Nintendo 3DS Discussion Thread - Mark 3

Since the old thread ran its course and then some, from now on we will be using this thread to discuss 3DS games, questions, recommendations and all other general 3DS related topics. This time around I have chosen to include a recommended games list, so if you are a first time 3DS owner please read the list prior to asking what games you should purchase. I will be listing the genre beside them, so if you require additional assistance looking for games of that specific genre, please feel free to post and hopefully we can help. We can post screenshots here too.

3DS Must Own Games:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Genre: Life Simulation)
Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (Genre: RPG)
Donkey Kong: Country Returns 3D (Genre: Platformer)
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (Genre: RPG)
Fire Emblem: Awakening (Genre: SRPG)
Kid Icarus: Uprising (Genre: Action / Adventure)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (Genre: Action / Adventure)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (Genre: Action / Adventure)
Luigi's Mansion 2 (Genre: Action / Adventure)
Mario Kart 7 (Genre: Racing)
Pokemon X/Y (Genre: RPG / Adventure)
Shin Megami Tensei IV (Genre: RPG)
Super Mario 3D Land (Genre: Platformer)
Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (Genre: Rhythm)
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (Genre: Puzzle / Adventure)

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
New Super Mario Bros. 2
Resident Evil: Revelations
Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
Project X Zone
Super Street Fighter IV
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
Tales of the Abyss
Professor Layton Trilogy

3DS eShop Must Own Games

Colors! 3D (Genre: Drawing)
Crashmo (Genre: Puzzle)
Crimson Shroud (Genre: RPG)
Gunman Clive (Genre: Platformer / Shooter)
Harmonknight (Genre: Rhythm)
Mighty Switch Force (Genre: Action / Platformer)
Mighty Switch Force 2 (Genre: Action / Platformer)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies (Genre: Adventure)
Pushmo (Genre: Puzzle)
Steamworld Dig (Genre: Platformer / Action)
VVVVVV (Genre: Platformer)
I'm looking through my 3DS collection, and I only own two games that aren't already mentioned in the OP, and both of them are Sonic games, so I'll give a quick critique on both.

Sonic Generations: It's OK. If you're expecting something just as cool as the HD Sonic Generations, you're not going to get it. Both styles of Sonic are exclusively 2D and Classic Sonic gets the Homing Attack after the Classic Era (where all his levels are ripped right from the original games), so what you get are two very similar styles of Sonic that feel redundant next to each other. There's also some weird level design quirks with Classic Sonic's levels, where it seems like they're designed for Modern Sonic, but since Classic Sonic doesn't have the boost, you just get long stretches of nothing. Still, there's nothing especially bad about the game and the exclusive remixes in this version are kick-ass for the most part. If you find it in a bargain bin somewhere, there's worse things you could spend your money on. Such as...

Sonic Lost World: Oh lord, this is a serious contender for "worst Sonic platformer ever". I'm serious, this game is fucking terrible. First up, all the cutscenes are lifted straight from the Wii U version, but they're horribly compressed and some cutscenes are flat-out missing so the story is basically impossible to appreciate. The game also doesn't even try to cover up its bad draw distance. You'll be skydiving into a cloudy sky when suddenly AN ENTIRE PLANET fades into existence! Now, in terms of gameplay stuff, the level design is just atrocious. It has that bullshit thing Sonic Heroes does where the levels take way too fucking long to finish. And most of the time it's not fun things like running fast or doing interesting platforming. It's killing enemies that take too many hits to defeat to open up boxes, pushing things into holes and onto switches and fiddling around with awkwardly controlling Wisps that the game constantly forces you to use. Frozen Factory Zone 3 made me lose my goddamn mind. 20 minutes of pushing snowballs into holes while dealing with a really annoying enemy that chases you through most of the level isn't my idea of fun. And how about those special stages? The gyroscope-controlled special stages that are impossible to play if you're sitting down and will make you look like a dumbass if you decide to play them in public! This game sucks, stay the hell away from it.
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Thanks for the write-ups KOTW. I should have mentioned this in the OP, but if you have a game that you feel strongly about that is not listed above, and if enough people agree that it should be, I will add it. This will definitely be the case for upcoming titles that I'm sure will go down as must own games. I hope to keep this thread updated since I always promise too but never do. x_x


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I must say I think the only reason I even got a 3ds was for pokemon even though I do occasionally play other games like mario kart and street fighter. Taking a look at my pile of ds games though, they are almost all pokemon lol

Paper mario was a really fun game imo. It has the rpg of kingdom hearts chain of memories with cards (or stickers in this case) with tough puzzles that can get challenging. No idea how a little child is supposed to beat the game but its a great game.
I'm not finished with Etrian Odyssey Untold but it's just as worthy as IV. Both games are great dungeon crawlers (although grindy at higher difficulties) with top-tier soundtracks and nonexistent stories. Really looking forward to Persona Q as essentially a third 3DS EO.
I picked up Bravely Default and was wondering if anyone else has it and is willing to FC swap? I am currently averaging level 45 and offer some decent levels for Ablinking (assuming it works by transferring job levels your characters have earned)
Also not finished playing through it but I disagree as far as Etrian Odyssey Untold goes. It's not a bad game, but the customization is badly stripped down (Grimoire Stones are a terrible replacement for subclassing), there's one long dungeon + one side dungeon instead of an overworld, so it feels a lot lighter on the exploration's clearly a large step up from the first EO but still not on EO4's level.
Is there any reason there's a new thread openned for the 3rd time now instead of just continuing discussion in one?


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Apparently when a thread gets too long Faint likes to start new ones. I don't think it's a bad idea considering it's a pain to dig through pages upon pages of posts to find some material people were talking about. One thing I did notice is that people would consistently ask what games are good to get, and people consistently gave the same responses. I would say starting over with a clean organized op that has concise descriptions of material is a fine idea.
Yeah, sorry, should have clarified. The previous thread was congested with people asking the same questions: what games should I buy, is x better than y, is the XL better, etc. I do dislike long threads but that wasn't why I chose to create a new one. Also, even if I was to update the OP with what I have now, there is a high chance people would just skip to the last page and ask the question anyways. I planned to create a guide on "what system is right for me?" or something, but since I'm not a 2DS owner I was thinking maybe someone could help me out by writing one. I could just steal bullet points from other impressions online, but if someone wants to volunteer to write something up that would be cool. I own an XL and an original 3DS so if I do create the guide I can do the write-ups for those, just not the 2DS.
I picked up Bravely Default and was wondering if anyone else has it and is willing to FC swap? I am currently averaging level 45 and offer some decent levels for Ablinking (assuming it works by transferring job levels your characters have earned)
I have it; FC is 0860-3583-8927.

If you have a L25 Mammon Nemesis, please send. You can steal Ethers from some, but Elixirs from others and mine are all Ethers. Elixirs are useful for money spamming mid game.


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Rune Factory 4's European release has been cancelled.

SMT IV and Etrian Odyssey Untold also still nowhere to be seen in Europe.

Fuck you Nintendo and your ridiculous region locks. At least Sony doesn't abide by this bullshit.
Having played both Etrian Odyssey games, I have to say I prefer EO4, but I absolutely think EO untold deserves a spot on the great games to consider list. The story is reasonably entertaining, the characters are lovable if stereotypical (I am a particularly amused by the games bizarre obsession with Canada), and the music is quite good. Customization leaves something to be desired as mentioned above, but all in all it's a solid game for a fledgling console.

On another note, someone should start a poll on how many people played FE Awakening with perma-death on. I personally didn't and I say good riddance, hope they keep the casual option available. The highest difficulty settings provides plenty of challenge without having to constantly restart to save Lissa's useless ass
I tend to play Awakening on Casual Mode, but not because of the lack of perma-death. I just do it so I can save whenever I want. I still soft-reset whenever someone dies to keep up with Fire Emblem player tradition, but now I don't have to replay a 30+ minute mission from the start every time I fuck up.
but now I don't have to replay a 30+ minute mission from the start every time I fuck up.
Honestly that's not too bad considering Radiant Dawn has several chapters that can take two hours even with animations off. For what it's worth, I played Awakening on Classic for normal/hard/lunatic and Casual for lunatic+.


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Rune Factory 4's European release has been cancelled.

SMT IV and Etrian Odyssey Untold also still nowhere to be seen in Europe.

Fuck you Nintendo and your ridiculous region locks. At least Sony doesn't abide by this bullshit.
'MURICA is still waiting for Bravely Default though. ;(


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but now often after playing with the 3D on I feel like I can see the world in 3D+; even flat displays seem to have depth! temporarily

also Pokemon X is a fantastic game
I play FE:A on Classic. I'm on my Lunatic playthrough right now, and I'm on Chapter 21. Restarted so many times but not to the point that it was frustrating. I actually fared better this time around than my first time playing on Hard my first time through.

TLoZ: Four Swords for free is great though! Thanks for the heads up!
Just here to confirm that the nintendo 2DS is actually much better than you would think, I have sat on this thing like 5 times and its just fine. I am 170 pounds btw so yeah.


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Alice: Be very very jealous. I got the collector's edition of Bravely Default. According to the guy at Gamestop, I was one of three other people in the area to order this version. I'm pretty excited. :)
So...what the heck is this Bravely Default game about? Any more info on it? I heard it was an RPG, but what kind exactly...

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