My magical art studio

Okay, here I am going to post my horrid mouse-drawn artwork or something.
I work using my cruddy computer, MS Paint and sometimes PencilMadness.
If you wanna see my deviantart here:
Here's Some art if that's what you came here for

well I guess I will do request on this thread and then post the requested art, since there really isn't any other use for this.
Fire away!
Hi, welcome to the Studio! I really like your latest piece. The thicker outline is really nice stylistically, the shading is well done and the perspective issues from the Starmie/Magnemite don't seem to be there. Keep it up :) Especially since it is done in Paint with a mouse. On that though, there are some good free programs you can get that are far better than Paint, like or Gimp. Good luck!

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