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I'll second DM's claim that Heracross kicks butt!!! Spike was the sole reason I didn't have a single loss against Whitney.

Anyway, I'd say that LV. 50 is a good idea. Hopefully your friends will be ready :)
How lucky are you all for getting Heracross in a headbutt tree.
Not only that, but I got one twice. Awesome luck, yes--but you shouldn't be saying anything about us being lucky. You got a shiny freaking Skarmory!
Also, I'm now realizing that I have nothing to beat Lugia. It can hit pretty much anything on my team for super-effective damage...crap. Why can't Gen 4 have Gen 5's Sturdy mechanics?
Fire Red Post 6

After beating Gary to a pulp, I take my 4 Pokemon; Kensey the Jigglypuff, Zippo the Chameleon, Fear the Rattata, and Wormy the Butterfree up through the Nugget Bridge and towards Bill's House.

The bridge was a breeze, it was mostly a job for Fear to get a few levels in, with my other Pokes to kill a few when there were issues concerning type v type.

After the win I turn left to check out the wild patches of grass.. and out pops a..

Buzz the Weedle.

I was unfortunate to lose my first Weedle when i was hoping to train up a Beedrill by a sad death, so it was quite nice to see him show again. I instantly began training him up to see if I could notice some potential. Plus, Twineedle would be nice vs water/psychic.. if I can get him to level 20 anyways.

Still looking for a solid Pokemon to fight the water duo, I go to the next patch of grass up North of the bridge. [Yes, they're actually different routes].

I get forced into a wild battle and a..

Oddiu the Oddish [my fat thumbs pressed the wrong button]

I'm very very pleased an Oddish showed up.. or else I would have DEFINITELY had a very difficult time vs Misty. Now.. if I train well enough.. I can have a fighting chance, maybe 1 casualty.. imo.

I fight through the hoard of trainers.. meet Bill, then keep training a bit more.. as a poor movepool of Oddish and Weedle is tough to level up.

Thankfully, it pays off..


A few more finishing touches on my teams overall levels.. and the time has come..

My team.. that will face the water gym leader Misty.

I'm still unsure on who to lead the pack in this battle.. so I'll have to take some time and decide when Oddiu shows his face.

Oddiu and Wormy both have status moves to cause issues.. idk... I'm kind of scared.. but that's what makes this great.

I might even box Zippo in case I get slaughtered, so I have him as a desperate Plan B.

Decisions decisions..
Eh, should be fine. I beat Misty pretty easily with a Gloom...but it was about 4 levels higher than yours.
Anyway, I was worried about Lugia over nothing. Clappy, once again, handled it pretty nicely. It's proven to be quite a valuable asset. I'm glad I didn't try harder to replace it.
Once again, this chapter wouldn't have enough bulk to be worth writing. So, yeah.
Next stop...Victory Road!
Dewgong huh? Didn't know they have that kind of Uber power.
Hahaha...not quite. It's not that it's really that great, it's just been really handy against stuff that would've murdered me otherwise (Claire and now Lugia; hopefully Lance as well). In truth, it took it six shots from Aurora Beam to take Lugia out, but it took the hits pretty well.
you brought a jigglypuff to a dragon fight? :o Ballsy. [i was trying to do a 'you brought a knife to a gunfight' kind of thing, but i dont know how tha turned out] ‹.‹'
Haha it turned out well. When you think of it.. it's a RIDICULOUS idea. But she's holding her own well. A lot of close calls though.
Fire Red Post 7

Yes, apparently I was well prepared for Misty with Wormy the Butterfree and Oddiu the Gloom in my squad. Misty truly didn't stand a chance with all that possible status available.

After deliberating, I decided it was best to start with Wormy. For 3 reasons.

1. Butterfree has a very accurate Sleep Powder
2. Staryu isn't /Psychic.. so Confusion will be very lethal
3. Oddiu is the only Pokemon I have that can withstand Starmie's Water Pulse/attacks

Wormy instantly goes for the SleepPowder, and I'm pleased. I now Confusion twice.. but unfortunately couldn't KO. Misty uses a Super Potion.. and Staryu wakes up after my next Confusion. [I should have Sleep Powder'd but it's okay]. Wormy has to take a huge hit from Water Pulse.. but has enough life left to finish off Staryu this time with another Confusion.

I go Gloom. It's the only way. Starmie comes out looking pretty boss. Oddiu takes a hit.. but is able to lay down it's own Sleep Powder. From there.. it's over baby. Let the killing / healing Oddiu begin.

Absorb, Absorb crit, Starmie wakes up and gives me a hit, but then I just Absorb ftw.

Misty was a strange one in which she did not go for the Super Potion on Starmie.. practically giving up. What a little bitch.

A comment I get from a lot of women..

I say, "Yes, I shouldn't be too rough." And take my prizes and bolt out of there. Thanks for the TM.

I heal up at the PC then head South. I check the wild grasses before the DayCare and run into a ..

I'm pleased.. it might have some potential to replace Rattata/Fear as I'm sure Fear will slow down in quality.. [although it sucks now tbh]

Zippo dishes out one hit.. a simple Scratch attack.. and crit Meowth.. /faints

Welp.. damn. Moving on then.

I go to the Daycare.. and knowing that I have a few weak links, decide to give him Buzz the Beedrill to raise up a bit.

Buzz looks cool and can be a valuable piece maybe.. I just don't have time to level him up. Maybe on the way back through to the Rock Tunnel I can pick him up.

I go to Route 6 and completely forget it's a new route and just start killing wild Pokemon. I'm so retarded.. so I lose out on whoever my first wild encounter was. Damn.

You know in the old R/B/Y games when between Route 6 and Lt. Surge town you had to face a lvl20 Butterfree then another trainer with a high lvl Raticate? Those were always very hard battles for me.. well anyways, it wasn't this time. I gave Zippo the lead for a while and he ran through them.

I healed up a bit in the new towns Pokemon Center, then decided to make a "drastic" move.

At level 19, I decided to box Fear as it's just a waste of a slot atm.. since Kensey the Jigglypuff is doing more than fine as my Normal-type.
Goodbye Fear, for now.

I head to Diglett's Cave. I wonder if I'll run into one. ^_^

I catch a cute little 'nub' and nickname her Nub. Hardy and is an Arena Trapper. Rock on.

Welcome the new addition. Hell.. as you can see below, she fits in perfectly with my squad.. what a great starting level.

/file saved

Next objective? I'm looking forward to going East for a bit and slaughtering the trainers there.. hopefully. There are a lot of quality trainers and annoying Pokemon.. so I need to be careful. Also.. I'm hoping to run into a Drowsee when I fight my first wild Pokemon.. it has a decent % encounter rate, we'll see!

Now that I faced one of the toughest beginnings I've ever had to deal with.. I feel like I'm getting back into the rhythm of things, and my team and I are really working as a unit. In the back of my mind every single day.. is the fact that the world I've left behind to protect and fix is depending on me to fix the broken and right the wrong. Charmander.. Zippo.. has stuck by me so far with no complaints and although he's still a little stubborn, we're growing to understand one another and truly become one. We're going to be a very fierce team when things start connecting.

Just knowing Gary is a few steps ahead of me at every turn makes me want to fight harder to make things right.


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Hey there, I've actually been doing a Blue Version Nuzlocke for the past couple months :P (been playing in spurts). It was originally for the Let's Play contest before I dropped out due to not wanting to write the massive updates.

So I'm going to post about it here in smaller updates now! Here's how it went so far...

-I pick Squirtle, name him Stu, and head out.
-Catch myself a Pidgey, Rattata, Metapod and Nidoran-F in the area around Viridian, name them Zaku, Buck, Katz and Jill respectively.
-I easily defeat Brock with Stu
-I screw up on route 3 and fail to catch a Spearow.
-I catch a Zubat in Mt. Moon but box it because Zubat is fucking useless.
-I get through Mt. Moon without losing anything to that Rocket's infamous lv 16 Raticate
-I catch a Sandshrew on Route 4, which I name Lan and a Bellsprout (named Trap) and Abra on Routes 24 and 25.
-I box the Abra and beat Misty easily using Trap and Katz.
-On the way to Vermillion I don't get anything interesting, but I do get a Diglett in Diglett's cave. However I prefer Lan since he's a lot less likely to get killed.
- I catch a Drowzee on Route 11 as well and name it Freddy, but box him since Katz is still doing good at this point.
-Lan, now a Sandslash, utterly demolishes Lt. Surge.
-I fail to catch anything useful on Routes 9 and 10, but get a Machop in Rock Tunnel. I decide to stick with my current team though.
-In Celadon I pick up an Eevee, put in in my box
-I decide to finally bench Katz the Butterfree, and take out Freddy the Drowzee to replace him.
-I steamroll through Giovanni and the Pokemon Tower after evolving Freddy
-Freddy and Zaku then proceed to make short work of Erika, and I get my 4th badge without any casualties.
-I plough through both routes to Fuchsia City, picking up a Snorlax and 3 motherfucking Bellsprout along the way.
-I am now preparing to assault Silph Co.

So that's how I got to where I am now. I managed to get this far without a single casualty (though Blue's lv 23 Gyarados gave me a scare when it pulled out Hydro pump (wtf game) against Jill the Nidoqueen. Thankfully, Jill had like 7 levels on it so she survived).

I currently have 7 Pokemon on my main team (I always rotate one of them through the pc obviously), all at level 33 or 34 (no grinding except on Freddy to catch him up, all from trainer battles since Misty). They are, in order of acquisition:

Stu the lv 34 Wartortle (Just got Surf, greatly improving his power. Evolves soon, which is good since he's kind of getting relatively weak)
Buck the lv 34 Raticate (who is a lot more badass than you'd expect)
Jill the lv 34 Nidoqueen (holding off on TMs until I really need them, so she's only middle of the pack. Also, no Ground STAB sucks.)
Zaku the lv 34 Pidgeotto (Only flying type since I've managed to OHKO all three Spearow I've encountered so far, anticipating his evolution greatly)
Lan the lv 34 Sandslash (has Slash which crits pretty much 100% of the time, making him a total powerhouse. Physical bulk is awesome too)
Trap the lv 34 Weepinbell (waiting for Razor Leaf before evolving, just 3 levels away! Good even unevolved though)
Freddy the lv 33 Hypno (Hypno is sooooooo good in generation I, special stat is 115 giving him great bulk AND power. Has usable attack as well, giving him actual coverage options).

I'll do another update after I beat Sabrina and Koga (I'll be doing one right after the other so I might as well roll them into one). It will be more like this update than the scramble updates I'm most well known for I'm afraid. I've found that I lose the desire to play these things if I have to write really long updates and record stuff as I play. Still, someone might be interested so why not :P


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Alright, it's already time for another update!

- Silph Co provided little challenge beyond the occasional opposing Hypno and exploding Electrode
- Blue got owned despite outleveling me
- Giovanni got even more owned.
- Sabrina was beaten without too much difficulty. Recovering Alakazam was annoying, eventually slept it then switched to Lan to deal the damage since Freddie's Headbutt failed to do much. Buck the Raticate actually KO'd her Kadabra and Mr. Mime, don't underestimate the rat.
-Koga gave Jill no trouble until his Weezing exploded on her. Thankfully she was at full health and survived with ~30 hp left
-Ironically one of his lackeys had a Hypno which was more challenging, threatening 3 Pokemon before I brought it down due to being 1 level higher than my Pokemon and having Psychic.
-Dropping Buck the Raticate despite his admirable performance, so I don't have to keep rotating out Pokemon anymore.

So yes, 6 badges in and still no casualties!

Team currently:
Stu the lv 38 Blastoise (Evolution finally granted him the bulk he needed, now he's very powerful)
Buck the lv 38 Raticate (Retiring due to no real coverage and simple time consumption. He still performs well but is redundant alongside my other Pokemon)
Jill the lv 39 Nidoqueen (Taught EQ via TM now, hits a lot harder. Bulk continues to impress)
Zaku the lv 38 Pidgeot (Evolution has allowed him to keep up with the others, Flying STAB still very useful)
Lan the lv 39 Sandslash (Probably my most powerful attacker with Slash and Dig, continues to demolish everything that doesn't use special attacks)
Trap the lv 38 Victreebel (Got Razor Leaf so I evolved him, now he kicks even more ass. Sleep Powder allows him to whittle down even Poison types with Cut)
Freddy the lv 38 Hypno (Still beastly as ever, now has Psychic for even more pwnage. Hypnosis gives him a little extra edge against the most threatening foes).

Next up I make my way to Cinnabar, and I'll be updating you again after I beat Giovanni for the final time! Shouldn't be very long, my team is so badass.
Pre-E4 Update

Alright. It took like two years, but I've finally managed to get my team to an appropriate level to face the Elite Four. We've suffered through losses and trials, but we perservered throughout the journey, and now we're at the top of the Johto League--at the doorstep of the Elite Four. Here's a summary of my team members, past and present, who've made all this possible. I hope they're ready for the challenge at hand, but whatever happens: They won't be forgotten.

As with before, new additions are in bold.

Blaster (Typhlosion) Lv. 51

-Quick Attack
-Lava Plume
Ah, my first Pokemon. Not only does he have a place in my heart as my first Pokemon, but he's also pretty good. If I ever need something taken out quick, Blaster's my man. Flamethrower makes him crazy good--jus wait 'till he gets Eruption.

Landslide (Golem) Lv. 50

-Double Edge
-Stone Edge
-Rock Blast
This guy's been with me almost as long as Blaster, and held the spot as my team's powerhouse until Heraboss came along. However, he still holds the edge over Heraboss, despite his slightly lower Attack, in his EdgeQuake coverage. His Physical bulk is really nice, too. All in all, I went into this Nuzlocke expecting him to be subpar, but he's really a great 'mon as long as you can avoid those Grass and Water attacks.

Edward (Crobat) Lv. 50

Inner Focus
-Poison Fang
-Wing Attack
This is the guy I added as a last-minute addition after I found out the Shiny Stone wasn't available until post-game. While he has lost some of his worth since the rest of the game's caught up with him, he still boasts the best Speed stat on my team. If I need something dead quick or stalled out--Edward's my 'mon.

Egg 'em! (Exeggutor) Lv. 50

-Leech Seed
-Sleep Powder
-Leaf Storm
I'd originally added Egg 'em simply to counter Silver's Croconaw (Now a Feraligatr), but he's become so much more than that. He can deal with anything that threatens my team in the blink of an eye with a combination of Leech Seed and Sleep Powder, then blasts them with his powerful moves. This guy is possibly the most valuable member of my team, and I wouldn't replace him for anything.

Clappy (Dewgong) Lv. 50

-Aqua Jet
-Ice Beam
This guy...doesn't impress me. Even remotely. However, he has been great at pulling me out of some sticky situations (Such as against Clair and Lugia) in which I would've been murdured otherwise. While he may not be the greatest 'mon on my team, he offers the ability to counter the irritating Dragon-types. I just hope he's ready to take on Lance.

Heraboss (Heracross) Lv. 50

-Close Combat
-Aerial Ace
-Brick Break
Ah, Heraboss. If only you'd been Shiny and had Guts, you'd be the best Nuzlocke Pokemon ever. This guy runs through teams like a lawnmower cuts through grass. He easily swept the Kimono Girls, and is easily the best Pokemon on my team. I wouldn't replace him for anything.

Sting Ops (Beedrill) Lv. 12
BOO! (Gastly) Lv. 3
Drift (Hoppip) Lv. 6
Iggy (Togepi) Lv. 14
Blob (Ditto) Lv. 10
Funguy (Paras) Lv. 16
Will (Vulpix) Lv. 14
Elemental (Eevee) Lv. 5
Mano'peace (Tentacool) Lv. 18
Eugene (Krabby) Lv. 20
I gots gas (Weezing) Lv. 16
Spyro (Dratini) Lv. 6
Mr Queenie (Goldeen) Lv. 20
Kobrarbok (Arbok) Lv. 30
Ted (Ursaring) Lv. 33

BALLS! (Rattata) Lv. 6
You don't even need to know.
Verminator (Heracross) Lv. 29
Died to an insane amount of hax. While you have been replaced by your superior brother, that doesn't mean you're forgotten.

Well, wish me luck as I take on the Elite Four! I'm gonna need it.


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Long Overdue Update #6

So my last update was a few pages back, and the last thing that happened was I beat Norman at the cost of Quail my Combusken. Of course, this sucked massively and I was left with a very weak team. I was tempted with giving up but after not playing for a few days, have decided to pick it up again.

This will be a short update as I haven't done a lot.

Basically... with my newly obtained Surf I go around catching pokemon.
First I go to New Mauville and catch myself a lax (meh) Magnemite. I nickname it Bolt and add it to my team.

I also go to the new area of route 115 and catch a bold Swablu. I nickname her Carys and box her.

At route 118 a find a Zigzagoon, but unfortunately Quentin crits it and I don't get a catch.
I train up Flump, my Numel and Bolt to a sufficient level and travel the sea route from Slateport to Dewford, stopping off at the abandoned ship along the way. With my newly obtained Good Rod I catch a couple of pokemon along those routes. I always used my Good Rod first when I entered a new route because I didn't want a Wingull or Tentacool.
So Flopsy the Magikarp and Rory the Wailmer join my team. Flopsy is Calm, whilst Rory is quiet. Now I have plenty of back up water type pokemon, incase Peekoo dies.

So basically Bolt and Flump evolve and that's about all that's happened. I will soon be travelling north to Fortree city though. Next update will be more interesting!


lvl. 35
Naughty Nature
-Wing Attack

Ahh Peekoo. My longest lasting pokemon since Quail died a fatal death and Quentin has retired to 'Box 1.' With good bulk and a good STAB in surf, Peekoo is actually doing quite well. Very reliable.

lvl. 33
Brave Nature
-Take Down
-Rock Slide

Flump replaced Quail as my fire type. It was a pain to train, but I'm hoping for better things as a Camerupt.

lvl. 34
Bashful Nature
-Rock Throw
-Cosmic Power
-Fire Spin
Lacks power. Rock Slide comes at lvl. 37. It should still do well against Winona however as with levitate it will be immune to Altaria's earthquake.

lvl. 34
Lax Nature
-Thunder Wave
Bolt is a new addition to my team, and should prove highly useful as the game starts to become very water based later on.

lvl. 20
Naive Nature
-Rock Smash
-Water Gun
This is in my team purely for HM purposes.

Anthony, deposited at lvl 20. Around lvl. 29 right now.

Put in the daycare in case I ever decide to use them in future.

Whitney lvl. 6
Darren lvl. 15
Lizzy lvl. 14
Paul lvl. 21
Lily lvl. 16
Necronancy lvl. 23
Trevor lvl. 21
Quentin lvl. 29
Cruelio lvl. 27
Carys lvl. 23
Flopsy lvl. 24
Rory lvl. 30

Steve lvl. 9
Poison is a bitch pre-gen 4. He didn't make it to pokemon centre quick enough.
Zoey lvl. 8
Lack of caution meant that a crit killed her off. Shame, as I could see her becoming a good member of the team.
Tickle lvl. 7
Death Fodder. Life's a bitch.
Nancy lvl. 23
Poison Damage. She lives on as Necronancy the Shedinja however.
Quail lvl. 34
Critical hit in Petalburg Gym. My MVP, a massive blow to my team. Was so close to evolving as well.
Bump lvl. 21
Death Fodder.

Any advice on my team is always appreciated. (Bare in mind I'm not using TMs)
Fire Red Post 8

I look to boost up my levels a bit before heading into SS Anne by facing all the trainers East of Vermilion[?]. I get the VS Seeker as well.. so shortly after beating them and leveling my boys up.. I start to challenge them again.

Nub is a real beast. Best wild Pokemon in the game? At least top 10. Phenomenal power and speed. Levels up really fast too. Got Nub at level 22, evolves at level 26..
In a matter of moments..

BAM Baby! Nub is looking like a powerhouse now. Definitely a staple on my team. I know she's fragile.. so I need to treat her as such.

Oh, I forgot. I went East by the wild Pokemon and I ran into a Spearow. Since my last one died, I'm allowed to re-catch if I want to. I do and realize something..


Sure thing.

Thank you.. thank you.. and now the best part.

Adamant Nature.. Word up. + Stick.

I'm feeling good, my team is looking good, now just time to level up a bit more. I do decide though that Ch'ding isn't the best choice as a teammate right now, so I box him. But the fact that he's available is neat.

I VS Seeker a few trainers north of the town.. you know.. the Raticate owner and the Pidgey/Pidgeotto trainer. Well.. dead has found me. It sucks.

The Pidgeotto owner now has 3 of them.. instead of just a few Pidgey. And I kind of screwed myself by having 'Rollout' active which means I can't switch out.

Well.. Kensey takes a few hits, but I finish the first one off with Pound. I'm about 3/4 HP, and I decide to go with Rollout to get a good roll going for the sweep.. The next Pidgeotto comes out.. Quick Attack.. really hits hard.. and my Rollout does the 1st stage 'meh' damage. Next Quick Attack.. CRIT.


I really like Jigglypuff.. I was growing to love it. It was a real bummer.. and one of those moments where you're like.. do I REALLY HAVE TO BOX ITTTTTTTTTTT.. but yeah.

I'm currently saved in the Diglett Cave, just killing them because they give off good EVs and decent XP for now.. a few more levels and I'll be ready to go.

Oddiu/Gloom is just.. not really a Pokemon I want to use down the line. A really slow Pokemon to attack with.. and just not what I am looking for. But it will stay in the team since it can definitely be a pest.

until next time

/file saved
Ch'Ding ftw! I used him on my last FireRed Nuzlocke. Some advice: He's in the fast EXP group and has accelerated EXP gain from the trade, so it's not hard to level him a lot higher than the rest of your team if you keep him on. I know I needed to do so.


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Well that sucks, losing your Jigglypuff >.< I know I've quit at least two Nuzlocke's after losing favorite members of my team, and nearly quit another. I hope I can manage if I lose one in this one, but given how much of the game is left... I probably will lol.

Yeah speaking of which, another update, just 8 hours after my last one, becaues in that time I have gained another two badges (yeah I'm kind of plowing through this thing). So, here we go!

-Surf down routes 19 and 20, nothing interesting here
-Blow through Seafoam Islands, don't bother with Articuno, no legendaries this run
-take out Route 21 for more training, then the Pokemon Mansion
-Seriously this shit is so easy.
-Blaine is solo'd by Stu the Blastoise by just spamming Surf until everything died. Of interesting note, at one point Blaine used a Super Potion on his Rapidash. When it was at full health. Before I could attack. WTF?
-Fly up to Viridian, take out Giovanni the final time, using a variety of Pokemon but having nothing interesting happen again.
-And here I am now!

So yeah, basically I breezed through the next two badges. I seriously did not expect this Nuzlocke to be this ludicrously easy. Anyway, team right now.

Stu the lv 42 Blastoise (Takes pitiful damage from almost everything, deals out good damage in return. Not crazy damage though; Surf was a 3HKO on Blaine's Arcanine, though to be fair it was level 47)
Jill the lv 42 Nidoqueen (Now taught Fire Blast and Blizzard, turning her into a harbinger of ultimate doom. All quake before her royal might.)
Zaku the lv 42 Pidgeot (Solid, nothing much more to say. Stands out very little, get's his job done. Just like his namesake.)
Lan the lv 42 Sandslash (Somewhat redundant beside Jill typing wise, he does have a unique position due to his physical bulk and attacking power, both of which are massive. My go to Pokemon for risky situations like potential self-destructing Pokemon.)
Trap the lv 42 Victreebel (Kind of demolishes everything. Waiting for Razor Leaf before evolving was definitely worth it.)
Freddy the lv 42 Hypno (Probably could have swept Giovanni, but I let the others do some of the damage. Still powerful, still bulky, still awesome).

Next up, Blue, Victory Road, Pokemon League, then Blue again! I will not be doing any post game (not that there is much in Blue) because I have a Black Scramble I need to get back to. Let's see if I can make it through the whole game without losing a single Pokemon!


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Sapphire Nuzlocke Update #3

Nuzlocke Update, whee!

Update #1
Update #2
-Sapphire Version
-If a Pokemon Faints, it dies (Goes into a Cemetery Box)
-Can only catch the First Unowned (Pokemon that does not have data registered in the Pokedex) Wild Pokemon encountered in any given Route (Before obtaining the Pokedex/Poke Balls does not count, Shiny Pokemon & Gift Pokemon are exempt)
-Must Nickname caught Pokemon
-Legendaries may be caught, but cannot be used.

Okay, so following the Rustboro Gym, I go to find what is going on with the incompetent businessman. Turns out he was robbed...Not my fault, but he literally forces me to help him out in order to progress through the game...Fucking incompetent businessmen...So I see what was going on...After teaching Ninja the Nincada Cut...And defeating two School kids...And boxing Ninja again...And it turns out it was some random pirate with a Wingull hostage. As much as I want to let him run free, I could not, otherwise I would get killed by incompetent businessmen...So I battle the Pirate. His Poochyena did nothing but Howl, allowing Great Moth to drain it out of battle. Whee...

After a boring meeting where I get some pointless gizmo, I set sail for Dewford with some creepy sailor. Upon arrival in Dewford, I get an Old Rod from a Fisherman, & use it to fish in Dewford City, catching the first Pokemon I get on the rod.

Tentacool [Jellyfish] (F)
Lv:9 | Clear Body | Docile
Caught: Dewford City
-Poison Sting

Yay Neutral Nature, boo shit attacks, But I keep Jellyfish in the party for now. I then decide to try my luck at Granite Cave as to what Pokemon I get, encountering & catching the first Pokemon I see.

Geodude [Golem] (M)
Lv:6 | Rock Head | Quirky
Caught: Granite Cave
-Defence Curl
-Mud Sport

Could have been worse. Neutral Nature is okay, but No Ability to trade evolve sucks. Nevertheless, I keep Golem in the party & go back to earlier routes to Grind Golem & Jellyfish to Level 13. Takes a while, but I do it. Not satisfied with Jellyfish's Power, though, I box Jellyfish for now.

After that, I then make the trek to give Steven his letter. The two Fisherman on Route 106 were easy, Golem handling the first, & the second being a mixed effort between Racoon, Golem, & Atlantean. Granite Cave was Wild Pokemon galore, even though I decide to kill everything for experience, & this is where I tell users just how useful Racoon & Pickup is: The consistent stream of Super Potions & Nuggets, with the occasional Rare Candy thrown in, has really aided me...Nevertheless, I get to Steven, give him his Letter, & get ready to push Great Moth through Dewford Gym.

In short, Gust is an OP Move at this point of the game. With it, Great Moth steamrolls the Gym Trainers, before the fight with Brawly happens. Even with Bulk Up threatening to slow Great Moth down & potentially derailing it, Great Moth kept focus. A steady stream of Gusts from him really took their toll on Brawly, eventually taking out both his Pokemon with little troubles. Second Gym Badge get!

And with that, that is all for the update, here are my Pokemon as of now...

Geodude [Golem] (M)
Lv:14 | Rock Head | Quirky
Caught: Granite Cave
-Defence Curl
-Mud Sport
-Rock Throw

Zigzagoon [Racoon] (F)
Lv:15 | Pickup | Calm
Caught: Route 103
-Tail Whip

Beautifly [Great Moth] (M)
Lv:17 | Swarm | Mild
Caught: Route 101
-Poison Sting

Marshtomp [Atlantean] (M)
Lv:17 | Torrent | Gentle
Caught: Littleroot Town (Gift)
-Mud Shot
-Water Gun

Lotad [Des Frog] (F)
Lv:3 | Rain Dish | Brave
Caught: Route 102

Wingull [Simorgh] (F)
Lv:4 | Keen Eye | Hasty
Caught: Route 104
-Water Gun

Slakoth [Behemoth] (M)
Lv:5 | Truant | Lax
Caught: Petalburg Woods

Nincada [Ninja] (M)
Lv:6 | Compoundeyes | Lax
Caught: Route 116
-Leech Life

Whismur [Tuner] (M)
Lv:7 | Soundproof | Timid
Caught: Rusturf Tunnel

Tentacool [Jellyfish] (F)
Lv:13 | Clear Body | Docile
Caught: Dewford City
-Poison Sting

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