NCAA Basketball 17/18 Discussion

Couldn't find this thread, anyway lets discuss.

Indiana screwed my sister over in her injury rehab, so I've become an Oklahoma fan across all sports as of the middle of the year. Trae Young is doing things that I've never seen a freshman do. How high does he go in the draft? Is Bagley doing enough to go ahead of Doncic?

Villanova are the consensus #1 team at the moment, but will they keep this up? I think that this year is one where one of maybe a dozen teams could actually win it all, and it's shaping up to be an incredible March Madness as a result.

Also, how nice is it not to see Kentucky as a top 5 team?
I’m a Villanova fan but I think Virginia might be the scariest team out there and you really have to look no further than their last game where they held Clemson to 36 points. Also Villanova’s first few minutes looked really shaky against Providence but they can probably shake that off before their next game against Marquette. I do, however, think that they’re the best team in the Big East and the only tough game they have left is on the road against Xavier.
Teams with cursive name jerseys doing well (Marshall, UMBC, Loyola and nevada) and you made fun of people for arbitrarily picking a bracket based on something like jersey configuration

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