NeverUsed Premier League V - Semifinals

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After 7 long weeks, these are the four teams that remain. Wish them luck as they go into playoffs!

Remember, Activity wins are only based on VM activity. No VM contact - No Activity Win!


1. Headass Houndooms (3) vs (5) 4. Vibrant Vivillons
SM1: Rodriblutar vs Garay oak
SM2: tko vs Gunner Rohan
SM3: blunder vs Eternally
ORAS: Lednah vs Earth
BW2: ict vs Void
DPP: KratosMana vs idiotfrommars
ADV: Hogg vs Pearl
Bo3: FLCL vs TDK


2. Money Maker Musharna (3) vs (5) 3. Listless Lilligant
SM1: meepsvictory vs Laurens
SM2: Robert Alfons vs Sacri'
SM3: Shadestep vs The Goomy
ORAS: Blast vs Rapture
BW2: NotNova vs soulgazer
DPP: The Real Elmo vs Kushalos
ADV: Megazard vs Bushtush
Bo3: Raseri vs Tricking

Scheduled matches can be found here. Players please use this to notify us when you play.
DEADLINE: August 27th 11:59 PM EDT (GMT-4)

Please let me know if I made any mistakes.
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Won in last week's game vs ifm. Fun match although the freeze definitely helped me out.

Good season, Samurotts. It's a little disappointing we're not going further especially since I think we had a pretty solid team and might have won a couple more weeks if not for some inactivity, but I still had fun. Special thanks to Jarii for drafting and playing me, Disjunction and fatty for helping me test out some teams and generally being cool people, and Shaneghoul and Dundies for always remembering to win. See you all next season!
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