Project National Dex UU Team Bazaar

idea taken on from Gen 8 ND UU and current ND OU

Welcome to the National Dex UU Team Bazaar! A place where you can post your cool teams in a more casual enviroment than the usual RMT and have people get teams when first playing the metagame.

1. Playtest your teams before you put them up. Allowing us to get a more polished product in which people are able to make good use out of and get advice.
2. Please provide an importable of the team and give a brief but thorough description of the team.
3. Sample Teams Submissions can be posted and if you're doing it then be sure that you have a good description alongside it.
4. Do not rate teams in this thread, you can do it in our Discord Server instead if you desire.
5. Have Fun!
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OK I feel like we need to get the alpha Era rain team out of the way which might singlehandedly be the most oppressive thing in the current meta .This as u can see is mostly OU rain so I feel like i won't need too much detail.Mswamp can also run Flip turn over rocks for momentum I just like having rocks. Battle bond while being nerfed makes home on rain because of Tera water (it's actually a dedicated Tera since ur other breakers can't Tera besides kyurem which idk what it would even want to Tera to or if it even wants to since it's a grass/electric resist already). THIS ohkos things like urshifu under rain and after the boost can basically blow past most checks (albeit if you live a hit from them) and can flinch hax gastro from lower health. The reason Kyurem is here is to give a Grass Tera volc check which would normally wreck the team after 1 quiver and as mentioned earlier helps vs grass and electric types. If anything else needs to be explained let me know.
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Maybe first post? Anyway i hope these teams could be interesting to anyone
also fuck razor beat me to it

Venusaur Sun
:sv/torkoal: :sv/venusaur: :sv/tornadus-therian: :sv/volcarona: :sv/ting-lu: :sv/jirachi:

Sun is quite the interesting playstlye, using what's probably 2 or 3 broken elements of the meta at once pmuch but brings an awkward mix somehow.

:torkoal: Torkoal is the setter of choice as it covers a nice amount of role compression at once in both Rapid Spin and Stealth Rock. Yawn is a good option to play around bad matchups and allowing you to switch out safely.

:venusaur: :volcarona: Venusaur and Volcarona are the abusers of choice, originally had Scovillain over Venu but that didn't work out well due to the pepper just being mid in pmuch every aspect (for me at least), Venusaur still has a terrifying combo of Grass, Poison and Fire which greatly covers a bunch of the meta besides certain mons like Nihilego or Blacephalon to name a few. Volcarona is just stupid, fits on pmuch every squad and brings titanic win conditions to the team because of demonic QD Tera Grass and this time the notable feat it gets from Sun is OHKOing standard Torn-T at +1 Sun with Flamethrower, please let this mon leave.

:tornadus-therian: Tornadus-Therian is the usual pivot that brings valuable defensive utility to the team, bringing both hazard removal, Fighting resist, Water and Fire resist once it Terastalizes, momentum with U-Turn, etc. It can practically check anything on most matchups and still does progress vs bulkier squads thanks to Knock Off.

:ting-lu: Ting-Lu takes advantage of Hazards and Setup Sweepers with the obnoxious bulk it has, even without recovery and facing electrics like Rotom-Wash it still makes up for it with all the other positives of just checking the entire meta.

:jirachi: Jirachi was more or less Speed Control and a Steel type added to the squad, originally meant to be a Melmetal but quickly threw that away to see if this could be a change of pace after spamming AV Melm on almost any non-ho build.

:victini: Your best bet is to have Ting-Lu healthy or else Omni just wins without a second thought but if you keep hazards up then you might kinda survive it by trying to chip it with Venu and Volc.

:melmetal: Similar to Victini except that you technically have 2 answers at your disposal but the problem is that Torkoal has significantly less longevity and Volcarona kinda just gets nuked if the melm is offensively oriented.

:rotom-wash: Heavily annoys the early game a lot unless they stay in on Rachi and get tricked but it's not that big of a deal.

Mega Latias Balance

:sv/latias-mega: :sv/clefable: :sv/zamazenta: :sv/rotom-wash: :sv/hippowdon: :sv/melmetal:

:latias-mega: I'd say M-Latias is a bit underrated, the combination of good bulk, speed, typing and coverage makes it a perfectly solid fit for the meta as being able to resist Fire, Water, Grass and Fighting while also being able to threaten the opponent with Calm Mind boosted attacks is excellent. The speed is what separates it from other Calm Minders as it prevents it from being overwhelmed easily as well as being able to setup and threaten common pokemon like Kartana, Zard Y, Dragonite, Iron Hands, Urshifu-RS and more, depending on its moveset it can be a scary pokemon to deal with, whether you prepared for it or not.

:clefable: Clefable falls under the same list altho this one is a lot more flexible thanks to the vast list of utility moves it gets but the classic Calm Mind set is still a good one on practice, it's not really gonna be sweeping when threats like Melmetal, Aegislash, Glowking, Victini and the loads of Wallbreakers, Terastalization and Setup Sweepers that can get through those average defenses. Which is why it's more reliable as a backup win condition that can still use utility moves to secure some progress like Thunder Wave or even Stealth Rock if you want which greatly improves a lot of the matchups that it gets stuck with.

:Zamazenta: This mon is just broken on every aspect and stands up at the top alongside Volcarona, Terastalize or Weather. This time after the Chi-Yu ban, i replaced the Scarf set i had for just Scarf Zamazenta which still has a good offense and can snipe either Sweepers like M-Gyarados, Zard X or Volcarona, Swift Swim M-Pert or Blaziken to Scarfers like Kartana or Tapu Lele. It struggles a bit vs defense due to not having the same damage rolls as CB despite the coverage but it can ocasionally force a few switches.

:Rotom-Wash: The defogger of choice which brings a great defensive profile and momentum, this thing is an annoyance for some HOs and Rain teams as it just clicks Volt Switch or WIll-O-Wisp while hard checking a lot at once. Being one of the more reliable answers to Melmetal is also a huge bonus.

:Hippowdon: I swear to god i really wanted to avoid Ting-Lu here and this is what it brought me to. The lack of a reliable Aegi check certainly hurts but having a Ground type with reliable recovery as well as not being weak to Fighting (and not needing to use a Tera to do so) is something that separates it from the juggernaut. Tera Water also likes to play around Rain a lot since it sits on both M-Pert and Melmetal and can annoy Pelipper.

:Melmetal: thicc boi that despite the lack of recovery still performs brilliantly on what it needs to check, being both a Tapu Lele and Aegislash check that's also not really passive is something both Jirachi and Celesteela dream about, even being able to mess up with Volcarona.

:Aegislash: Getting a sub means you're going to get on a dangerous spot as Melmetal is gonna be taking a lot of chip damage just to force it out and that's kind of the only true answer due to no Ting-Lu backup.

:Sableye-Mega: :Garganacl: It's not surprising that Stall is also a complicated playstyle on a team like this since the offense is a bit lacking, if you manage to pressure enough with Clefable and Melmetal then you should find a way, another option is to pressure M-Sableye and get rocks with Hippo, you'll find a way out later on probably but Garganacl is a massive threat regardless.

:Tapu Lele:You may have AV Melm but Specs is an absolute demon, it's fairly playable if Melm dodges Focus Blast or if it comes on a resist instead.


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I'll post all of my teams that I consider good, since half of the mons in them will probably be banned in a month.

:Pelipper: :Greninja: :Manaphy: :Tornadus-Therian: :Swampert-Mega: :Melmetal:

This is a rain team, rain is broken, greninja 2hko everything. Tornadus EVs live band Rillaboom without tera.

:Aegislash: :Altaria-Mega: :Gastrodon: :Tornadus-Therian: :Kartana: :Zamazenta:

Balance featuring Mega Altaria that got wow this gen. The team suffers a bit vs Ghost-types (that's why gastrodon is dark tera), but Altaria-M can deal with Aegislash for example if you don't mega and it can wisp it because King's shield doen't protect from status moves. The team can deal with pretty much everything in the tier and Tornadus is a really powerful wincon.

:Charizard-Mega-X: :Jirachi: :Weavile: :Volcarona: :Kartana: :Tapu-Fini:

Bulky offense with the main core being Zard-X, Weavile and Volcarona. Weavile can chip, mailly Fini, so the opp struggles checking Zard-X, Volcarona also likes Weavile for its ability to threaten Dragon types. Kartana, Jirachi and Fini are there to help the team defensively

Some Thoughts that I have of the metagame by now are that Melmetal and Tornadus are amazing and they can pretty much fit in all teams, Zamazenta, Greninja, Volcarona and Urshifu-R are probably the most threatening mons by now so every team needs a really solid gameplan vs them. Also Jirachi is really good, it sets rocks, has u-turn and is a bulky steel type.
Been playing a decent amount. Here are some teams I made.

:greninja: :rillaboom: :tornadus-therian: :zamazenta: :Slowking-Galar: :Gastrodon-East:

:greninja: Team was based around Z Happy Hour Greninja which is usually some hot dogshit, but the Battle Bond rework honestly makes it pretty cool since you get even stronger after the first kill. Which helps out because without that the set feels generally quite weak with a single +1. With that being said the set isn't customizable as you need Ice Beam so you can hit Komm-o, Hydrei and Bulky Grasses in a single slot.

:Rillaboom: Rilla offers a great breaker that smokes bulky water types that Greninja can't deal with. While having the added benefit of being a good revenge killer vs rain, offensive pivot and providing knock support. Also offers Greninja some passive recovery if needed with terrain. Tera Grass also allows Rillaboom to nab kills it has 0 business being able to grab lol. It's quite silly, but it helps greatly in giving Greninja some leeway to just clean up.

:Tornadus-Therian: Tornadus compresses several roles into one slot. Kartana check, Rillaboom check (if they don't tera), another pivot, ground immune and defogger. U people know what Torn-T does, I really don't have to say too much about it really lol. Tera Dragon helps cause it gives the team just some really nice extra resistances in a pinch if needed.

:Zamazenta: This dumbass dog is broken man. It's the team's scarfer since it revenge kills quite literally most of the relevant offensive metagame in a single slot. It's not that strong without band or set up so it's not worth to tera fight unless you really need the extra damage vs something. But, with Future Sight support the lack of immediate power isn't too big of a deal.

:Slowking-Galar: Slowking-Galar provides a fairy resist, future sight + slow pivot support and resets weather with chilly reception which is quite relevant in a meta where weather is extremely strong. It also really likes grassy terrain support from Rillaboom to help it not slack off as much and have a better MU vs Mega Pert due to softening earthquake damage.

:gastrodon-east: Gastrodon provides an electric immune, hazards, greninja check and as well as just being a solid overall blanket answer to special attackers. Clear Smog might have some merit > toxic, but toxic really helps the Kyurem MU since it likes to switch into Gastrodon quite frequently if packing roost.

Shoutout Mareanie, he made a different version of this team which I changed up a bit. But, this team is actually gas.

:Iron Hands: :Tapu Fini: :Ting-Lu: :Tornadus-Therian: :Melmetal: :Blacephalon:

:Iron Hands: + :Tapu Fini: + :Ting-Lu: is a relatively sturdy and reliable bulky core that can handle a good deal of the offensive metagame together. Swords Dance Iron Hands also is extremely strong and is capable of blowing holes inside of teams alongside Melmetal to allow Scarf Blacephalon to clean late game. Icium + Haze allows Fini to have a one time full heal, allowing it to be a much more long term defensive answer to stuff like Urshifu, Specs Gren and Weavile. Ting-Lu rounds it out with hazards, phazing, and just being extremely fat and annoying. Lack of recovery isn't that big of an issue, you'll get value out of him over the course of the game regardless of that.

:Tornadus-Therian: The exact same thing I said for the previous team goes for this team as well.

:Melmetal: Ice, Fairy, Psychic and Grass check in a single slot while also being incredibly strong and having spammable moves. Tera Dragon is a really good catch all Tera if you wanna just answer a bunch of extremely annoying breakers and sweepers in the current metagame.

:Blacephalon: Chi-Yu got banned and I replaced him with Blacephalon. Spammable dual stabs and really loves that Iron Hands + Melmetal break down a lot of its defensive answers relatively well. Trick also helps vs fatter teams since it allows you to cripple checks that would like to switch in, allowing you to spam your stabs even more freely without the restriction that choice items give you. Tera Ghost was chosen because Shadow Ball is just an easier move to spam than the other two from experience, but Tera Fire can work as well since it lets you nuke Ting-Lu with Fire Blast really hard.

Both teams have some annoying MU's but they're not impossible to play against for the most part. The hardest one is probably M-Medicham.
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Guess I'll show some teams too

Snow Screens Hyper Offense

  • :mew: Obvious suicide lead is obvious
  • :ninetales-alola: The new mechanic changes with Snow and the fact that it doesn't chip your team anymore has in my opinion heavily boosted the viability of Aurora Veil Hyper Offense teams. I personally think Hail is mandatory on Alolan Ninetales since pretty much every single other weather being decently common.(Rain with Politoed, Sun with Mega Charizard Y or Torkoal, and Sand with Hippowdon).
  • :gyarados-mega: This team was made in Chi-Yu meta, which Mega Gyarados thrived in, but even after the ban of the demon fish it continues to be a devastating Pokemon to deal with. Nothing really defensively checks Water + Dark + Grass coverage after a Dragon Dance, and cleans a lot of the offensive teams running around.
  • :baxcalibur: Baxcalibur takes advantage of getting a +1 defense boost in Snow, which gives it a lot of chances to set up a Dragon Dance. Glaive Rush + Icicle Crash + Tera Blast Electric basically makes it a mini Kyurem-B, a Pokemon banned from OU for its excellent Dragon Dance set. Dragon + Ice coverage is just generally great, and Tera Electric allows you to hit the few resists in Tapu Fini and physically defensive walls such as Slowbro.
  • :urshifu: I thought it'd be funny to try out 'Double Dance Urshifu' with its new moves Swords Dance and Trail Blaze - ends up its actually not all that bad. Gastrodon is very common and makes clicking Trail Blaze really easy. If somehow Urshifu manages to get up both setup moves it becomes really hard to stop, as nothing really takes on a +2 +1 Urshifu. Here's a funny replay of it in action and 1v1'ing a Salamence with Tera Water:
  • :volcarona: Do I even need to say anything? Volcarona is one of the now big two brokens in the tier (alongside Zamazenta, obviously), and Quiver Dance Tera Grass is one of the main offenders for it. Turning Water from a weakness into a resist is insanely useful, now somehow getting a great matchup vs Rain. Who would've guesses that Volcarona would be broken in a tier without all of Blissey, Chansey or Heatran lmao.

Trailblaze Mega Medicham BO

  • :medicham-mega: Imagine Mega Medicham and it actually outspeeds your entire team - that's exactly what Trailblaze Mega Medicham in. One of the main things that held Mega Medicham back was its relatively 'slow' speed of base 100, especially in a meta filled with faster Pokemon like the Mega Latis, Tornadus-T, Kartana, Greninja etc. Trailblaze turns these matchups entire on their head and allows Mega Medicham to just basically screw over everything - I am not joking. A +1 speed Mega Medicham in this offensive of a meta is insane. Specially Defensive Gastrodon being everywhere makes Trailblaze really easy to get off and can late game clean so many teams currently.
  • :greninja: Choice Scarf Rock Slide cause Volcarona is broken. Also just offers Spikes support for Mega Medicham, and U-turn to bring it in safely vs Pokemon like the aforementioned Gastrodon.
  • :tornadus-therian: Ah look, the best Defogger in the tier, why not?
  • :ting-lu: Ah look, the best special tank in the tier, why not? Also, Ground-type
  • :melmetal: Melmetal helps with the much needed lack of a Fairy answer, and is just generally great for forcing damage and trading mons in the meta, which is great for late game Mega Medicham sweeps.
  • :slowbro: Obligatory Zamazenta counter
What a silly tier
Here's rain, made it with 3MoreMinutes, it is very broken so have fun:
:Pelipper: :Greninja: :Swampert-Mega: :Tornadus-Therian: :Annihilape: :Kartana:

Annihilape is kind of a silly set, its not a great set but works fine, often times you wont even press rocks.
Battle bond gren feels like it only belongs in rain and it is a menace there. It OHKO'd a Cresselia from full with surf, granted it was not spdef invested Cress but I've never seen a Cresselia get one shot by anything not super effective. (Tera Water with BB boost in rain)
Kart is broken.
Pert is great.
Torn is broken.
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Sry for taking a while Lupla. I wanted to post yesterday, but ended up writing more than I thought I would.
Anyways I got 5 solid teams I've made so far. The teams are named after music tracks.
Pre Chi-Yu Ban
If we were together all this time, why do i still feel unloved
:sv/azelf::sv/celesteela::sv/zamazenta::sv/kartana::sv/chi-yu::sv/iron valiant:
This was the first team I made and the premise was basically, "shove a shit ton of broken mons on one team". The team is sub-optimal but it still performed pretty decently. These don't have Teras cuz I couldn't be bothered but I would've given them all adaptability boosts anyways.

:Azelf:Azelf runs Magic Coat to counter other HO builds but other than that, it's a fairly standard set with Taunt Rocks Explosion.
:Celesteela:Autosteela is also a solid pick since it can oftentimes run away with the game and has good bulk to bounce back on, which is basically what it did last gen. It really good at setting up on utility variants of Tornadus-T and breaks past a lot of the fighting and grass mons in the tier.
:zamazenta:IDBP is a cool Zamazenta set since you just beat every single physical attacker in the meta and have the speed to wipe out a ton of threats like Chi-Yu or Greninja. Crunch is so you're not walled by Ghosts while, Substitute lets you safely setup on Garganacl.
:kartana::chi-yu:The double scarf offensive core of Kart + Chi-Yu is pretty dangerous since both of them outrun everything and dish out a ton of damage.
:iron valiant:Iron Valiant is a good check to the Darks and Dragons that plague the tier.
Shade Me With Your Wings #Free Blissey
This is a stall I made to address the presence of Chi-Yu in the meta.

:guzzlord:Guzzy has good qualities such as shoring up stall's weaknesses to rain and sun, being a pseudo-check to Greninja and Gyarados-Mega, and most importantly walling Chi-Yu (the scarf variants at least).It's a fine special wall but it's never going to be the next Blissey
:Sableye-mega::garganacl:Sableye and Garganacl are vital on stall since the utility they provide is incredibly good. Denying hazard stacking cores is a luxury for lot of stall teams and Mega Sableye makes this a cake walk to deal with. Meanwhile, Garganacl is just too good for the tier; Salt Cure is just a game breaking move since it forces a ton of progress on defensive cores and chips anything it comes in contact with.
Jirachi is a wild card pick but it's used to have a good matchup into Tapu Lele and makes the team less reliant on Rest Talk thanks to Wish passing.
:skarmory::dondozo:Skarm + Dondozo walls nearly every physical attacker in the tier.

:Skarmory: Spikes > Defog
Admittedly you don't need a defogger per se, but all that pressure on Sableye to deny hazards didn't sit right with me. Spikes can be good to wear down the opponent but you have to be extra careful with Sableye.
Post Chi-Yu Ban
Another HO I made to see if Azumarill still had it. Azu is good but its viability has dropped a whole lot since last gen.

:azelf:Once again this HO runs Magic Coat Azelf to counter other HO builds.
:azumarill: Azumarill helps to extinguish fire and ground types and gives the team some priority to revenge kill faster threats.
:celesteela:Celesteela again gives the team some extra bulk while also being a competent sweeper against Tornadus-T and Friends.
:charizard-mega-x:Zard X lets me tear through Steel based defenses easily because you know, it's broke as fuck and Tough Claws + Flare Blitz + Dragon Dance is like Darmanitan power but on steroids.
:Polteageist:Polteageist is another broken that can only really best stopped by priority and Tera Fighting lets me shit on dark types with ease.
:Kommo-o:Kommo-o is simply a late game sweeper, with Tera Ground giving it a more powerful Earthquake.
:espathra: > :kommo-o:
Sometimes, Kommo-o just struggles into a lot of matchups. Espathra doesn't because Speed Boost + Stored Power is broken. (What the hell was Game Freak smoking when making these mons)
This is a Webs HO I made to showcase the new defiant mon Annihilape.

:Ribombee:Standard set + Tailwind > Moonblast, I'm a freak for speed and this gives me as much speed as possible to force out airborne mons or mons carrying Heavy Duty Boots.
:annihilape:This mon is definitely another broken in my eyes. Granted it's not as egregious as Houndstone or Fluttermane, but Rage Fist is still a very unbalanced move and Taunt Bulk Up sets are just a nightmare to handle.
:Thundurus-Therian:A hood classic on webs: Thundurus-T, uses a double dance set to outrun and nuke everything. Grass Knot handles the rain matchup very easily, while also luring Ting-Lu.
:Kartana:I've consistently gotten flak for using Scarf Kart on webs. But as I've said before, it's a good backup plan in case your webs get removed.
:GYarados-Mega::Volcarona:Gyarados and Volcarona are just two sweepers that just love webs invalidating their offensive checks. The former runs Power Whip to check Dondozo, while the ladder runs Tera Grass + Giga Drain to dominate Rain teams.
:kartana:SD + :normalium z:/:life orb: > :choice scarf:
This is like the go to change people always make when I pass them the team, which i can understand. The extra breaking power is nice to have sometimes.
Crush Restore
This is a more recent stall I made which uses Flygon for niche role compression, it does very well for the most part but Magic Guard Clefable is a big issue.

:SAbleye-Mega::Garganacl::Dondozo::Skarmory:This is just a standard stall core: it blanket checks most threats, and then All you need are special walls to shore up those weaknesses.
:Flygon:SpDef Flygon to compress a defogger, a volt-immune, and a Zard Y check in one. It does fairly well but it's Flygon so it's still mediocre of course.
:Slowking-Galar:Glowking gives the team Future Sight support to force progress faster, it also a blanket wall to a lot of threats, but mainly sun.
SpDef + Wishtect Jirachi gives you a batter matchup against Clefable, which the team struggles with, and helps out Dondozo. However you'll have a worse mu against sun teams and will struggle to soft check Greninja.

"Renegade" is a sample submission.

I'd also call "Crush Restore" a sample submission too, but Flygon is a pretty hard sell.

  1. :volcarona:
  2. :greninja:
  3. :damp rock:
  4. :zamazenta:
  5. :heat rock:
  6. :charizard-mega-y:
  7. :espathra:
  8. :charizard-mega-x:
  9. :annihilape:
  10. :garganacl:
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Latios + Aegislash BO

Here's a team built around Latios which I think newer players can use as an additional building insight into bulky offense. Latios's high speed and sufficient firepower make it a notable offensive threat against the prominence of other Pokemon such as Urshifu-RS and Mega Charizard Y, additionally being able to break past the various specially defensive Pokemon in the tier with its Defense-targeting STAB-Psyshock, two very important traits for a special attacker to have that make it stand out in the volatile offensive metagame. Supporting this is the combination of Mega Venusaur and Ting-Lu, both solid defensive pivots which are capable of maintaining the pressure and avoiding passivity, with Mega Venusaur being a Water resist that also answers numerous Fairy and Fighting-types for Ting-Lu, like Mega Mawile and most Zamazenta sets. Rotom-Wash provides hazard control and is notably one of the best Melmetal and Flying answers in the tier, having the option to terastallize into a Steel-type in order to avoid being lured by Toxic from walls such as Hippowdon and the aforementioned Tornadus-T. Aegislash provides a secondary offensive option that can help Latios weaken crucial Pokemon such as opposing Ting-Lu and Tapu Fini used to switch into it with its KingsTox set, while also giving the team a switch-in to Choiced Tapu Lele and Mega Medicham. Scarf Zamazenta rounds out the team with a terrific cleaning option for the offensive core and provides much-needed coverage against faster threats such as both forms of Greninja and Weavile.

I should probably had mentioned this before but in regards to "Sample Submissions" it's more or less something that could take on a later date due to the current meta being prone to having huge changes (especially once January rolls around).

So unfortunately unless some council decision is made to include some alpha stage sample teams or smth, the idea is more or less saved up for the future. Sorry for not mentioning this before hand
In 2 days the meta is going to be drastically changing with both tier shifts and group bans as we enter the Beta stage of NatDex UU. And being that I already played my round 2 match for NDUU Kickoff, there's no reason to keep these teams under lock when most of them will become outdated.

Teambuilder Dump
(-2 teams that were gifted/passed)

My Personal Favorites

This is a more recent Stall build centered around Mantine. The thought to use Mantine came when I saw it the VR Maker N_Mareanie posted and I was like, "wtf is a shitmon like Mantine doing here?" Then I actually thought about it for like 5 seconds and was like, "oh ye ig that can work." Mantine's pretty decent at role compressing, being able to provide both Defog and Haze support, checking Zard Y, most Sun variants, Rain without Thundurus and semi-checks unterastallized Melmetal. Next is the double Unaware core with Quagsire and Clefable to check both Physical and Special sweepers without getting overpowered by either side. Sableye + Garganacl + Jirachi is a common core on my stalls, forming the backbone of almost all of them.

VS Suicune Balance
VS Trick Room

:Iron Moth:
Wanted to try out Iron Moth because I thought it was a slept on breaker. Turns out I was right because Choice Specs Iron Moth is incredibly frustrating to switch into: Steels that wanna switch into Sludge Wave get cooked by Flamethrower, Waters that want to switch into Flamethrower get rolled by Energy Ball, etc. Anyways just slap this mon on a Bulky Offense team and watch it go to work. Rillaboom is a great partner for Iron Moth since it handles most of the Rain MU for Iron Moth and tears up a lot of the special walls that want to check Iron Moth. In addition to type synergy, they also form a solid Volt-Turn core while still doing a absurd amount of damage. To assist in wall breaking we run Future Sight Slowbro to check Melmetal and Choice Zamazenta Variants, while also securing the Rain MU so Rillaboom isn't forced to deal with it alone. Ting-Lu is to help compensate with the Sun MU as this team had no Zard Y switch in. Melm helps handle Tapu Lele and Tera Fairy Espathra while crippling would be checks with Thunder Wave. Melm is invested to outrun Tangrowth so it can abuse it with DIB. Finally Tornadus glues everything together, forming a Regen core with Slowbro, a Defogger, additional pivot, and a Ground immune.

VS Forecast Champion Rain
VS Haok Rain

Heard Rabsca Trick Room was getting a lot of hype since it gave Trick Room some extra longevity and allowed it to take more risks. But I wasn't smelling what they're cooking because it's pretty ass outside of providing Revival Blessing. My take on Trick Room was to build Steel Spam with MMawile and Melmetal. Literally every mon here is a typical Trick Room goon so it's self explanatory. It is just standard TR + MMawile.

VS Xurkitree BO
VS Umbreon Stall

This is still a Stall I like running even as the meta developed since last I posted it here. Again, it features a Sableye + Garganacl + Jirachi core but also features Skarmory as a Melmetal switch in and Dondozo as a Rain check. Flygon itself is a decent check to Sun mons outside of Venusaur, but I use it more for the role compression of being both a Ground and Electric immune as well as being a defogger that provides decent hazard control as a Special Wall.

VS Forecast Champion Rain
VS Gorex Trick Room

This is still a goated webs build solely due to the fact that none of these mons are healthy in my eyes. All of these mons straight up just dominate the game under webs and all of them should get the ban hammer at some point. The very second 1 of the 5 sweepers gets going, the game is probably over since your defensive core is probably shattered by then.

VS Garganacl BO
VS Mega Sharpedo HO
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Before beta I wanted to show off this somewhat cool team I've had some fun with on ladder and wanted to build around a seemingly broken core.

Rabsca Trick Room
:rabsca: :melmetal: :hatterene: :porygon2: :crawdaunt: :marowak-alola: (Click Sprites for paste)
I'll give a brief explanation behind the team as since it doesnt really need a explanation since its well,trick room. The core here is melmetal and rabsca with rabsca having one one the most up for debate broken moves of generation 9 (Revival Blessing) wouldn't it make sense to pair it with one of the most offensively threatening pokemon in the current metagame? Well that's what i did here and decided to here but with TR,I feel like the rest of the team is self explanatory so I wont bore you with random filler.
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Here's a few more teams that I've liked using in order to round out the first meta of the tier.

Main Teams:

:pinsir-mega::volcarona::celesteela::ting-lu::iron valiant::dragonite:
The squad right here is one I find to be capable of manhandling some of the most prominent teamstyles around while maintaining consistency in other matchups, especially in conjunction with the great hazard stacking and defensive support that Ting-Lu provides on nearly all teams. Flying + Fighting has always been a really good offensive combo despite Aegislash being around, and I've found M-Pinsir to be the go-to abuser of such, being a breaker strong enough to 2HKO Unaware mons with hazards while retaining useful priority to prevent revenge killers like Scarf Blacephalon and Torn from checking it after a boost, although Feint over Quick Attack is also an option worth considering to outpace Ice Shards from Weavile despite being weaker overall. Volcarona is Volcarona as usual, making the most of its matchups against Steels with how easily opposing Dragons and Waters get pressured into KO range by the other members of the team. Offensive Celesteela provides a secondary sweeper to complete the bird spam core; being able to provide additional defensive utility in exploting Scarf Lele and Tornadus-T. Mixed Valiant helps tremendously in breaking most cores down with its coverage; having the typing to take advantage of walls such as Skarmory and Iron Hands, while crucially giving the team a way to punish M-Sableye switches. Dragonite cushions the team against opposing Rain and HO archetypes with its Multiscale + Boosted Priority and appreciates having M-Pinsir + Valiant to help break through most Steels and Fairies for it to actively sweep.

Team Nickname is loosely based off the term from ADV, sucks that Mudkip would know.

:torkoal::slither wing::rotom-wash::celesteela::venusaur::latias-mega:
Was looking to take Slither Wing off my to-build list and it happened to be around the time where lupla posted his Sun team, which serves as the primary inspiration behind this setup, albeit with a few additional quirks. CB is another really scary and fun breaker to help enable Venusaur against the plethora of resists if you can get Protosynthesis to proc, while Rotom-Wash and Celesteela were specifically added to help counter opposing offensive playstyles and maintain momentum, with Rotom being the team's hazard control and check to rain teams and Steela covering most offensive Psychics and Dragons. M-Latias over Ting-Lu might seem odd to have as the last slot, but having tested both already - I personally prefer having the additional wincon and secondary resist to Water and Fighting moves on an otherwise fragile team structure.

:iron jugulis::gastrodon::medicham-mega::tangrowth::moltres::aegislash:
Simple BO with Iron Jugulis as the Scarfer to build on what I've said before in the meta thread. Gastro + Helmet Tangrowth has the rain MU mostly covered, while Moltres also provides some notable role compression; namely a Steel check, Defog, and Charizard-Y/secondary Volcarona answer. SubTox Aegislash in the last slot helps take advantage of Psychics and can also cripple targets such as Tornadus-T, preventing them from being one-time switchins to M-Medicham, on top of being able to act as a Fighting immune to Tera Zamazenta in an emergency.

Bonus/Untested Teams:

:dragonite::zamazenta::swampert-mega::kartana::moltres-galar::aegislash: - Dragonite + Scarf Kartana Offense
:urshifu::iron moth::dragonite::scizor::alakazam::nihilego: - Gloves Urshifu + Agility Iron Moth HO
:latios-mega::magnezone::tapu fini::melmetal::tornadus-therian::ting-lu: - Sub M-Latios + Magnezone BO
:tornadus-therian::sableye-mega::melmetal::slowking-galar::dracozolt::hippowdon: - NP Tornadus-T + Dracozolt Sand
:weavile::volcanion::altaria-mega::hippowdon::tornadus-therian::jirachi: - Weavile + Sub Volcanion Balance
:hydreigon::celesteela::slowbro::weezing-galar::sandy shocks::aerodactyl-mega: - Hydreigon + Sandy Shocks VoltTurn

s/o to all the people who make this site worth using
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shifts are nearly upon us so let me show the 3 hyper offensive playstyles i've enjoyed the most:

Mew hazard lead Hyper Offense
Espathra broken.

Floatzel Rain
Therian Forme
Floatzel under rain is pretty scary, as unlike Mega Swampert it outspeeds Choice Scarf users like Serperior under Rain. Wave Crash is also just super strong. Not much to say here, pretty standard Rain team just with Floatzel > Greninja.

Sandy Shocks Sun
Sandy Shocks is actually pretty decent on Sun. If you go 208 EVs into Special Attack instead of 252, you will gain a Speed boost under Sun instead of a Special Attack boost. This allows Sandy Shocks to turn into a pretty scary sweeper, as its Thunderbolt + Earth Power coverage is quite deadly. It also is a very effective Lati@s lure - one of the better checks to the Sun archetype - and thus can Volt Switch on it into Weavile and trap it effectively. Rest of the team speaks for itself I think.
Hopefully, this goes up before the usage stats get released but here is a small sample of teams that I have been using. Lots of Melm + Torn-T cores and Tin-Lu + Torn cores since the mons are so splashable. Nice defensive backbone for ladder where anything can happen.

:hippowdon: :rotom-wash: :garganacl: :latias-mega: :tornadus-therian: :zamazenta:

I tried to do a garga + sand team since sand structures have enough tools to support garga as a win-con reasonably well. The team is designed not to lose to rain and kartana. Scarf Zama because man volcarona gives this team a headache (tera dragon hippo as back up). I used smooth sand hippo but lefties would be more consistent overall. Credit to Kinak for inspiring me to build this.

:azelf: :tornadus-therian: :charizard-mega-x: :dragonite: :kartana: :thundurus-therian:

Hyper offence. Defog Torn-T is more of an emergency hazard removal option with a really nice speed tier for the team. Helps that there are 0 viable rapid spinners and other hazard control is way more niche. Zard could be DD but I liked Sword Dance for battering bulkier switch-ins. Dragonite, Kartana and Thundy alternate between sweeping and breaking shifts.

:charizard-mega-y: :tornadus-therian: :rotom-wash: :meowscarada: :ting-Lu: :melmetal:

The idea behind this team is to pave way for Mr Lizardon to go the whole nine Yards. Scarf Meow because it's the fastest good scarfer and solos rain with minimal chip. Rotom-W could have tweaks to the moveset but I like T-Wave + split as is tbh. AV Melm because 9 times out of 10 I prefer the bulk to switch into the odd special attacker that ladder throws at me. Punching Gloves/Pads or lefties are other solid alternatives.

:blacephalon: :ting-Lu: :tornadus-therian: :kartana: :rotom-wash: :medicham-mega:

My personal favourite team. Blace gets a lot more set up opportunities than you'd expect and it can go to town fairly easily. I'm mixed on the Medicham set. Trailblaze + Tpunch was initially there to help clean up late game but I reckon that Fake Out + Bullet Punch priority is better.
I figure we probably need some post rises, drops and bans teams, so here we go!

:sv/clefable: :sv/gliscor: :sv/tyranitar: :sv/dracozolt: :sv/scizor: :sv/tapu-lele:
Thank you muchly Lupla

This is my current team that I've been using a lot, which is a sand based balance team. I know I said balance is bad in my post on the main metagame discussion thread, but this one has been working for me with more aggressive play. Also, slight warning, I got just a touch verbose on the description of all the mons, so it's a bit of a read.

As an alternate and brief explanation, TTar is your main breaker with ice punch to nuke gliscor, dracozolt is monstrously strong under sand, scizor + gliscor + clef is your defensive core, lele your speed control + late game cleaning, with HP fire to nuke scizor. No special teras, mostly just there to allow mons to hit harder if they're in a position of winning other than clef, who is your bulky water if you need it.

Clefable! Probably the most standard balance mon on here, an excellent rocks setter, good at switching in on resisted and neutral hits, eternally annoying with knock off, and does a surprising amount of damage with moonblast. Magic Guard makes it immune to TTars sand, but also means 2/3 of your main defensive core is completely immune to entry hazards other than stealth rocks.

Gliscor! Good defogger that beats a lot of rocks setters, good physical switchin and pivot, not much more else that needs saying here. Also gives you a spore immunity once your poison is up, and a knock off absorber, making this an excellent check to mega beedrill among other big threats.

Tyranitar! The crux of this team, and your main breaker too. This sand team is an odd one, because it functions well outside of sand too, which is half the point. However, for the mon itself, you can kind of spam stone edge over the entire team, earthquake what you can't stone edge, pursuit trap lele's locked into a psychic move and other dark weak mons. Ice punch, however, is there specifically for gliscor, which this team otherwise struggles to break. I have no idea why, but the amount of times a gliscor has stayed in and gotten demolished is astounding. However, this does also represent probably the most difficult part of this team, as this is also your pseudo blanket special wall, but with no recovery. And since your main wincon depends on its sand, you need to be very careful with its HP, and only lose the mon when you're confident you're going into a winning endgame.

Dracozolt! Speaking of, your main wincon. Bolt beak is a ludicrously powerful move, 2HKOing most scizors, brute forcing non-steel and non-fairy checks with dragonium z outrage and low kick beats the magnezone that may otherwise try and wall you. Substitute is a nasty addition on the end of this, potentially winning you extra turns on a status move or scald attempting to burn you. It also potentially allows you to beat a check if they switch in on you, attempting to absorb a bolt beak then outspeed and revenge. This is potentially the second tricky aspect of this team, though, as ttar is not a strong enough setter to have sand up constantly like pelipper was for rain. The best way I've found of getting around this is to use scisor and gliscor to pivot it in while under sand, and try and take a kill while you have a turn or two left. And then, in the late game, you sack ttar to get as much sand time with it as you can and go for a win.

Scizor! Ironically this team was meant to be a bulky offence, but defensive scizor turned it into a balance. Scizor is an excellent check to the rare but dangerous mega altaria, and functions as an alt wincon if it gets a swords dance. However it also plays a key defensive role on the team, being a toxic absorber if gliscor isn't an option, as well as having an excellent defensive typing into a large portion of the metagame. And, most importantly, it's your second pivot to bring in ttar or zolt, while also being threatening in its own right with bullet punch allowing it to force that momentum.

Tapu Lele! Last, and most certainly not least, lele is your main form of speed control, and often a potent cleaner. A lot of teams crumble before relentless psyshocks and moonblasts forcing incredibly difficult 50/50s from your opponent if they don't have a steel, which can often just be nuked by focus blast on the switch with a predict as well. There are very few safe switches into lele as a result, with even skarmory fearing thunderbolt from it. The most common one, though, is scizor, which once again this team struggles to break otherwise. Which is why this lele is designed to bait said scizor in, then roast a bug with HP Fire. It's also a good coverage option; scarf fire coverage wins games, who'd have thought? This could be improved by tera fire, however I prefer tera psychic for late game psyshock sweeps, but this is a change you could make if you prefer the extra power.
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Okay, I know I've said a couple times that I wanted to make my next post here a Hyper Offence team in the discord, but I've come to the conclusion that because of the presence in the meta of one of the mons on this team, posting a HO requires the context of said mon. So this is a prelude to another team which will come later. However, with that being said, let's get into the new team!

:sv/garganacl: :sv/clefable: :sv/skarmory: :sv/gastrodon: :sv/tangrowth: :sv/sableye-mega:

Yes, you are reading this correctly, I have now posted a balance followed by a stall, the two styles I even said myself are the worst in the meta. But you cannot argue with results. This team is not difficult to play, and has carried me to 15th on ladder with barely any resistance. And it's all down to one mon on the team, who, with annihilape's ban from the tier, now has no counters. Again, a warning, these explanations are wordy, so if you don't want to read them just skip to the briefer explanation at the end of the post, I would not blame you. Partially since this maaayyy have been a little bit of a vent.

Garganacl is, in my opinion, the single most broken mon in the meta by a mile. And that is simply due to how impossible a task it is to kill this stupid pile of rocks. From full HP, after having its leftovers knocked off and getting +2 with iron defence and recovering as something died to salt cure, Malos over here tanked a tera normal specs swellow boomburst followed by a banded cinderace pyro ball after it had teraed into ghost. And in the process, it killed the swellow with body press and hit recover, winning the game. The forfeit occurred on turn 10. No setup, no nothing, switched in turn 4 and won the game. Granted I got a lucky switch on said turn, but talk about being given an inch and taking a mile. But, in case an explanation is needed of how to use this ridiculous powerhouse on the team, garganacl is your most reliable form of passive damage. Salt cure deals a stupid amount of chip for a move with 24 pp that can't be taunted, to the point where it is the single most spammable move on this whole team and probably in the meta as a whole. Which is a meta that contains psyshock Tapu Lele, ftr. Beyond that, recover is obligatory for walling the metagame as efficiently as garganacl does, but be sparing with its usage. You only have 8 pp on it, and the easiest way to deal with garganacl is often switching around it and pp stalling it. As such, I'd recommend not allowing it to take a knock if you have the choice, instead absorbing it with sableye. From there, iron defence takes its bulk to ridiculous levels while also powering up your body press to the point where you can 2HKO a decent chunk of the frailer meta, and OHKO a lot of it when you max out your defence. As such, garganacl is your single most potent wincon, so isolate your opponents checks to it and try and whittle them down. Gliscor is the main one, though in an endgame gliscor doesn't actually beat you as long as you have enough chip on it. If you can get rid of its orb before it procs poison heal, or otherwise stop it from recovering, you basically just win.

Clefable is Clefable, it hasn't changed on stall for the last two or three gens. In this team in particular it plays an important role, that being the team's stealth rock setter due to the amount of free turns it generates with wish, and more importantly it's your only way to not lose to specs serperior and specs tapu lele. With tera grass and tera psychic respectively, these two mons are the single best wallbreakers in the whole tier, and using tera steel clef is often the only counterplay you will be able to generate. However, an important point to make is that, to have rocks, this team has had to sacrifice heal bell. It's not too impossible to manage, as between garganacl who thought making that mon immune to status was a good idea, skarmory and mega sableye I haven't had too many issues.

As above, skarmory hasn't really changed on stall either, though this one doesn't need to save its HP to function as a wincon, unlike last gen stall corviknight, due to garganacl. This is often your best check to a large portion of physical attacking threats in the metagame, and one of your toxic absorbers. It's also your only hazard removal, aided by sableye's magic bounce, so maintaining it throughout a game is incredibly important against hazard stack teams.

Gastrodon is mostly here as a method of absorbing powerful electric and water attacks from common z-move users manaphy and xurkitree, before pivoting out to something to absorb the much weaker grass coverage these mons often carry. It also allows you to set spikes and throw out burns with scald, giving you a significant amount of passive damage.

Tangrowth is your next check to physical threats, in particular to the physical dynamite known as tera water barraskewda and floatzel. It's also your only regenerator mon, so in drawn out pp wars it can often be your best pivot, though I've never had this happen personally. It spreads chip and recovery with leech seed and giga drain, removes items with knock and can get the occasional poison with sludge bomb while dealing not insignificant amounts of damage to fairy types.

Finally, and ironically since this will be your lead in most games, is mega sableye. It denies hazards and taunts, spreads knocks incredibly efficiently, can burn a large chunk of physical threats and recover off afterwards and uses protect to scout the intentions of potentially choice locked sets. Getting it into mega form early is important to give it the bulk it needs to function on this team, which is another benefit of using it as a lead with protect for a guaranteed turn to mega, though this also allows it to thwart opposing hazards leads.

And now, as promised the brief description. Garganacl is your wincon, closing out games once the very few things that check it are dead. Clefable gives rocks, insurance against set up threats, wish passing to the rest of the team and protect scouting. Skarmory is a physical wall and your only method of removal. Gastrodon gives you a method of absorbing powerful electric and water type attacks, in particular from common z users manaphy and xurkitree, while setting spikes. Tangrowth is your regenerator mon to absorb hits in long games, while also being your best check into the physical rain threats that can otherwise blow through this team with a bad prediction. Mega sableye gives you hazard denial, knock off absorption and a more consistent method of spreading burns than scald while removing items.

I'm not an avid stall player, in fact last gen I actively despised it and didn't know how to play against it. So take my ability to use it at the top of ladder as a testament that you can too.
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Hello National Dex UU. Fellow ND Under Used player here to share some fun teams.

:Hippowdon: :celesteela: :excadrill: :tapu fini: :keldeo: :rillaboom:
hippowdon celesteela balance
This team is a very simple. Built around the core of celesteela and hippowdon that I liked using a lot last gen. As said before, hippowdon and celesteela form a very strong core that cover each other's weaknesses very well. Excadrill provides hazard control in rapid spin, and can sweep with the combination of swords dance, sand rush, and the speed boost from rapid spin. Tapu fini covers the weakness of the hippo cele core pretty well, and can trap annoying mons such as Stall & co. Keldeo provides speed with scarf, an offensive pivot in flip turn, and can have very powerful hydro pumps with tera water. Finally rillaboom closes out the team by giving passive recovery to hippowdon and excadrill with terrain, being able to pivot as well with u turn, and being a great abuser of grass tera with powerful wood hammers and grassy glides in grassy terrain. This team can be threatened by fast mons that can threaten the core of tapu fini, celesteela, and hippowdon. These mons include kartana, weavile, cinderace, mega-manetric, tapu-lele, and others. To beat these mons, you want to keep up the momentum and try to never let these mons get a free switch in, if these mons do come in and get a ko, you can revenge kill them with keldeo or predict the switch with flip turn to gain momentum.

:ninetales: :tapu fini: :gliscor: :sandy shocks: :Scovillain: :slither wing:
sunny side up (sun offense)
This teams plays like any other weather team, enable the weather abusers and do big damage. Ninetales is here because torkoal sadly rose to OU and we have to use the worse tails varient instead. Tapu fini gives good utility in defog and knock off, as well as serves as a blanket rain check; moonblast is also used to hit mega-latias. Gliscor is used to set up rocks, pivot out, and is a good check to most threats on sand. Sandy shocks is one of the most slept on paradox pokemon out there. WIth 208 spa and max speed, you are able to gain a speed boost from protosynthesis and are able to run specs for a powerful volt switch and earth power. Scolivan becomes a nuke with sun boosted STAB (potentially tera) fire blasts. With access to growth and chlorophyll, it can be come a terrifying sweeper. Slither wing rounds out the team with very powerful prosynthesis boosted attacks. First impression can be very powerful priority with STAB, protosynthsis, and life orb boosting it. This allows slither wing to revenge kill many mons, and be able to pivot out after that. Some threats to this team are the threats found on rain and sand teams. While tapu fini and gliscor are pretty good blanket checks to said teams, they can get wittled down over a game. A little bit too much chip, or a prediction gone wrong can quickly turn the game in your opponent's favor. To counter this, you want to try and play aggressively. Take out their threats, while keeping your checks as healthy as possible.

:porygon2: :musharna: :xatu: :iron hands: :stakataka: :marowak-alola:
budget tr (trick room HO)
This is personally is my favorite team that I have built in the beta stage of NDUU so far! Many people wrote of trick room as dead as soon as melmetal, hatterene, and cresselia rose to ou (ok it kinda is). But with so many slow, powerful abusers, trick room is far from dead. Trick room is pretty simple, set up trick room and put in the broken mons. Hatterene Xatu is your main lead with magic bounce to deny hazards, and sash to guarantee a trick room. Psychic and heat wave can threaten a lot of popular stealth rock leads with the exception of ting-lu, and you can use teleport to pivot out. Porygon-2 and cresselia musharna are very bulky physically and specially respectively and are able to set up trick room on those attackers. Now for the star of the show, melmetal stakataka. Stakataka is a very powerful attacker with tera steel gyro ball. I know ever since the melm incident, this may feel very underwhelming, but with stak's gyro ball regularly reaching 100-150 bp, tera steel can give gyro ball and effective 200-300 bp! This can even beat out tera steel melmetal's 288 bp double iron bash. This gyro ball is able to take out even resisted threats with ease. Combine this with stakataka's ability beast boost, which can boost attack with the right evs, stakataka can very quickly become a terrifying sweepers. Iron hands can help deal with bulky waters and steels with booster energy boosting its already massive attack even higher. Finally, Marrowak-alola can be used to break down other physical walls with its high bp stab moves and thick club. Some threats this team faces are set up sweepers that can take out their respective walls. This list includes cinderace, kartana, weavile, and others. However all hope is not lost! Both iron hands and stakataka are deceptively bulky can can even live some mons p2 and musharna can't. I'm sorry Runo

Thank you for reading! This is my first ever effort post and all feedback is appreciated!
teams here are either outdated or limited in playstyle, so I'll post a team that I've been liking recently.
banded weavile was a huge threat last gen and was on the cusp of getting banned, but then became a NDOU staple. Well now it's back and even better than before, being able to tera ice for humongous triple axels. This makes weavile less reliant on rocks for 2hkos on physically bulky mons like buzzwole and skarm and also lets it get ohkos a lot easier.
252 Atk Choice Band Tera Ice Weavile Triple Axel (40 BP) (3 hits) vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Ting-Lu: 612-732 (119 - 142.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO (smoked)
252 Atk Choice Band Tera Ice Weavile Triple Axel (40 BP) (3 hits) vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Skarmory: 216-258 (64.6 - 77.2%) -- approx. 2HKO (gone)
252 Atk Choice Band Tera Ice Weavile Triple Axel (40 BP) (3 hits) vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Buzzwole: 216-258 (51.6 - 61.7%) -- approx. 2HKO (insane)
252 Atk Choice Band Tera Ice Weavile Triple Axel (40 BP) (3 hits) vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Kartana: 300-354 (115.8 - 136.6%) -- guaranteed OHKO (bye bye)
252 Atk Choice Band Tera Ice Weavile Triple Axel (40 BP) (3 hits) vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Manaphy: 186-222 (54.5 - 65.1%) -- approx. 2HKO (destroyed)
252 Atk Choice Band Tera Ice Weavile Triple Axel (40 BP) (3 hits) vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Scizor: 186-222 (54 - 64.5%) -- approx. 2HKO (nice counter)
252 Atk Choice Band Tera Ice Weavile Triple Axel (40 BP) (3 hits) vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Iron Treads: 318-378 (99 - 117.7%) -- approx. 93.8% chance to OHKO (etc etc etc)

latios is one of the scariest threats in the metagame atm and weavile can pursuit it so that you don't have to pick a sack every time it comes out.
speaking of lati, we can pair weavile with lo :latios: and scarf :kartana: to form a pretty nice bulky offense core. Then we tack on a uturn :gliscor: to check common physical threats like kart and cinderace and provide crucial fog support for weavile. :garganacl: is added for hazards and to check the many scarf leles and mega manectrics (is this mon actually good, or is it just ladder?) running around. Finally, I wanted to try sd :cinderace: and the team didn't have a z user, so I added sd double edge ace as the last slot. This mon is insanely good too. +2 z edge is a free kill against all non resists.

Without further ado, here's the paste for the team
:weavile::kartana::gliscor::latios::garganacl::cinderace: (click)

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Realized I never posted any Beta stage teams here. I'm really tired tbh so most of my motivation left after writing the explanation for the first team.
Edit: the descriptions have now been updated

Muk-Alola Stall - 1674335070212.png1674335299079.png1674335389498.png1674337772825.png1674335455723.png1674335489549.png <Click for pokepaste
This team is centered around Dondozo as a win condition, where the rest of the team makes an attempt to wear down a lot of Dondozo's strong checks like Serperior, Kyurem, or Tapu Lele. Once all special threats are removed, Tera Dragon Dondozo cleans up the game incredibly well. Muk-A was added as a Specs Blacephalon check and helps against Calm Mind Latias.
Psychic Terrain HO - 1674335789548.png1674335774488.png1674335825372.png1674335865678.png1674335879762.png1674335752485.png
I wanted to build around Hawlucha and my first thought was pairing it with Rillaboom, but I passed on that since I wasn't a fan of being locked out by Skarmory or Celesteela, Lele gives me a bit more room to work with since everyone on my team benefits from Psychic Terrain. the Flying Spam core of Hawlucha/Gyarados is really strong, Gyarados itself is super broken and should be quickbanned. Liked nihil as a Fairy switch-in, but that's the only real reason it's on the team tbh. Bax is sort of fishy to setup with, but once it gets going then it's really hard to answer (especially if it teras). Then lead Excadrill fucks over most rockers so it's really easy to use.
Zolt Sand Balance - 1674335752485.png1674336007534.png1674336043299.png1674336067941.png1674336123357.png1674336152587.png
Ye so it's a sand team and uh sands it up (I don't really know how to explain this team). You basically take two sand sweepers and use the rest of the team to wear down threats for them.
Z-Hypnosis Xurkitree Webs HO - 1674336308846.png1674336338382.png1674336067941.png1674336416847.png1674336449823.png1674336534060.png
Xurkitree is an annoying cheese mon to face, plz ban it. Click Z-Hypno and win 60% of the time. Even then, the rest of the team can just clean up whatever Xurkitree destroyed. Steela checks Lele and Defensive Steela for the team, Kommo-o is broken when it teras, Gyarados cleans up the game, and Bisharp gives me a bit of priority in addition to being a Defiant mon for webs.
Groundless Rain Balance - 1674336738326.png1674336152587.png1674336769593.png1674336786821.png1674336815669.png1674336869342.png
Yea so it turns out, the previous rain I posted ended up influencing a lot of rain builds here. Bulky MAggron rain is the way to go or else you get torn up by Kyurem and Kartana. Latias role compresses speed and hazard control for your relatively slow rain build (Floater is the only naturally fast mon), Tangrowth helps out MAggron by taking care of Rillaboom and other rains teams for it so it's not overwhelmed.

The Dondozo and Gliscor Icons are mine btw, Muk-A, Bax, MLatias, MGyara, MAggron, and Floatzel belong to the Smogon Sprite Project iirc.
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gyra ev spread can 1v1 any special attacker if they haven't tera or they haven't boosted
t wave allows its teammates ( vic & bulu ) to to abuse t wave and use there enormous power to blast through teams
xurkitree is to deal with dondozo only real counter to tera fire cb vic you could say
thunderous is also there to abuse prankster t wave allowing bulu and vic to be faster than anyone
ting-lu is there if mega gyra dies and sets up sr

That was an idea that i had, to import a gen 3 to the national dex, with some changes. Skarmory and Tyranitar are good leads, with skarmory putting some hazards and spreading toxic, and tt setting the sandstream. Skarmory is a great physicall wall with a good stab to deal with some threats. Dugtrio works well with the TT and having a rock Tera and being Banded, his STAB do a ridiculous damage. Starmie is our spinner and slaking our classic revenge killer. and jirachi with the good typing can have a advantage against fighting, dragon, poison, and other mons
Regen Bros - -

This is a bulky offense/balance team built around the Regen Core of Glowking and Tangrowth. The game plan is to wear down the opposing team before sweeping with Tera-Ghost Blace, with Gapdos being a absolute nuke that gets infinite free turns with all the Gliscors and Ting-Lu's running around. Reached Rank 1 and around 1630 rating with the team, not that that's super relevant.

Ghost types are super insane in the tier right now. The only good Ghost resists are Ting-Lu and Tyranitar, both which lack reliable recovery, and they both get smashed by Gapdos. Tera-Ghost over Tera-Fire maintains immunities to most priority while making use of the power of Ghost stab right now to sweep teams.

The GOAT special wall. This investment is pretty over the top but allows Glowking to stomach even rain-boosted Tera-Water Surfs from Kingdra, and any other powerful special attacks like Tera-Psychic Specs Lele. Weaknesses to Dark and Ghost are covered well by Tyranitar, and the weaknesses to Ground by both are covered by Gliscor and Tang. Tera Water to help the rain MU and to provide an Ice Resist, because the team has none. Also often forces in Ting-Lu, which provides a free Gapdos switch.

This mon is actually insane. After the brokens like Lele, Kart and Kyu get banned, this might be worth looking at. CC + Brave Bird are almost unresisted bar Aegislash, but you can even drop Sub for Blaze Kick if needed (though TTar can remove most Aegi's). Sub shields you from Toxic Gliscors and other Phys Def walls going for status/Scalds like Alolamola. It also eases prediction and lets Gapdos get a kill almost every time it comes in, which is often given how many teams have a Gliscor or Ting-Lu on it, both of which are forced out/take a massive chunk. Really underrated mon, though with how much garbage is flying around it's not super surprising.

Best offensive SR setter right now. Dunks on Lele's dumb enough to click Psyshock against Slowking, all Aegi sets bar a CC predict on the switch, and kills other Glowkings. 172 speed hits 221 to speed creep 56 speed Tapu Fini. Sandstorm also helps chip down opposing mons for the Blace sweep. Having a good Ghost and Dark resist to fall back on is also nice, especially if Blace is forced out.

This mon is so stupidly bulky. Lives pretty much every hit, even coming off a boosted mon, and even if it's SE. Helmet + Leech Seed accentuates the passive damage plan. Forms the Regen core with Glowking to handle most Physical and Special attackers, and shut down most stalls pretty well with the infinite recovery. Tera-Dragon is kinda ass, I would change it to Tera-Water as that would've helped a few times while Tera-Dragon has never come into play.

Lando-T for UU. Enough said.

Rain: Rain's not super common, but not having a sturdy Water resist on the Special side can be rough against Kingdra's. SD Waterium-Z Crawdaunt is also threatening because +2 Hydro Vortex in the rain has a 50% chance to OHKO Tang from full, and is a guaranteed KO after Rocks. Try not to give Craw any free turns, and play around the Z carefully.

Ice Types: Luckily I haven't played any Weaviles or anything yet, but played against a Glalie and that was kinda rough lol. There's 3 defensive Tera options against Ice Types though and Kyurem is covered by super SPDef Glowking so its not that bad.

First time posting a team here, so any advice is appreciated, and apologies for any formatting weirdness

Also this team has no Gen 9 mons for you weirdo's who don't like using new toys.

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