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Welcome to National Dex C&C! In this section you will be able to write about Pokemon which are viable in a variety of National Dex metagames. Currently the only metagame available to write about is National Dex OU.

The Moderators of this section are:
Solaros & Lunaris - Leader

The members of each QC team are:
Found in this thread!

Guidelines for Reserving an Analysis:
Anyone can reserve two Pokemon sets at a time, in total from any metagame. Please post your sets in a spoiler tag when reserving so moderators can give you approval. If you are currently a badgeholder or a member of a QC team, you are able to reserve four analyses (only four in the metagame you QC, if you are a QC member). Analyses currently in GP do not count for the limit total.
Do not reserve the set without extensive metagame knowledge, knowledge of how the set works, and a lot of experience with the set. If it is clear you do not know what you are writing about, then your analysis will be reassigned.
If you do not follow through on your reservation within 48 hours, the Pokemon you have reserved can be reserved by someone else. However, if no one has done so after the 48 hours, you can still post the WIP. Do NOT reserve Pokemon if you don't have the time to finish the analysis!
Pokemon must be on the respective metagames Viability Rankings page to be reserved.

Analysis Thread Tags:
[WIP] --- The Work-in-Progress tag indicates that you are still completing your Pokemon's skeleton. This tag indicates that you are not ready for QC checks, and are still working. Do not be lazy in this stage, if you do not get it to the QC stage within 72 hours of having this tag, then your analysis will be archived and reassigned. If you have a reason that is taking longer than 72 hours you must let a moderator or member of the QC team know.
[QC] --- This is the most important stage of the analysis. Please put the tag [QC: 0/1] in your thread title. Your analysis will also be taken over by volunteers if a QC check fails to be implemented within a week. Additionally, members of the QC team may decide that your analysis does not meet the standards they are looking for, at which point they may archive it and reassign it to someone else.
[GP] --- This stage is where Grammar Prose will come and make sure that your analysis is of written quality. They will correct grammatical errors. Like QC, you must put [GP: 0/1] in your thread title. You must post tag the GP Team once your analysis is in this stage, to notify those on the GP Team. Your analysis will also be taken over by volunteers if a GP check fails to be implemented within a week.
[Done] --- This tag indicates that your analysis is done, and it is ready to be uploaded by site. This will be handled by our C&C Moderators, so feel free to tag us once your thread hits this stage
To reserve an analysis, please post which Pokemon you would like to write about (alongside the set(s) that Pokemon uses), as well as which metagame, in this thread and wait for your post to be approved by a moderator or member of a QC team (indicated by a like on your post) before posting your WIP thread in this subforum.

Please use the following analysis templates when writing for metagames in this section:
National Dex OU
[Set Name] (Pokemon name) @ [Item]
Ability: [Ability]
Tera Type: [Type]
EVs: [EVs]
[Nature] Nature
IVs: [IVs] (optional)
- [Move 1]
- [Move 2]
- [Move 3]
- [Move 4]

  • role that the Pokemon plays
  • coverage moves that affect its role
  • if/when the Pokemon uses Terastal
  • EV spread in one sentence or less
  • brief example of teammates that benefit from the Pokemon's presence
  • brief example of foes that the Pokemon is vulnerable to + teammates to help cover them

Written by:
user link here
Quality checked by:
user link 1 here
user link 2 here
Grammar checked by:
user link here

The Reservation Sheet can be found here!
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mbmb; no chance i could snag another moveset? i like the sets on the smogdex rn but i really think that there's some potential being missed with this mon's utility moves
choice scarf and sets edited to have knock off / trick were added to differentiate from the smogdex editions, but otherwise we don't really have any other sets up for reservation.

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