New OU List (January 2009)

I must say after reading this thread and playing several rounds with a new team, Electivire is still a very reliable threat. With the speed boost and the mixed set (though I have mainly seen the Adamant set) Electivire can do a lot of damage. It seems that a lot of players forget about him, as I went and ran an old team with the Gyarados + Electivire combo and a lot of teams seemed to be ill-prepared. Even without the speed boost, 123 base Attack and its movepool are still very good
One thing people fail to realize about Electivire is that he's faster and stronger than Lucario, carries a more useful immunity (and being struck by it benefits him), and he only has one weakness.

He's not magnificant, but underrated by a majority of the OU community no doubt. If it was just "scrubs" using him, he wouldn't still be OU. Look at Donphan.
Electivire is still a good pokemon, although it isn't stronger than Lucario, purely because Close Combat outdamages ThunderPunch. Electivire's ability WOULD be great, but unfortunately the electric pokemon/moves he switches into are often paired with other moves. For example, a Timid LO Zapdos's Heat Wave can manage a 2HKO provided Stealth Rock is in play. Rotom-A carries Will-o-Wisp / Reflect, and Shadow Ball hurts too. He's great at switching into Blissey, but he doesn't enjoy Toxic too much. Overall, the metagame is just too fast for Electivire to be as efficient as other sweepers. Whether it is +Speed base 115's running Scarfs, or powerful priority attacks from the likes of Scizor(Bullet Punch 2HKOs after SD), Lucario, and Mamoswine, the lack of opportunities to switchin are beat out the pros of his ability/movepool.

As for GyaraVire, I think right now is possibly the worst time to use it. People are running Gyarados + SpecsJolt all over the place, so people are being careful when they throw electric moves around.

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