Tournament Multirandom Team Tour - Round 4

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Welcome to the first tourn of Multirandom Team Tour! This is a just-for-fun tournament where every week, players in team of two will test their chemistry playing against another team :swole:

Every round will be best of three in the new amazing tier 2v2 [Gen 8] Multi Random Battle, so first team to get two wins pass to the next round.
While there isn't officially a prize, you can always get the satisfaction of saying your partner "told ya"

General Rules:
  1. For the most part, general tournament rules and regulations apply.
  2. Replays must be both saved and posted for every game played.
  3. All games should be played on Pokemon Showdown!
  4. Matches should all be scheduled by posting on your opponent's Smogon profile ASAP. In the event that you're unable to schedule with/get a response from your opponent, make a post in this thread so that proper action can be taken.
  5. This should go without saying, but no ghosting.
  6. Timer / DC: Players are not required to have the timer on during their games, but in the event that they do, timing out either by way of running out of time or disconnecting and not making it back in time will count as a loss for the player who runs out of time.
  7. For trasparency it's better to use the same nicknames for the entire tour
Important: you can talk with your teammate in personal chat, but remember the timer can always be activated and loss because of it can't be appealed.

Turn 4

struzi defienti Vs AIM-mate
Eula simps Vs my nuts
Sleepy Slakoths Vs ( Gm Vs In to lose R1)
pristine piplups Vs Bop 'em like it's hot
32 Idiot Vs (:pweading:Vs The toiletpapers)
(Apple woods Vs I'm feeling 23) Vs The Goal diggers
(La Franche-Comté Vs Lambo et les vinos) Vs duck nation
Legendary Wang Vs Agensea

Deadline is Sunday 18, July.
For the ones who hasn't finished R3 yet, is Wednesday, 14 July.


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calling for an extension. we were supposed to play today but PA could not make it. our opponent cant play tommorow and i cant play on sunday. lets hope we get in the games in the extended time

representing team my nuts. our opponents are team eula simps
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We were there, and also they made it hard for us to schedule in the first place, and in their original comment, they did not say they could not play on Sunday, while we also have 3 days after today. If anything, it should be a coinflip. But we are rescheduling for the weekdays.
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honestly I was a bit confused by that piplup claimining win over pristine piplups
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