Naive Flawless Shiny Froakie [COMPLETE]

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Deposited a level 10 Male Whismur, message "Shinyshu Teddi", IGN David.
EDIT: Recieved, thanks Shinyshu <3
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Deposited a Whismur lvl 7 female :D IGN is Archy. Thanks for the giveaway! :))

Message: Shinyshuppet
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Your giveaways are awesome. Looking into get into Battle Spot and your trained 'mons are just awesome for the job.

Ohh, I don't have this bear though >.>. I must ask for it! If you do ever want anything from me, please ask :).

Deposited a level 21 male Magikarp.

IGN: Valkyrie
Message: ShinyShuppet
Can I please get this amazing Teddiursa?

Deposited: Magikarp (male, level 15)
IGN: Kyle
Message: Shiny Giveaway

Couldn't select female because I had to enter the name (haven't seen Teddy yet). :(
Deposited a female lv1 Whismur with the message "Shinyshuppet1". Ign: Hikari. Thanks!

Edit: Received, thank you!
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Put up lv8 female wishmur nick named"shiny teddy"
requested female tesddirusa
Thank you-love your give aways!
I've deposited a Lvl 1 Male Magikarp for you to collect.
My IGN is Christoffer and my Smogon Username is the message.

Thanks for the giveaway. :)
Deposited: lv1 male Magikarp in a Pokeball
IGN: Fiat
Message: Shinyshuppet1

Teddyursa is one of my fav pokemon ever!!! Thanks so much for this giveaway
Awesome giveaway.

Level 13 female wishmur
IGN: Shawn

EDIT: Received. Thanks again. Keep it up with these great giveaways.
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