Naive Flawless Shiny Froakie [COMPLETE]

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Redeposited a lvl. 3 Bunnelby with the message KangaShuppet
IGN: Joey

Edit: Just recieved my Kanga, thanks a lot
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Deposited a lv 10 male Whismur
Ign: Haruka
Message: shuppet

I remember catching a premier ball HA Hawlucha for you. Do you still want it?
I've deposited a Magikarp that is female and level 14 with the message "ShinyShuppet yay". Ign is Kevin, thanks so much
Deposited a lvl 9 male whismur, message is TeddyPower. IGN is Joey.
These giveaways are just awesome :)

Edit: Just recieved mine, thanks so much
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You are becoming exponentially more awesome day by day! :D

I know you don't take requests so this is just a placeholder until I can deposit my little fish for the teddy bear :)
Hey there hope you still have some Teddy's left i just deposited a
lvl 1 fletchling
I couldn't find it, try something simple that anyone could get. Any 6th gen pokemon are easily sniped because people who have ORAS need them for dex entries.
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