Tournament NDMPL II: Player Signups [Auction June 26th @ 2:30 -4]

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Name: userawesome
Metagames Played: National Dex Monotype, National Dex Monotype Bo3 (I assume that means regular NDM but best of three)
Timezone: GMT-4
Potential Activity Issues: summer is literally the only time where i won't be online all the time during the day lol. i'll try to be as active as i can but my home net doesn't allow smogon for some reason so i won't be able to access smogon most of the time (don't ask)
Name: GovernmentSpyBird
Metagames Played: NDM
Timezone: GMT +3
Potential Activity Issues: Most likely not after 5pm on my timezone, but even earlier I think it will be ok considering I will know the time beforehand.
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