Nihilego QC 1/2 Writing


a pinned butterfly is no butterfly at all

-Unique functionality as Rock + Poison
  • beats zard + lele in one slot
  • resists both fairy and fire, one of the only mons to do so
  • weak to ever-prevalent psychic-spam
-Covers everything minus steels
-Good fast rock (no other rock is good and fast)
-Beast Boost can be used to either gain SpA boosts to deal more damage after a KO or to be able to reach higher speed tiers after a KO
-Terrible Def but very good SpDef (meta is spa heavy)
-Access to Trick Room lends it some flexibility

name: Offensive Special Attacker
move 1: Sludge Bomb
move 2: Power Gem
move 3: Thunderbolt
move 4: Protect
item: Life Orb
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

  • Sludge Bomb and Power Gem are main STABs: cover flying types, fairies, and good neutral coverage
  • Thunderbolt hits Celesteela and bulky Water-types for more damage
  • Protect lets Nihilego position well and avoid damage
Set Details
  • Be as speedy as possible while doing as much damage as possible
  • Outspeeds crucial 100s tier
  • 80 HP / 176 SpA / 252 Spe to guarantee speed boosts on kill
Usage Tips
  • Cleanup for boosts
  • Use resists and good Spdef to switch in
  • Avoid steels, LandoT like the plague
  • Try to have it out vs threats such as Charizard-Y, as Power Gem can be difficult to switch into, especially if your partner is also an offensive threat. Repeated switching for opposing Steels will start to wear them down.
Team Options
  • Fire-types, Ground-types to check opposing Steel-types
  • Strong offense that can keep steels from switching in (ie Water-types)
  • Trick Room counters, such as Aegislash or Heatran
  • Ground resists - Landorus-T, Zard-Y, Bronzong
  • Partners that enjoy Nihilego's ability to proactively eliminate opposing Fairy-types - Dragons, Fighting-Types
Other Options

  • Scarf gives speed + snipes choice scarf tapu lele, Landorus-Therian
  • Use HP Ice on 4th slot if scarf to snipe LandoT
  • Trick Room is strong for pocket surprise, loses out on being faster than certain opponents
  • HP Ice to KO Landorus, LandoT, if you have speed boost / if they aren't scarf
  • Stealth Rocks for free game-long chip damage when you threaten a switch
Other Options

Speed Control: Nihilego is frail w/ weaknesses, don't let your opps outspeed you w/ Tailwind or Trick Room

Steel-Type Pokemon: Nihilego gets no coverage options for beating these mons, ie Aegislash, Ferrothorn, Jirachi

Water-Type Pokemon: Nihilego struggles against both bulky Water-Types (Milotic, Washtom) as well as Swift-Swim sweepers (Ludicolo, Kingdra)
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hp ground is prolly a good choice in oo to hit tran. not sure if razzle dazzle is the best option for the third slot rn, hydrei and scrafty arent really too common. sub might be alright in oo as well, its not like the third move options are too great anyways

- "passably good spdef" is underselling the fact that it lives a 4x SE Skymin Earth Power -_- don't undersell this, the insane spdef is imo one of the best points of nihilego
- describe the benefits of being rock + poison (as in specific threats it hits/what it checks) and its weaknesses
- "Beast Boost can be used to either gain momentum to deal more damage after a KO" what does this even mean. just say gives you a special attack boost, allowing you to deal more damage.
- i know this is going to be fine after you write this up but can you at least pretend you put more than 20 seconds of effort into this analysis :( just a few more lines can't hurt

set stuff:
- dazzling gleam is terribad, replace it with TBolt, which does much more damage to relevant steel: celesteela and does much more damage to bulky waters which would otherwise laugh at nihilego. scrafty and hydreigon are not relevant atm and even if they were, non stab dazzling gleam is a joke.
- remove mention of modest when talking about the beast boost spread. its speed tier is too good to give up considering timid tapu lele would outspeed and OHKO it if you're modest. the beast boost evs are chill though.

usage tips:
- how about avoid lando-t, the most common mon, like the plague lol
- are you using this early game to break teams, or saving its high speed for later? be specific + detailed please

team options:
- give specific examples of the steel killers + stuff that likes fairies dead.
- heatrans not what id consider a trick room check, especially considering most people are running faster, sometimes timid sets. find a new mon to put here

- specify using HP Ice to snipe Lando-T on the scarf set because i doubt power gem OHKOs it..
- pocket sand
- Stealth Rock is probably good enough for OO tbh. the third move slot on this thing is so bad and early game rocks + the beast boost spread can lead to easier late game cleaning

tag me when you're done
in team options i'd mention politoed and pelipper, since rain teams really benefit from its ability to beat zard y, tapu fini, and tapu bulu, all of which immensely threaten the archetype as a whole. in return, nihilego benefits being partnered with swift swimmers such as kingdra since they beat its common checks such as lando-t and bulky steel-types.


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It's been a month since my last nudge so I'm being pretty lenient here, but in the next week please either write this or give me some sort of reason you can't now but will soon. Otherwise I'm reassigning.


a pinned butterfly is no butterfly at all
reassign if you can get someone to take it.

I expected it to get more usage rather than literally become next to irrelevant, also when I'm doing work for mons atm it's mostly for frameworks thread, which is taking priority

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