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MacChaeger has done a ton of work here, first performing a large rework of spread moves and then landing a number of large changes to add support for more than 2 players to the server. However, there are still many, many other places which need to be changed (including but not limited to matchmaking, challenges, tournaments, ratings, forfeiting, logging), and most importantly, no client changes have been completed so far.
I've been playing Multi Battles for a long time with friends and others online and have plenty of experience with them. Right now I'm working on guides and videos on how to play them, find them, what's good and bad, etc. I'd like to know what I can do on Smogon itself to become an active member of what is hopefully an active Multi community. This is all in the works for you guys since it's only 50% done, but the sooner I know what I can do the better. Any suggestions?
I had the idea a while ago.

My idea is of a tier similar to doubles, except there are 4 players involved. Basicaly 2v2.
Like the original doubles tiers, it could be separated into Doubles 2v2 Ubers, Doubles 2v2 OU, Doubles 2v2 UU, etc.
In my point of view, it would be really cool teaming up with a friend rather than going against them.
So please, consider adding this!
A little early to say this but tournament fights for Multi Battles should be best of 3 with the same teams (different picks from those teams ofc).

I've played Multis for around five years now and the way to get the best out of a set and your team is to utilize those benched Pokemon in a round 2. Multis really emphasize choice and having to choose from your twelve Pokemon. Probably best in organized tournies and not lobby chat since lobby chat tournies are meant to be spontaneous and quick. It doesn't feel right to not do a second fight with the same team, there's that feeling of regret that you didn't get to show off your full team building power.

If implemented this will go very well with the in-progress bo3 button for people who want to run sets on Showdown. I hope the people who will be in charge of managing Multis will do this, it brings out the best in this very special and unique format
I really appreciate the work that's being done here, as I think that multi-player battles are one of the most fun things that any game can offer. Out of curiosity, do we know when it's going to be implemented? (Don't mean to push anyone, just wanted to see how close it is.)

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