Welcome to New World NOC.

This is a 11-player partial role-madness closed-setup NOC, based on the conquest of the Inca Empire. There IS intriguing roles and vanilla roles. Each role HAS a unique flavour.
Standard NOC rules will apply. Those will be detailed further down, as well as lynch mechanics.
The game will have two factions: the Incas, (village) and the Conquistadores, (mafia.)
The game will have days that are 48hrs long, and nights that are 24hrs long.

Game-Specific Rules:
  • The lynch is decided by plurality.
  • There is no hammer D1, however beyond that, whenever someone has more than 50% of available votes on them, they are instantly lynched. As soon as this occurs, please cease all communication.
  • In the case of a tied lynch, the player who received the tied number first is lynched.
  • Days will be 48 hours, 24 hour nights.
  • If you have the role name Alpaca, you are a Vanilla Townie.
1. Don't talk to anybody about the game besides in the game thread.
2. At end of days whoever has the most votes on them will get lynched.
3. Do not screenshot or quote your role pm or results.
4. Do not edit or delete posts.
5. Votes after deadline will not count even if I'm not around to call deadline.
6. Mafia may communicate at any time.
7. Do not post during the night or during twilight
8. Deadlines will be 48 hours for days and 24 hours for nights. I'm willing to extend to 72 hours by request for days.
9. No encryption

That's it!

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I'm sending out Role PMs now. Once you have received yours, please post a confirmation in this thread. Once 8 players have confirmed the game will begin soon after.
kinda omgussy ik but I don't really like either of the votes on me because im a person known for becoming obvious early in the game

vote waterlily3


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Can anyone give me NOC threads to read up on the following players:


I think I know everyone else at least sorta well, but MoodyCloud threads wouldn't hurt too much either.

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