Mrs. Mime [COMPLETE]

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Thanks for the awesome giveaway! If there are any left I deposited a female level 1 Inkay, IGN is Eoin :) Seriously though, I'm low priority. If I don't have one I won't mind a lot, I caught my game's Jolly one last week so I'm not too badly stuck!

Thanks on behalf of everyone anyway!

EDIT: A friend who can't post at the moment would like to add that he has put up a level 20 female Wingull, IGN is PokemonVGC and would very much appreciate/really really could use a Landorus. *shrug* He needs it more than I do, eheheh.
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Hi bluemew! if possible I'd like a copy of Landorus; I deposited on GTS a female bis ball psyduck at level 27 with the messagge Land r uzz. thanks in advance
Can I have one please? I have deposited a level 38 female kricketune with the message Land R UZZ! My IGN is Momo. Also, how did you clone your landorus as I wanted to do a shiny larvitar giveaway but I can't clone it as a I don't have powersaves?
Hey there Bluemew, this is a fantastic giveaway, I've always wanted a competitive Landorus!

I've deposited a level 24 male Chatot, IGN Steve, message "LAND R UZZ!". Thank you in advance. :-)
If the offer is still open I would like a Landorus.
IGN: Zalchak
I've deposited a lv. 11 female electrike named Belinda.
Message: Land R UZZ
Thank you ever so muchly.
Redeposited a level 30 female Kecleon asking for a level 50 landorus with the message "Don't Touch"... I'm feeling bad for the poor guy who sniped me... Thanks again for your tremendous effort.
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