Tournament Nostalgia for SM CAP - Round 2

Art by leil

Hello and welcome to the first round of Nostalgia for SM CAP.

Round 2 Matchups:

-Voltage-  vs  Yami
dex18  vs  Sevelon
reachzero  vs  Snorlax in the way
Yubellia  vs  Rat With Wings
Doomstadt  vs  Zephyr2007
Rage.Spam.Quit.  vs  Lasen
zio  vs  MrDollSteak
Rabia  vs  Monsareeasy
D2TheW  vs  Heaven Jay
Roxiee  vs  Jordy
Atha  vs  SHSP
G-Luke  vs  Ryan207
Tadasuke vs Luna's Banned now
Maxouille vs 2spoopy4u


Replays are required
Remember this tour is bo3
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