.
this pic of scorp is off limits =c
Manager: It's Hatch
Assistant Manager: Misaka Mikoto
Team Name: Virbank Volcaronas
My Accomplishments: None that really go anywhere, but I am roomstaff if that counts for anything. I have also managed in the most recent BLT so I have some experience.
Misaka's Accomplishments: She's also roomstaff alongside me and has done QC team among other things. Her tournament accomplishments are being on the winning team of MPL 2 and has managed MPL 3 and MWP.
Why I would make a good manager?: I know just about everyone so getting along would not be an issue. I'm generally laid back, but if decisions need to be made I'm generally fair about it and would do what was best for everyone. My assistant has already proven herself as a manager, but she's very helpful with prep and has prior experience to help make sure things go smoothly. We're both looking to redeem ourselves from our previous managing experiences.
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