Tournament NDOTSL I - Player Signups [Auction Sunday October 1 @ 10 AM GMT -4]

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Welcome to the first iteration of National Dex Other Tiers Spotlight League! This tournament will last an extended amount of time, so keep in mind that you must be available throughout the tournament's duration while signing up. When you sign up, you are not only committing to being active, but also to being a positive presence. No matter how your team performs in this tournament, you are promising to be a good sport and are promising to contribute to your team. Poor behavior, with this in mind, will be notice and will affect future managers' view on you in future iterations of this tournament.

The teams and managers are as follows:
:gholdengo: Tokyo Gholdengo's - pannu + seroo
:slaking: Slacking Slakings - zastra + Velcroc
:venusaur-mega: Pokerich Clique - setset77 + sealoo
:phione: Pondering Phiones - Orangex + hidin
Great and Glorious Ginkals - Runo + Clas
:heatran: HeeHee Heatrans - Kinzo Ketchum + Giyu

The following tiers will be featured in this tournament:
National Dex LC
National Dex STAB
National Dex AAA
National Dex NFE
National Dex GG
National Dex BH

The following two tiers will also be included if they get enough signups:

National Dex MnM
National Dex Convergence

Do not sign up if you are not willing to play for the entirety of the tournament. Do not sign up for metagames you don't want to play for the entire tournament.

Signups will last 2 weeks and will end sometime during the weekend of September 30th - October 2nd at 11:59pm GMT -4, and the draft will occur shortly after signups close at [TBA].

Use this format when signing up:
Player Name:
Forseeable Inactivity:
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