New CAP Forum Moderator: Rising Dusk

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You don't get to be forum mod in CAP if you aren't already very well known around here, so Rising Dusk needs no introduction to this crowd. RD has been a superstar contributor to CAP almost from the first day he joined. He has always been a top battler, a great writer, and general community leader. And since the advent of the 5th generation, Rising Dusk has elevated his game by hosting and administering the CAP server and being a major contributor to almost every policy decision we have made over the past several months regarding project governance. This is all on top of major leadership responsibilities elsewhere in Smogon, including C&C, The Smog, and the SU server.

RD is a virtual Superman, or should I say "SUperman"? (get it? SU-perman... as in SU, Smogon University... see? yeah, groan, i know...) Anyway, Rising Dusk is the complete package when it comes to CAP leadership, and now has the CAP staff position to show for it.

Congratulations Rising Dusk!


Guess who's back? Na na na! *breakdances*
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Congrats Dusk! Surprised this wasn't already done.

I feel like most of the advice anyone could give you, you would already know. Or would be the person who actually made that advice to tell, so kind of redundant, I guess...
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