Mute's Monstrosities

I just gotta say, that some of these are magnficent. I'm happy to see you have developed a style of your own. I'm trying to do so, also. Your pictures inspire me. Keep it up. (My favorites are Torterra and Latios)
Figured I'd throw up my failed CAP9 submission. Didn't even come close to getting in the first click-poll X) Fraid I probably don't even have a chance anymore, even in future CAPs- every new one brings more and more good artists, I can't catch up.

Pair'a crappy sketches to go with.

RUN DELIBIRD RUN (aka, CAP9 used Pursuit!)

chillin like a villain

Also, read Smog #4! There is a mildly subpar doodle of mine in there. Working on more art now, but I've been doing a buncha non-Pokemon stuff as well, and work's been kinda murderous on me.

Oh, and for whoever asked, yeah, the big guy has a backstory. o: of sorts.
Yeah, I guess nobody really stands a chance when a Narwhal with drills comes along huh? XD

Excellent as always, the Kingdra is stunning but no doubt you knew this already.
Just an idea...ever thought of making a dark, mostly black gengar in a decrepit room? I mean, since Gengar has big, red eyes, it looks awesome in the dark XD! Also, I think the official Kingdra should be more like your Kingdra, the original one looks like some sort of 'Grandpa of the Sea', all wrinkled and stuff.
I love Kingdra! He is my second favorite poke(obviously to tyranitar).

I lol'ed at the infernape.

I am seconding the tyranitar pic, only doing whatever you feel like him doing.

Rocket Grunt

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hey man, dont knock yourself for coming up short in the cap contests. everyone has different opinions when it comes to what is most appropriate for whatever strategic concept the design is supposed to evoke. you have some real talent man, and absolutely keep drawing and submitting artwork!
Agreeing with Rocket, it would be sad if you drew less just because of CAP 9 (although I'm sure that's not the case). You have a cool and unique style and I'd like to see more from you.
Oh my god, this has got to be my favourite art thread, if you have the time and if you still do requests, mind doing an Empoleon using Steel wing flying at the camera with an evil expression in it's eyes? :D

yeah I kinda fell off the internet without telling anyone for months and months after a death in the family back in April shook me up ;/ And when I did return, I felt all guilty about not saying anything and was like 'I'll come back once I've drawn something awesome to post in my gallery in penitence'. o_o Only a crippling lack of muse and brutal work shifts conspired against me, so it's only now that I've returned to claim my place and reclaim my spot on the Smog's artist squad, with any hope! One measely picture can't hope to make up for all this time away... but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyways!

Yeah, someone requested a Heatran I dunno how long ago and this is what you get. :V
This shit's amazing, i remember this from a while back, you just bumped me over irc somehow. Heatran is so pretty :o

If your still taking requests, any chance at a exploud causing a huge uproar? (ie with ground trembling and shit). Would greatly appreciate it!
oh lorddddddd.

I'm sorry about the death. :x But, it's great to see another artist on the block again!

Your Heatran is amazing...I love the lava effects in the background. Your CAP9 submission is also great, I love the mane.

Looking forward to seeing more from you. c:
This is amazing!! I really like the detail, creativity, and the color scheme! You don't have to, but it would really make me happy if you made me a shibirudon using wild bolt. I'd really love to see how do it!

AS mentioned before, AWESOME ART!! :D
Yeesh, this forum moves fast now! I MUST DRAW MORE OFTEN. +.+

Yes, it's messy, but I did it fast- and more importantly, with a program I've never used before (Corel Painter). So this was just me practicing with an exceedingly unfamiliar and at times frustrating thing. :B expect to probably see more use of Painter in the future, though. Also, I wanted to draw Balkar. I should do more of him, too.
Haw, thanks you two. :B I'm presently working on a Pokemon picture that should turn out super gorgeous if I can buckle down and finish it. which means conquering illness. I CAN DO IT >_O
Dude, you're fucking amazing. Every single one of your 'monstrosities' looks kill it was painted by God's hand.

Okay, maybe I'm overexaggerating, but they are stupendiflorous.

For constructive criticism, I would just say that for Latios Draco Meteor, make the draco meteors purple. I (personally) think that would look amazing. But I love how you interpreted what Draco meteors look like.

Good job. Keep it up.

And some ideas:
Groudon using Earthquake
Rayquaza being Rayquaza

No this is not the amazing picture I mentioned in my last post. :V I would be greatly ashamed if it were so. This is just a messy Groudon I doodled as per boyofrito's request, but didn't quite feel like shading in my traditional style- but I liked the pose too much to just ditch it, so I went for a lazy simpler shading style like I did in that one Smog issue. Hey, better than it ending up in the bin. :V

The SUPER PRETTY picture ought to be done in a couple days. it will be awesome. +.+

Also the next person that requests a Groudon will be shot. christ alive those things are hard to draw


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Bumping this from a couple pages back, as it's my favorite from what I've seen so far. Its wings and head just felt spot on with a very gracious pose as it hovers wihin the blizzard, so the moment I laid my eyes on it I was pretty impressed already. Your Heatran is a good runner-up

Also the next person that requests a Groudon will be shot. christ alive those things are hard to draw
I'm planning to do this sometime, but I already dread the occasion. Pointless spikes everywhere.

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