Nintendo 3DS Discussion Thread - Mark 3

That date is perfect For me because it coincides with my eighteenth (which is at the end of may), which is sweet. Idk whether to get Birthright or Conquest first though. Which do you 'murricans suggest?
I haven't played the game yet myself, but Birthright is the easier of the 2 so I'd personally suggest starting with that.


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I'm an FE vet so I'm not interested so much in difficulty but more from a story/gameplay standpoint and with regards to the characters available in each game. Also that hub area from the early trailers looked really cool so if it is exclusive to one then that's also a selling point (I've avoided watching gameplay 'cause spoilers so idk the differences between the versions :/)


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Somebody datamined the eShop in Japan to see what SNES are getting added. Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, and the first three Dragon Quest games were among those listed. :o

If we're lucky we might get FFVI.


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So the entire cast list for Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma has been released:

I'm a big fan of the Zero Escape series, and I feel like this is pretty big news. I already have the watch edition ordered on Amazon, so hype for when ~June/July come. Apparently the guy in the black crow mask is this game's Zero, and people have been speculating that the kid in the weird Majora Moon mask is actually Quark since the kid's been dubbed "Q" by Spike Chunsoft. Also this time it looks like the teams are pre-determined sets of 3. Team C is made up of Junpei, Akane, and Left(?); Team Q is made up of K(?), Majora Moon kid, and Lotus(?); and finally Team D is made up of Sigma, Diana, and Phi. The team compositions being revealed so early give us both a lot of information and also muddle things up a bit as well. Kotaro Uchikoshi has also said that the test site is called Dcom and the games at the test site are going to be much more tragic and miserable than the ones in 999 and ZE:VLR. Finally, the ingame rendering looks like ZE:VLR, but with darker and grimmer tones, which really helps exemplify the fact that this isn't anything like ZE:VLR or 999 (although it feels more like 999).


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Nope. This game has literally all the hype. Also the only reason I posted in the 3DS thread is because 999 was a DS game while VLR was a 3DS/Vita game (which mostly has to do with it being handheld). Now that it's coming out on Steam, this means that there is a very good chance that 999 and VLR will be ported to Steam in the near future as well.

Edit: Also this game is new player friendly, so literally NOBODY has any excuse not to get this game.
Well, time to stop procrastinating and call Nintendo to change my age so I can buy Dual Destinies and then the upcoming game. I am so in love with Ace Attorney, it's one of my favorite series for Nintendo besides Pokemon.


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Spirit of Justice seems so hype. We've been waiting a while, although I wish we could have had it during the summer.

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