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Hello there!
Currently, we have 7 types of elimination in tour iirc. A new type of elimination can be added in which we can get 3rd place winner which means losers of semi-finals will battle for 3rd place so, we can get one 3rd place holder instead of two!
To add onto this, I'd like it if we can have Swiss format as well. It's a better format for large number of players than single elimination cause you can be blown out by hax/bad matchup and Swiss makes sure the better player wins in the long run. And it's better than Round Robin because it's way shorter so you don't have to play dozens, maybe even near a hundred of matches.
This suggestion confused me at first, so I'll just clarify: this means losers of semi-finals get to battle for 3rd and 4th place.

For the actual idea, I don't think it would hurt, but I don't see the point, 3rd place is only a celebrated rank in huge tournaments with 30+ people.


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We already support triple elimination and n-elimination. It's the number after the cap (set it to 3 for triple elim).

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