Tournament NFE No Johns Tournament (Won by Simbo)

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First Blood. Won in 3 ggs vs xhys

Also decided to drop some predicts cause why not
pileosand vs. UBERLandon21 - slight edge to pilosand, I am not too high on either.
Cheese5555 vs. Jayi - Jayi has a fair chance to win this too cause he is cute.
Marjane vs. pazza - happened
MAMP vs. Dragonillis - Kinda better.
Shing'n Streets vs. Kaif - Shing gets 100 points for effort.
85percent vs. Cheryl. - close as f but edge to 85.
frisoeva vs. Simbo - Match I am looking forward to the most, very little edge to friso.

why is this a left side bolding idk.
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