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Holy fucking shit that Thundurus is fucking amazing. You should draw an Emolga in that same style.


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It's so ... lush. Almost a northern forest feel to it, the warm light mixing with the cool background is a great effect.
After shuffling through your (great) art, that espeon, lapra and articuno piece is simply fantastic. My personal favourite anyway :)

Keep up the great work! Luvdisc'd
I can't explain what i feel when i see all this good work . Obviously lovdisc . *-*
Do you mind if i'm using the Darkrai pics as an avatar ?
It's amazing how you can combines such messy strokes into something so beautifully coloured and melded; the colouring is so rich and deep and the strokes really give it a texture perfect for Parasect
That Aggron is nothing short of MAGNIFICENT, icepick. I don't know quite what to make of the George Washington hobgoblin, but I like it. Kudos for doing so much without solid lines!

also your aggron is perfect... it's so cool how slight variations in color completely make a whole piece and how you do it is asdjfishdof
omg hahahahahaha that landorus is incredible, I love the way you shaded the hair it looks so natural
you never fail to please
I've been meaning to start up a folder for awesome art for a while now and your art finally motivated me to do so so I could put a ton of your work in in. I especially love the ones with weather and detailed backgrounds in because the way you bring the scenes to lire somehow even with only one Pokemon... I honestley don't know how to describe how truly phenomenal your work is. I'm just sitting here in awe of Kingdra.
I don't know if you're still not taking requests, but on the off chance you are I would love to see Shaymin unleashing a Seed Flare in your style. I think you could do a really stunning depiction of the flare itself.

Please don't feel obliged to draw this if you're busy or something though, I would love to see you draw absolutely anything Pokemon-related.
I hope you don't mind, but I may also use some of your art as avatars in the future. Obviously I'll give full credit, but if you'd like me to remove them just ask.

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