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credits to Dybala jr for the amazing banner!

National Dex UU Sample Teams

These are the current sample teams for the National Dex UU tier. These teams allow you to instantly step into the ladder and get used to how the meta looks and feels. These teams also help you see how certain playstyles are structured, from Hyper Offense to Stall, it helps give you an idea on how to make your own teams. These teams will be updated depending on if certain mons in the samples rise or become significantly outclassed by a drop or a different mon.

- "Boots Spam Hazard Stack" by R1C3M4N

- "Sand" by R1C3M4N

- "Terrak VoltTurn" by MudkipBeans
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It's a Volt-Turn team. I wonder if Scizor is supposed to have U-Turn instead of Knock Off here?
Its probably a name error since the team was supposed to have Bulky SD Zor, which usually didn't fit U-Turn back then. The Sample is also outdated (Alakazam Meta iirc) but later on we are planning to have these updated for the current meta (Post Melmetal Ban).

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