New Name and Profile Change Requests (Yet Again) [READ THE OP]

thanhphamap --> Chaosmaker20003

Wanted to changed it to match my Roblox username

you don't meet the reqs for a name change - try again after either getting a badge or reaching 100 posts - Isaiah
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Dr. Geo

formerly GGTC
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I am requesting to change my name from GGTC to Dr. Geo

This is the name I use on discord and is how I am known there. I dont want there to be any confusion between my discord name and my smogon name.

Done - Isaiah
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please change the name of my acc to tommy as this username is originally on showdown which is controlled by my other friend, made this to troll my friend

You don't qualify for a name change, dmed you about the account deletion thing - Isaiah
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cherish those who care <3
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Requesting name change to Lunell to match my current PS! username, has been more than three months

yea -maroon
Requesting unlock, should be more than a month ago.

done - Isaiah
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Hello there, i would like to request a namechange to TheRealEGR, since i don't like the current name i have (i had to wait untill today so my account turns 3). Also, i use the new name for almost all my social media.

done - Isaiah
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formerly Fabricio1145
Hello, I would like to request a name change to my forum name from Fabricio1145 to Fabrisel. This is because I go by this name in most places including on Showdown & Discord.

done -maroon
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nada e ninguem

formerly Kyuss
is a Tiering Contributor
request to change my username from 'Kyuss' to 'nada e ninguem' - reason is that i don't use my old username for other platforms since around 2018. The new one is up to date with all my other gaming accounts.

done -maroon
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I would like to request to change my name from "KingBananaMuffin" to "AzaleaJennings": I haven't used this account in ages, but since I got into some older formats I've wanted to at least have the ability to post + join the community discord servers. I'm making this request because I kind of hate this old account name that I made in 2 seconds nearly 5 years ago. This change also reflects the change I've made to my Pokemon Showdown username.

Also uh, how long until I can get the "formerly" tag removed? A month, right? I just want to be sure. If I'm stuck with the formerly tag forever I'll just delete this account, "KingBananaMuffin" is such an old name it bothers me.

will definitely do this for you, but i just want to make sure you are comfortable with what might to be your name as a username? -maroon

It's just a nickname I made for myself, but thank you for your concern.

done, also in a month ask for your ct to be deleted in this thread -maroon


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formerly GymLeaderCauster
Couple things for me.

Name Change: Requesting a change from GymLeaderCauster to Causter. It's been almost 10 years since I last used this account and a lot's changed since then, so I'm trying to catch this up to speed so I can participate in community Discords. Also, GLC is definitely a remnant of a very cringy 16-year old lmao. Causter is what I go by on PS and on every other form of social media.

Birthday: Requesting a change to June 18th, 1997. Honestly, I don't know how that happened. Less said, the better.

sure - nya
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formerly Prototypon
Name Change: from prototypon to ManicallyHex, made this account years ago and trying to get into the community. just would like a name that reflects my in-game name.

no need for a formally tag

yep - nya
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formerly Leru
is a Past SPL Championis a Past SCL Champion
UUPL Champion
Requesting a name change to Larry. I've been going by Larry on discord for about a year now and would like my forums name to be the same. Plus, Leru is just an alternative pronounciation/spelling variation to Larry.

i qualify for TC btw

did since you qualify anyway -lily
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Shaymin Sky

Pick it up. You're an off-seer. So send her.
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Requesting name change:
slainey -> Shaymin Sky

That account has 0 post, has not been logged on for over 10 years.

My discord accounts name is literally shayminsky with 0 special characters and people get confused when my disc profile is a literal Pokemon name and not yknow slainey. This is especially annoying in side servers like Freezai's discord where I have to usually explain that I am slainey when I refence myself lol. Am ladybug from VGC/OU contributions and I am pretty active regarding my contributions on P.S all of this spanning past 6 months. I am hoping that and my Discord name can maybe let me get the name of my favorite Pokémon and make things less confusing on Discord. 1 of my YouTube channels also has the name skymin in it if that helps, with 100k views total on that channel. I have also begun to not like the name since I got it from a wolf player in smash ultimate, but I have basically cut ties with the competitive smash community for personal reasons so this would help in that aspect too. I understand if the name is too high value though, and if so I'll hopefully have enough contributions in the future.

This is probably important but I am asking for a request now and not way earlier because I thought you needed badges or smthin to request but I did this crazy thing called reading the rules...sorry nya

oki, you did need the badge ftr though--mari
requesting undoing the fairy lock, get it...because fairy lock is like u know klefki's sig move, anyways, I just replaced the phrase requesting unlock with requesti- nvm.

specifically not doing this bc of how you requested it <3 - nya
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Requesting a birth date change from March 4, 2004 to March 4, 2005, I put the wrong year when making my account

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Requesting name change from Techno6377 > Techno

Reasoning: Numbers are ugly & I don't think there's another active member with the username Techno (at least I couldn't find one from searches)

this is in fact taken so pls confirm:

confirm what? The account hasn't been used in over 15 years, so that should be fine, right?

yes just making sure you're aware of the no take backs before i give you a taken name without you knowing, it's done--mari

gotcha ty!
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lou dort

Not sure if Im allowed to ask for this but I would appreciate it if my name could be changed from lou dort > Lou Dort, since this is the only way I style my name now on p.s and discord

not right now sorry
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Request: Name change to "Beauvoir"

Reasons: Been around PS! for more than 11 years. Old name is edgy and reminds me of past people that I've disassociated from. Requested name reflects my current online alias and persona.

It's been a month. Requesting unlock, thankee.

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