My First OU Team, help the noob here.

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Hello everyone, I'm just new to this Pokemon Competitive world. You guys have all studied hard to be above average players, so I'm here to begg help, in a small try to, at least, have a good team, although I'm a terrible player.

PS: I'm Brazilian and not in the mods with the abreviations here, so be pacient with me ok? haha.

Let's go to the main thing here:

Team: Tyranitar, Medicham, Latios, Heatran, Scizor, Jellicent.

Info [Item/Nature/Ability]: Leftovers, Careful, Sand Stream
EV: 252 HP, 64 ATK, 148 SP. DEF, 44 SPD
Attacks: Pursuit, Stone Edge, Stealth Rock, Fire Blast
Purpose on team: The Dark mate of the team, he is a great special wall, and can be a great threat with his coverages, as well as threat to other weather teams.

Info [Item/Nature/Ability]: Leftovers, Bold, Water Absorb
EV: 252 HP, 216 DEF, 40 SP. DEF
Attacks: Scald, Taunt, Toxic, Recover
Purpose on team: The Ghost mate of the team, he is usefull when it comes to predict a Water or Fighting attack. He can wall some Pokemons pretty well, like Toxicroack, and Taunt Set Uppers and Wallers as well.

Info [Item/Nature/Ability]: Choice Specs, Timid, Flash Fire
EV: 252 SP. ATK, 252 SPD, 6 DEF
Attacks: Fire Blast, Earth Power, Dragon Pulse, HP Grass
Purpose on team: A mate that covers a good number of types. Although he is a little slow, he usually provokes switching, wich with good prediction, can be a threat to lots of Pokemons. I also love to predict fire moves with him.

Info [Item/Nature/Ability]: Choice Specs, Timid, Levitate
EV: 252 SP. ATK, 252 SPD, 6 SP. DEF
Attacks: Dragon Pulse, Thunder, Surf, HP Fire.
Purpose on team: The Earth Immune mate. Although he is a little glass one, his coverages attacks can end the dreams of Politoed and stuff.

Info [Item/Nature/Ability]: Life Orb, Adamant, Technician
EV: 252 ATK, 248 HP, 8 SPD
Attacks: Pursuit, Bug Bite, Bullet Punch, Swords Dance
Purpose on team: The Revenge Killer mate. Usually used in the late game, or used to set up in front of wallers like Deoxys-D or Ninjask.

Info [Item/Nature/Ability]: Choice Scarf, Jolly, Pure Power
EV: 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 6 DEF
Attacks: Zen Headbutt, Hi Jump Kick, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch
Purpose on team: The late game sweeper mate. I don't know why, but I like him a lot. Using him at last resort, when the opponent thinks he won the game, it's awesome. He is far away from being perfect sweeper, but I just like him a lot.

That's it guys. Please, be pacient with me and with my pathetic team. I know too that 3 Choice Pokemons in a team makes the same just as easilly predictable, but I don't know, I just continue to use it. I just want to know the opinion of you Master Pokemon guys about this. I really accept any kind of suggestion, as well as to know the most variaty of Pokemon types that can really threat the team. SORRY FOR THE BAD ENGLISH HAHA. Thanks !!
Hey there!
Just a heads up, but you'll need to expand on your 'purpose on team' sections. If you have less than 3 sentences of relatively detailed info the moderators will pounce and lock the thread until you make changes. Also try formatting your team member builds like so:

Pokemon @ Item | Ability
Nature | x / y / z
- Move 1
- Move 2
- Move 3
- Move 4

This will make the individual team members easier on the eye and therefore easier to critique. As for input on the team, Ill have to read this over again to get a feel for your selections

I do recommend reading the sticky thread that tells you how to format RMTs or just read afew.

Example RMT:

RMT Rules:

Good luck!

Jirachi edit: what this guy said
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