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Try to not abuse that though, evolving them to the final forms early can break a good part of the game (level 20 Alakazam, for example).

I suggest you to wait until they reach a level that would make sense for evolution (such as 34-40) before doing it.
It turns out my copy of LeafGreen was corrupted and whenever I saved, it, uh, didn't save. So it's time to restart my LeafGreen Randomizer Nuzlocke, with a better copy!

Once again, let's recap on the rules.

1.) If a Pokemon faints, it's dead and you have to box it.
2.) You have to catch the first Pokemon you see in a route. If you KO it, or it's one you already have, no catching another Pokemon on that route.
3.) Nickname all the Pokemon!
4.) Legendaries are banned.
5.) Evolving Pokemon via trade is banned, so only catching stuff like Alakazam and Steelix in the wild is allowed. Trading a Kadabra to evolve Alakazam, etc. is banned.
5.) Pokemon Centers are free.
6.) Must play on switch.

And here's Chapter 1. Remade.

So, our journey begins. Instead of calling myself Foto, I decided to name myself Paul, my real name. My rival is still named close to his counterpart, Don instead of Donald. As we attempt to do exactly what we did in the past, we head up to exit Pallet Town.
A wild old man comes slowly trudging after us and he takes us to his lab. He babbles on and on and on, and we get our choice of Pokemon.
Omastar, Registeel, Vulpix
Well, this one is fairly obvious. Registeel's banned and Vulpix sucks. Omastar it is. Also, we're starting with a Water-type, like Tubba, but Omastar is a lot better than Tubba. We name him Slips and take on Charmander. Well, one Water Gun and Charmander is down, and Slips' nature is Naive. Thank god nothing affected his Defense or his Special Attack.
We go along to Viridian and net us some experience. Slips gets to level 7 in a heartbeat. I miss Tubba, but Slips is a very good replacement.
We enter Viridian and nab ourselves Oak's parcel. We return it to him and get the National Pokedex. He gives us 5 Pokeballs, and the Nuzlocke begins. We head into Route 1. What will we spoil ourselves with this time?


I'm pretty lucky. It won't be the amazing Pokemon catching helper that Tailu was, but it's freaking Scizor. After a combination of Bite and Water Gun, Scizor fits in the ball easily. I check its Nature, and he's Lax. Fine by me. Let's go hunting on Route 2. As we enter the patch of grass, we recieve a...


I bite Porygon2 putting in yellow zone. Because it used Conversion2, it is now a Steel-type, so I chomp it again for not-very-effective damage, putting it in red zone. I throw a Poke Ball, and welcome Porygon2 on to the team. Its name is Duck E. and he's Naughty. Good for you, Porygon2. Your STABs will appreciate the extra power. We heal up and enter the forest.
As soon as we step in the grass, who do we find?


It's a Relaxed Growlithe. I decide to reserve him, because when I tried to train him, his Nature really hurt and caused him to get hit a lot.
I train up the rest of the team to around level 10.

Close Calls
- Claw was trapped by a Gorebyss' Whirlpool at 1 HP. Quick Attack finished Gorebyss off before Whirlpool could do anything.
- A Ho-Oh appeared and Claw couldn't escape. Thankfully, it just used Whirlwind, ending the fight.
- A Parasect put Duck E. to sleep with Effect Spore, and got a critical Scratch, before Duck E. woke up and finished the match.
- An Igglybuff kept putting Claw to sleep and lowering its Attack, while Quick Attack was waning in PP.
- Slips was almost KOd by Hitmontop, who thankfully missed two Rolling Kicks.
- Freakin' Arena Trap Dugtrio, burning Porygon with Tri Attack. I survived with 3 HP there.

Anyway, we start to go through Viridian Forest. Claw's the star of the show here, due to being immune to poison. All the bugs are deceased, and we leave the forest. That was really not that hard! As we enter Pewter City, we enter Brock's gym, and prepare to obtain our first gym badge, but first, we duel with Camper Liam. Slips takes care of the kid fairly easily, and we head on to Brock.

Water Gun one-shots his entire team, and we've gotten our first gym badge! Tune in next time for the next chapter of... Randomizer LeafGreen Nuzlocke!

To be continued!

Slips the Omastar (Male)
Ability: Swift Swim
Naive Nature
Level 11
- Constrict
- Withdraw
- Bite
- Water Gun

Claw the Scizor (Female)
Ability: Swarm
Lax Nature
Level 11
- Quick Attack
- Leer
- Focus Energy
- Pursuit

Duck E. the Porygon2
Ability: Trace
Naughty Nature
Level 10
- Conversion 2
- Tackle
- Conversion
- Agility

Torchi the Growlithe (Male)
Ability: Intimidate
Relaxed Nature
Level 3
- Roar
- Bite

No one yet.
Nobody has posted, but here's chapter 2 anyway.

With Brock defeated, why not head to Route 3 and brawl with some trainers? We duke it out with a few trainers, winning easily. As we enter a battle with a Rattata, Duck E. seems confident he'll handle it. But as Rattata survives a Tackle, he retaliates with a Tail Whip. The next turn, Rattata uses Quick Attack and gets a critical hit.

Goodbye, Duck E. You had a lot of potential, and I'm sad that I never got to use you for long. We'll miss you. But we musn't let a teammate's death get in our way! This may have been early in the game and unexpected, but we must move on! Claw avenges Duck E. by killing Rattata with a Pursuit, and Nidoran-F should've stayed home, because that Quick Attack had to hurt.
Now that we're at some tall grass, we shall pick up our next teammate. Who will it be?


I like him, he'll stay in our party, despite the fact we've already got a Water-type. I name him Swump and we're on our way. He's Bold but I keep him anyway.
As we enter Mt. Moon (not without ditching Duck E. first and then healing up) we run into our next teammate! Who shall it be?


You're kidding me right? Two Gen III mid evolution starters? Sigh. Not complaining, but variety would be nice. Sceptile would be great.
I name him IV, and heal up. He's Timid, which is actually really good, due to his STAB being Special. I teach him TM Bullet Seed that we just found. Yay.
As we wander around Mt. Moon, we come across a Team Rocket Grunt. GASP! We battle him and he nearly KOs IV with his Zubat. Ouch. After the battle, I heal up, then decide to train up Swump because he's at level 3, at the rest of my team is around 12. I train him up to 14, and we head back in. We beat down several trainers while getting the team to around the same level, and eventually reach the Super Nerd. We pick the Dome Fossil because we already have a Slips, and exit Mt. Moon.
When we get out, I take an oppurtunity to teach IV Mega Punch, and Swump Mega Kick. I know they're physical, but I can't just pass up a chance to learn these. Let's just hope accuracy doesn't screw us over.
We'll train up for Misty, and get to the fight in the next chapter!

To be continued...

Slips the Omastar (Male)
Ability: Swift Swim
Naive Nature
Level 14
- Constrict
- Withdraw
- Bite
- Water Gun

Claw the Scizor (Female)
Ability: Swarm
Lax Nature
Level 15
- Quick Attack
- Leer
- Focus Energy
- Pursuit

Swump the Marshtomp (Male)
Ability: Torrent
Bold Nature
Level 14
- Tackle
- Mega Kick
- Mud-Slap
- Water Gun

IV the Grovyle (Male)
Ability: Overgrow
Timid Nature
Level 15
- Bullet Seed
- Mega Punch
- Absorb
- Quick Attack

Torchi the Growlithe (Male)
Ability: Intimidate
Relaxed Nature
Level 3
- Roar
- Bite

Duck E. the Porygon2
Level 3 - Level 11
Killed by Lass Sally's Rattata's Quick Attack (Critical hit)

I'm sorry I let you down, Duck E. You could have been something fantastic with your great movepool. RIP.
DM's SoulSilver Nuzlocke Pt. 2: Kanto

Well, it's about time I got this up. Happy New Year and all that. Anyway, to recap, we left Rogue after his successful battle with Lance and his crowning as Champion. But now, Professor Oak has a new task for us: to gather data on the Pokemon of the Kanto region as well. So off to Kanto we went, and a whole new adventure awaited us.
Because I'm weird about these things, I went around Kanto without battling a single Gym leader because I wanted to battle them in order. Weird, right? But I did manage to catch a large array of Pokemon, which can be found in the Hide tag labeled 'Boxed' below. It also made my Pokemon slightly overlevelled for the coming Gym matches, but that never really hurts.
To kick off the new year, I've got the first two of my Kanto Gym Battles against Brock and Misty (Ah, so reminiscent of my first Nuzlocke). Both battles are in their respective Hide tags below. It shouldn't be too much, but we'll see. I'll have both Trainers' Pokemon listed in the tags as well. I don't have my Pokemon's levels listed for Brock's battle, but oh well. Please forgive me :(

Brock's Pokemon:
Graveler Lv. 51
Rhyhorn Lv. 51
Onix Lv. 54
Omastar Lv. 53
Kabutops Lv. 52

Rogue's Pokemon:
Clappy (Dewgong)
Blaster (Typhlosion)
Landslide (Golem)
Edward (Crobat)
Egg 'em! (Exeggutor)
Heraboss (Heracross...duh...)

So, Brock's Pokemon are mainly focused around the Phsyical aspects of a Pokemon, primarily Defense. So I get to completely troll him with my super-effective Special moves.
So I lead off with Clappy, who easily sweeps through Graveler, Rhyhorn, and Onix. Water weak, much? However, I swap Clappy for the much more capable Egg 'em as Brock sends out his Omastar. Omastar decides to go for the dick move and use Protect, and I just get to watch my Exeggutor's Leaf Storm do absolutely nothing. However, Protect fails next turn, and Omastar is brought to its knees (Figuratively; it doesn't have knees...). Since I'm a boss, I can't let my Pokemon be hurt, so I send out Heraboss, who I know will be faster than Brock's Kabutops. Close Combat finishes the job, and I've earned myself my first Kanto Gym badge.
Well, that was nostalgic, huh? I guess it mostly would be if you read my unfinished FireRed Nuzlocke. Oh, well. I learned this time and wrote down what happened. Take it from's the way to go, as I'm sitting here six months after the Brock battle posting it. It's so nice...and I'm getting completely off topic here. Moving on...

Misty's Pokemon:
Golduck Lv. 49
Quagsire Lv. 49
Lapras Lv. 52
Starmie Lv. 54

Rogue's Pokemon:
Egg 'em! (Exeggutor) Lv. 58
Blaster (Typhlosion) Lv. 58
Landslide (Golem) Lv. 56
Edward (Crobat) Lv. 56
Clappy (Dewgong) Lv. 56
Heraboss (Heracross) Lv. 57

I'm thinking this battle is going to be a lot more difficult than Brock, huh? No 4x weaknesses to exploit, and she does a decent job of covering up weaknesses otherwise. But this will still be a fairly easy match, and not nearly as nerve-wracking as Lance. But let's get down to it, shall we?
Misty leads off with her Golduck, which darts ahead of Egg 'em and fires off a Psychic. Fortunately, we resist that, and launch a Seed Bomb, taking out Misty's first Pokemon. Next up is her Lapras. I'm kinda nervous about this one. I'm pretty sure Egg 'em can outpace Lapras, though neither of the two are exactly known for their speed. I take the gamble and keep Egg 'em in, and the risk pays off, as Leaf Storm one-shots Lapras.
Things get serious, though, as Misty sends in her infamous Starmie. I'm sure we all remember her Starmie from our first battle with Misty, whether it was challenging or not, it was for me, as I picked Charmander and neglected to train my Bellsprout. But I'm getting off-topic again. Anyway, Starmie uses Confuse Ray, and Egg 'em is struck by full confusion, smacking itself in the face. Starmie goes for Ice Beam, which doesn't do nearly as much as I'd thought it would. Yet again Egg 'em is fully confused, and I decide that it's in my best interest to use a Full Restore. After Egg 'em is brought back to full health, Starmie fires off another slightly underwhelming Ice Beam. At this point I'm thinking it's in my best interest not to keep Egg 'em in, so I swap him for the ever-underwhelming yet still incredibly useful Clappy the Dewgong. He's yet to see any action, though, as I'm only taking the opportunity to heal up Egg 'em.
Clappy takes the incoming Ice Beam like a champ (As it should, it quad-resists the move). I take a moment to heal up Egg 'em, as Starmie fires off an inconsequential Confuse Ray. I call back Clappy, and it's Egg 'em's time to shine once again. It was the perfect time, too, as Starmie goes for a resisted Water Pulse, but gets the hax and confuses Egg 'em again. This time, though, Egg 'em hits through the confusion, and Starmie loses about two-thirds of its health to Seed Bomb, eating its Sitrus Berry in the process. It isn't without consequence, though, as Egg 'em takes a critical hit Ice Beam, barely surviving the move. That could've been a lot worse. Egg 'em is a critical member of my team, and I'm not sure what I'd have done without him.
The next few turns consist of me switching back to Clappy, healing up Egg 'em, and going back into the three-headed-egg-tree...thing. Egg 'em takes another Water Pulse, but this time avoids the confusion. It launches the final move, and Starmie is down for the count, but not before a final Confuse Ray from the Pokemon.
Misty sends out her last Pokemon, Quagsire, which, surprisingly, doesn't go down in one turn, mainly due to hax. Egg 'em is fully confused yet again, but Quagsire laughs in the face of danger and forgets everything it did in the past minute (It used Amnesia, if you didn't get that). The next turn is the last, however, and Quagsire is taken out by a final Seed Bomb, and I've gotten my second Kanto badge.
In the end, Misty's Starmie lived up to its reputation of being a very annoying Pokemon, but the true champion of the match was the Hax God. If it wasn't for freaking confusion, that match could've ended a lot sooner. Oh, well. That's how Pokemon rolls.
And that was a lot longer than I would've thought. Wow...
Oh, and Clappy levelled up too.

And now, for my amassed army at this point in the game. As always, new additions to my arsenal are listed in bold.

Blaster (Typhlosion) Lv. 58

-Lava Plume

Landslide (Golem) Lv. 56

-Stone Edge
-Rock Blast

Edward (Crobat) Lv. 56

Inner Focus
-Poison Fang
-Air Slash

Egg 'em! (Exeggutor) Lv. 58

-Seed Bomb
-Sleep Powder
-Leaf Storm

Clappy (Dewgong) Lv. 57

-Aqua Jet
-Ice Beam

Heraboss (Heracross) Lv. 57

-Close Combat
-Aerial Ace
-Brick Break

Sting Ops (Beedrill) Lv. 12
BOO! (Gastly) Lv. 3
Drift (Hoppip) Lv. 6
Iggy (Togepi) Lv. 14
Blob (Ditto) Lv. 10
Funguy (Paras) Lv. 16
Will (Vulpix) Lv. 14
Elemental (Eevee) Lv. 5
Mano'peace (Tentacool) Lv. 18
Eugene (Krabby) Lv. 20
I gots gas (Weezing) Lv. 16
Spyro (Dratini) Lv. 6
Mr Queenie (Goldeen) Lv. 20
Kobrarbok (Arbok) Lv. 30
Ted (Ursaring) Lv. 33
DatsRight! (Meowth) Lv. 14
Greta (Drowzee) Lv. 14
Gangsta (Murkrow) Lv. 17
Texa (Nidorina) Lv. 23
Sludgy (Grimer) Lv. 27
Pot (Oddish) Lv. 10
Pest (Raticate) Lv. 15
Chill,breh (Quagsire) Lv. 16
I dig you (Diglett) Lv. 15

BALLS! (Rattata) Lv. 6
You don't even need to know.
Verminator (Heracross) Lv. 29
Died to an insane amount of hax. While you have been replaced by your superior brother, that doesn't mean you're forgotten.

And that's that. I'll try to have the battles with Surge and Erika up tomorrow.
Alright, everyone, without further ado or even an announcement of any kind, here is the FIRST CHAPTER OF MY HEARTGOLD RANDOMIZER NUZLOCKE. It took a little while to get my Scramble Challange in place, but while I waited I started this. So, here is my progress from the beginning up through the first gym.

I began my adventure fully aware of the recent breakouts from the Pal Park. Those workers were unable to comprehend the power of Pokémon, and as such the Pokémon were able to break free of their bonds. Now, no sort of ecosystem exists at all in Johto, and even Kanto has begun to be affected. Legendaries run wild, hundreds of Pokémon from different regions run free, and only one person has the power to stop this outbreak - a Trainer named Red. But no one has seen him in a long time.
Professor Elm sent me, accompanied by a fast Cyndaquil for protection and safety, to Mr. Pokémon's house to investigate an Egg that he found. Nowadays, any Egg could become anything, perhaps even a powerhouse capable of leveling cities. Like a Rayquaza or an Arceus.
"Go with safety, and run run run!" Professor Elm said as I sprinted out the door, fully aware that any moment could be my last. I was determined to prove to Professor Elm that I was a capable enough Trainer to be the one to find Red.
After battling a few weak Pokémon that had escaped, like Sunkern and Oddish, I arrived at Mr. Pokémon's house, where Professor Oak was walking out with his Dragonite. He scoffed at my Cyndaquil, and proceeded on his way, accidentally dropping a Pokédex. I picked it up and pocketed it before anyone noticed.
Mr. Pokémon grinned and handed me an Egg. Suddenly, a call was made, and he told me I needed to get back to the lab quickly.
On my way, some little assface battled me and I stomped his Totodile. Wonder where he got that piece of crap, I said to myself.
Elm explained to me when I got to the lab that someone had stolen a Totodile. I guess it was the assface, I said to myself.

Elm explained to me a new phenomenon had been occurring - only Pokémon that presented themselves to me were able to be caught. Thus, I was truly only able to catch the first Pokémon on a route, if even.
Stepping onto Route 29, I encountered a Latos. Oh hell no, I said to myself, and ran.
Route 46? Same story. A Dragonair presented itself, and after using all five of my Pokéballs, i called it quits and used the poor dragon as Exp. for my Cyndaquil, who was beginning to get a lot stronger.
Routes 30, 31, and the Dark Cave all presented similar challenges - I encountered a Palkia, Shaymin, and Magnezone, respectively, all of which were too difficult for a beginning Trainer to catch. However, I didn't get my hopes down, as Cyndaquil was beginning to become massively powerful, taking down many higher evolved form Pokémon in just one or two hits.
Now, stepping into Violet City, a girl named Lyra told me to check out the Sprout Tower, explaining some weaker Pokémon had been spotted there looking for Trainers. Entering, I did encounter a catchable Pokémon - a Kabuto hiding underneath a ladder poked its head out just in time. Catching this Kabuto, I began to grind him alongside my Cyndaquil, who proceeded to swamp the entirety of Sprout Tower by itself. Stunned by its own power, it began to glow, evolving into a new Pokémon - Quilava!

While quite powerful and prepared for the gym, I could tell Coal and Abs (my Quilava and Kabuto) were still nervous to duo the gym. Heading to the Ruins of Alph, we ran around and explored, solving mysterious puzzles and finally enjoying ourselves free of the threat of an Arceus killing us all. Suddenly, I heard a whisper behind me - turning around, I saw a Misdreavus make a funny face and giggle. Catching it quickly, I called her Missy and proceeded on my way with my generically nicknamed team.
After narrowly escaping the wrath of a Lugia, I ducked into Falkner's gym. Staring into the sunset, I watched as Falkner released a single Pokémon - a Pidgeot. I climbed his gym to get to him, and asked him about it.
"It deserved to fly free," he said, through tears. "Team Rocket has been threatening my team for years, now, and with all the new Pokémon running around I'm legitimately concerned for my team. Now, I quiver here in my gym among the lower routes, hoping I don't stumble into a powerful Pokémon."
Slapping him, he turned and looked at me with pure fury. I hated doing this to him, but the only way to get to Red was to earn all the gym badges - even if that meant hurting some feelings.
Angered and crying, Falkner sent out his Pidgey. I responded with Missy. A heated battle ensued, finally subsiding after the Pidgey Struggled himself to death. Gathering his fallen Pokémon, he looked at me with less rage and more of a cunning look in his eye. Sending out Pidgeotto, I responded with my own powerhouse - Coal. After enduring some powerful Gusts, Coal was finally able to take down Pidgeotto with one final Ember.
Wiping the tears from his eyes, Falkner looked at me. "That was the first real battle I've had in a while. Thank you for waking me up again, I guess." He handed me the gym badge. "I understand you want to fight Red. The few Trainers confident enough to leave their homes all want to. But don't get too cocky, kid. There's a reason we still live in fear every day that a Groudon will burn down our house."
Nodding, I accepted the gym badge and acknowledged what Falkner said. It might be suicide, I thought, but I have to do this. I have to do this for all the Trainers that have come and gone. I have to do this for Green.

Coal (Quilava), Lv. 14
Hasty, Blaze
Met in New Bark Town at Lv. 5
~Quick Attack

Abs (Kabuto), Lv. 9
Timid, Swift Swim
Met in Sprout Tower at Lv. 3

Missy (Misdreavus), Lv. 7
Brave, Levitate
Met in the Ruins of Alph at Lv. 5.

Boxed: None
Dead: None

So Coal is working out to be awesome. He's fast enough to run from Pokémon I can't take on right now, thank god. He's a keeper, and may be able to pull this team together. I can't say much for Abs or Missy, really. They don't have the best movesets yet, and when I'm grinding I'm depending either on rotating them to kill Pokémon or just plain old switching back to Coal. Hopefully, either they start pulling their weight soon or I get stronger Pokémon.
Blob i was gonna post wtf as soon as I saw Randomizer Nuzlocke but I then remembered this is the Nuzlocke thread not the Scramble Thread. Cool Update, hope you have good luck and good catches. Also REALLY CREATIVE Misdreavus nickname :3.
Well, today was essentially a free day during school, so I present to you THE SECOND CHAPTER OF MY HEARTGOLD RANDOMIZER NUZLOCKE. I got bored in class and got through the entirety of Bugsy's gym. So without further ado, here we goooo!

Stepping out of the Pokémon Center, I was instructed by Professor Elm to meet his assistant in the Pokémart to receive an...item. Getting there, I discovered it to be a Pokémon egg, the same on I delivered from Mr. Pokémon. "We want you to have this," the assistant said, "just in case it's a powerful Pokémon that could help you." I nodded, knowing deep down they were merely giving this to me in case it turned out to be a Rayquaza or something. Leaving the Pokémart, I got a glimpse of a girl wearing a kimono who was hurrying off.
I headed back to Route 32, were no Pokémon presented themselves. After battling all of the surviving Trainers for experience, I encountered a problem - a Ninjask that just kept boosting and boosting and boosting. Unable to run, I sent out Missy to deal with it, and she ended up scoring her first major save of the run. Thank god.
Next came the fun part - Union Cave. I knew that the cave was filled with Zubat, but ever since the other Pokémon moved in I knew I would be in for a different treat. A Metagross presented itself to me, which panicked Coal. We simply took it out, realizing that my Pokéballs were better off being used elsewhere. The hikers remaining in the cave offered to spar with me, helping to level up Missy and Abs to match Coal.
Stepping onto Route 33, I saw a torrential downpour. Scared of meeting a Kyogre, I stepped into the grass to find a Jigglypuff staring back at me. I threw a Pokéball at it, catching it and naming it Pururu.
I wandered into Azalea Town, seeing my Egg begin to glow. Hatching, I winced, but thankfully it turned into a Togepi. Naming it Glee, I decided to box it and Jigglypuff after watching a gentle breeze knock them over.
A man dashed past, screaming something about a well. I chased after him, watching him tackle another man and fall into a well. Climbing down after them, the man talked to me, rambling on about Team Rocket. His diaper said Kurt, so I assumed that was his name. Walking in, a Teddiursa peeked its head around a corner. I threw a Pokéball, and my new teammate Minor joined my team.
*insert Team Rocket smackdown*
Afterwards, I headed back to Kurt's house, holding his hand to make sure he didn't dash off. His granddaughter met me at the door, and I watched as she led him back to his stove. "All he wants to do now is make Pokéballs," she said, "a Ho-oh came and ravaged our town. Bugsy was helpless, but my daddy tried to defend us." She sniffed. "I haven't seen him or his Gyarados since."
Leaving the house, I decided to meet this so-called Gym Leader Bugsy and give him a piece of my mind. Walking into the gym, I realized it wasn't much of a gym anymore - more of a smoky ruin. A boy stood with his Scyther, practicing a strange maneuver that he deflected a flame with.
"Hi!" The boy said. "I'm's been a while since I've seen a challenger." He frowned. "And I don't even have my Scizor..." He winced. "Strange how fire works. It just comes and takes away." Shut the hell up, I thought.
He looked at me. "Let's have a fun battle nonetheless!", sending out Scyther. I led with Missy. Missy confused it, but it U-turned out next, bringing out Metapod. I sent out Coal to respond, who got wrapped in a String Shot. "Use Ember!" I shouted. Coal responded with a massive flame, KO'ing the Metapod. Rinse and repeat with the Kakuna. Suddenly, it was down to Scyther versus my team. I recalled Coal and sent out Abs, who was still ready to battle. "Use Rock Tomb!" Abs hurled the rocks at Scyther, KO'ing it before it even had a chance to use the Focus Energy it just used.
"Dammit," Bugsy said, handing me the badge without another word.
What a strange place this world has become.

Coal (Quilava), Lv 17
Hasty, Blaze
Met in New Bark Town at Lv. 5
~Quick Attack

Abs (Kabuto), Lv. 16
Timid, Swift Swim
Met in Sprout Tower at Lv. 3
~Rock Tomb

Missy (Misdreavus), Lv. 15
Brave, Levitate
Met in the Ruins of Alph at Lv. 5.
~Confuse Ray

Minor (Teddiursa), Lv. 11
Gentle, Quick Feet
Met in SLOWPOKE Well at Lv. 6
~Fury Swipes
~Fake Tears

Box: Pururu (Jigglypuff Lv. 6), Glee (Togepi Lv. 1)
Dead: None :D

So Coal, this guy. This guy is awesome. Ember just straight wrecks everything, but that might change soon with a hard gym coming up. :P
I like Abs now. He starting to pull his own weight, and finally getting a decent STAB move really helps. Especially with his resistances from his Rock typing.
Missy is starting to be good, too. Psywave is finally starting to do damage, and Astonish isn't a bad STAB move, really.
Minor is alright, so far. He hasn't seen any actual combat outside grinding off of the easy Bug-type Trainers in the gym.
We're looking good, fellas.
Whoops, didn't catch that. Fixed.
Also, apologies that I didn't post the next update, but unprecedented things happened...and I wasn't able to. Regardless, I most likely won't be able to get it up for about another week or so, as finals are coming up and I should probably study for them.
Either way, sorry that I won't be able to get it up if you were actually anticipating it, but there's really not much I can do.
Oh dear.

So I got a new computer, and you can probably guess what has occurred.

A quick little glitch and my entire save file was killed, oops.

So back to square one! I'll probably make the starters random, too.
Howdy, y'all. So Pokemon Blue's a sleeper hit from 1998 that you may not have heard of where you drop out of school to enter the lucrative field of professional cock-fighting I guess? Anyway, my buddy Shepherd and myself decided that we should probably play it for the internet but sometimes we say swear words and that makes Jesus angry :(

1) Duh
2) Nickname everything (not even really a rule because if you don't you're a heartless monster, but whatever)
3) No items from PokeMarts except PokeBalls
4) Set Battle Style
5) Limited PokeCenter visits
6) No items in battle
7) Fire starters are for assholes

Part 1 - And so begins, begins our odyssey ... And we begin, begin our odyssey
Part 2 - Our first best friend is pretty ... top percentage
Part 3 - This forest is growing faster than I can tell
Part 4 - Dre pretty much murders everything ever
Part 5 - In this episode, SOMEONE. WILL. DIE.
Part 6 - Pidge
Part 7 - Woah dude a Zubat what a rare and exotic chinpokomon

Sexy playlist for attractive people (you can still watch it if you aren't attractive)


In conclusion,

Update: (no one gives a shit about Bigfoot)
Part 8 is up
Okay, I'm going for it! Pokemon white version, with Snivy, because I've done Oshawott before and Emboar is stupid. This is my first Nuzlocke, so just the standard rules - no item restrictions, no pokecenter restrictions, normal switching.


Look at my shiny CT!
Would these be good rules for a LeafGreen Nuzlocke?

- If a Pokémon faints, it is considered dead and must be boxed permanently.
- I may catch as many Pokémon as I want, but only the first Pokémon ENCOUNTERED may be used in battle. (for the purpose of the natl. dex)
- Blackout=game over
- The above rules are not enforced before obtaining the pokedex.
- Nicknames are a must.
- Must save the master ball for entei/raikou/suicune.
Thanks to Blazikenrage's post, I'm starting right now a randomized B2 Nuzlocke.
Rules are pretty standard:
- nickname them all
- catch only the first of every area
- since they are (or at least should be) randomized, gift pokémon can count as "first encounter of the area", gift pokémon which aren't the first seen in the area are boxed and can't be used
- trainers use randomized pokémon, the rival carries his starter for the entire game
- wild pokémon encounter randomized (also starters)
- pokémon's type/ability/learnset/bstats etc. aren't touched
- no early Shedinja (trainers can't have a Shedinja of lvl <20)
- shinies can always be catched and used, no matter what!
- species clause: if the "first encounter" is a pokémon I have (alive, boxed or in the current team) I can skip it and consider the next one the "first encounter"
- battle mode set

The three avaible starters were: Rhyperior, Golurk, Pidgeot. I chose Golurk and the rival took Pidgeot.

Gundam (Golurk) @ Shell Bell
Trait: Iron Fist
Level: 54
Docile Nature
- Fly
- Shadow Punch
- Earthquake
- Drain Punch

Kalimist (Swampert) (M) @ Expert Belt
Trait: Torrent
Level: 52
Hasty Nature
- Ice Punch
- Strength
- Waterfall
- Surf

Diablo (Drapion) (M) @ Scope Lens
Trait: Sniper
Level: 51
Timid Nature
- X-Scissor
- Crunch
- Hone Claws
- Fire Fang

Kolmogorov (Cinccino) (M) @ Wide Lens
Trait: Skill Link
Level: 60
Sassy Nature
- Tail Slap
- Wake-Up Slap
- Bullet Seed
- Sing

McKenzie (Magnezone)
Trait: Sturdy
Level: 53
Impish Nature
- Thunder Wave
- Flash Cannon
- Charge Beam
- Thunderbolt

Peyote (Amoongus) (M) @ Big Root
Trait: Regenerator
Level: 51
Jolly Nature
- Giga Drain
- Ingrain
- Synthesis
- Toxic

Getzena (Liepard) (F)
Trait: Limber
Level: 23
Quirky Nature
- Fury Swipes
- Pursuit
- Torment
- Fake Out

Zorua (Zorua) (M)
Trait: Illusion
Level: 25
Hasty Nature
- Fury Swipes
- Faint Attack
- Scary Face
- Taunt

Joxemi (Tauros) (M)
Trait: Intimidate
Level: 26
Bold Nature
- Scary Face
- Pursuit
- Rest
- Payback

Leila (Bellossom) (F)
Trait: Chlorophyll
Level: 33
Naive Nature
- Sweet Scent
- Stun Spore
- Sunny Day
- Magical Leaf

Crudelia (Nidoran♀) (F)
Trait: Rivalry
Level: 31
Brave Nature
- Fury Swipes
- Bite
- Helping Hand
- Toxic Spikes

Wally (Surskit) (M)
Trait: Swift Swim
Level: 29
Impish Nature
- Quick Attack
- Sweet Scent
- Water Sport
- BubbleBeam

Derp (Unfezant) (M)
Trait: Super Luck
Level: 34
Lonely Nature
- Roost
- Detect
- Taunt
- Air Slash

Habanera (Victreebel) (F)
Trait: Chlorophyll
Level: 38
Sassy Nature
- Sleep Powder
- Sweet Scent
- Razor Leaf
- Leaf Tornado

Boba Fett (Wobbuffet) (M)
Trait: Shadow Tag
Level: 32
Bashful Nature
- Counter
- Mirror Coat
- Safeguard
- Destiny Bond

Jenna (Tentacool) (F)
Trait: Clear Body
Level: 28
Gentle Nature
- Toxic Spikes
- BubbleBeam
- Wrap
- Acid Spray

Juniper (Uxie)
Trait: Levitate
Level: 33
Adamant Nature
- Imprison
- Endure
- Swift
- Yawn

Herp (Rattata) (M)
Trait: Guts
Level: 44
Naive Nature
- Assurance
- Super Fang
- Double-Edge
- Endeavor

Fofficio (Swablu) (M)
Trait: Natural Cure
Level: 48
Naive Nature
- Mirror Move
- Cotton Guard
- Dragon Pulse
- Perish Song

Aspertia City: Golurk (gift) [alive]
Route 19: Mothim [dead]
Route 20: Tyranitar [not caught - run out of pokéball]
Floccesy Ranch: Beautifly [dead]
Virbank City: none yet
Virbank Complex: Mudkip [alive as Swampert]
Castelia City: none yet
Castelia Sewers: Lopunny [dead]
Route 4: Quilava [dead]
Desert Resort: Skorupi [alive as Drapion]
Relic Castle: none yet
Nimbasa City: none yet
Route 16: none yet
Route 5: Minccino (Hidden Grotto) [alive as Cinccino]
Driftveil Drawbridge: Liepard [boxed]
Driftveil City: Zorua [boxed]
Route 6: Foongus (Hidden Grotto) [boxed as Amoongus]
Chargestone Cave: Tauros [boxed]
Mistralton Cave: Tentacool [boxed]
Mistralton City: none yet
Route 7: Bellossom [boxed]
Celestial Tower: Surskit [boxed]
Lentimas Town: none yet
Reversal Mountain: Wobbuffet [boxed]
Strange House: Nidoran♀ [boxed]
Undella Town: none yet
Route 13: Unfezant [boxed]
Lacunosa Town: none yet
Route 12: Victreebel [boxed]
Village Bridge: Smoochum [killed]
Route 11: Magnezone [alive]
Opelucid City: none yet
Route 9: Kingdra [dead]
Route 21: none yet
Humilau City: none yet
Seaside Cave: Espeon [killed]
Route 22: Uxie [boxed]
Giant Chasm: Rattata [boxed]
Victory Road: Swablu [boxed]

George (Mothim) (M)
Trait: Swarm
Level: 7
Gentle Nature
- Tackle

I attacked a lvl 6 Cloyster forgetting that he has Aurora Beam. Oneshot.

Wally (Quilava) (M)
Trait: Blaze
Level: 22
Sassy Nature
- Flame Wheel
- SmokeScreen
- Ember
- Quick Attack

Got poisoned by Twineedle on the switch, and didn't KO Escavalier with Ember. Headbutt crit+poison damage made him faint forever.

Tiffany (Beautifly) (F)
Trait: Swarm
Level: 35
- Morning Sun
- Gust
- Stun Spore
- Silver Wind

Double Battle with Bianca in Reversal Mountain: switch-in to sponge Grass attacks from a Jumpluff. Nope: critical Acrobatics.

Charlie (Lopunny) (M)
Trait: Cute Charm
Level: 31
Hasty Nature
- Jump Kick
- Quick Attack
- Work Up
- Strength

Multiple Battle are devastating for Nuzlocke! Triple Battle in Reversal Mountain: Kolmogorov was on the left side and killed Bagon+Haxorus with the help of Iron Defense Gundam in the middle. On the right side I was switching pokémon to eat Dragon Claws + Dragonbreath from Haxorus+Zekrom, and he didn't resist one hit.

Tex (Kingdra) (M) @ Draco Plate
Trait: Swift Swim
Level: 46
Rash Nature
- Surf
- Agility
- Dragon Pulse
- Hydro Pump

Petal Dance crit. From a normal form Cherrim. 'nuff said

Colress (route 4)
Rival (Undella Town)
Zinzolin (Lacunosa Town)
Zinzolin (Opelucid City)
Zinzolin (Plasma Frigate, Route 21)
Zinzolin (Plasma Frigate, Giant Chasm)
Colress (Plasma Frigate, Giant Chasm)
Gethsis (Giant Chasm Cave)
Trying this out with Diamond version.


–Stanislav– Lost at level three to a critical hit from a Bidoof. Damn shame. Such a promising life, cut so short. Guys, call your representatives: make this dysfunctional congress do something about crits.
Although it doesnt seem to go with the golden rules of Nuzlocke there is a guy whose doing no pokecenter no pokemarts on youtube under bubbama, he already did this for yellow and crystal and is currently doing Sapphire, dont particularly want to advertise but I thought his series was interesting and its pretty easy to watch.
Updated my post (see signature), I've just obtained the last badge.

McKenzie, the last caught, was a real blessing for the team, being the most important pokémon in the last two gyms.
Drayden was still Dragon-type gym leader, and a resistance to their powerful STABs is always welcome (plus Thunder Wave is always appreciated).
Marlon was Ground-type: at first I laughed at Geodude, and also at Hippopotas. Then came Excadrill. No Mold Breaker means he outspeeds my whole team in the sand, and at this level he has Earthquake, which means OHKO for most pokémons. The most defensive of my team without a Ground weakness is Swampert, but he's surely 2HKOed and I'm risking a crit. And then came the idea: no Mold Breaker = Sturdy wins. PP stall EQ for the win!


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Gonna pull off a Diamond Nuzlocke. If I survive that is, but I managed well on my Platinum file until it decided to stop working (had so many great moments too).

  • Can only catch the first encounter in each route/area. No second chances.
  • If they faint, they are of no use to me. They will be boxed, and never more embrace sunlight.
  • I will nickname all of my captives. I will name them and they will like it.
  • Battle Mode is changed to Set. As it should be.
  • Species clause on the team. Duplicates may be caught, but will be boxed at the earliest opportunity.
  • My team can at most have two overlapping types. (Example: Starly, Bidoof, Zubat OR Geodude, Rhyhorn).
  • Healing items may not be purchased. Those found on the ground will do just fine.
  • Items cannot be used during battles. Idiot.
  • No held-items. Munch berries on your free time.
  • Once you enter a gym you may not exit until victory has been claimed.
  • If trade evolution becomes an issue, some sort of sacrifice must be involved. More details on this when said issue arises.

Received my starter, a delicate Piplup with a Mild nature, who regardless to his traits were named Bonaparte as that name will be most appropriate for his latter development. Directly afterwards, he fared well in a battle against the local bird fauna, an so our official conquest of Sinnoh had taken its first step into the unknown. After being equipped with an empty Pokédex, a handful of balls and a couple of dashing shoes, it was time to go spelunking in nearby grass patches. The haul was lackluster, but would serve as a good foundation for times to come.

Robin - Bidoof ♂, Jolly, Lake Verity
Dangerface - Starly ♂, Hasty, Route 201
Wattson - Bidoof ♂, Naive, Route 202
Baskervill - Bidoof ♀, Mild, Route 204

While tempted to walk the path of Youngsters and simply let my team consist solely of common wildlife, I boxed two of the Bidoofs and began to grind. Dangerface quickly grew in ranks, attaining the much more reliable Quick Attack at Lv 5, and shortly afterwards received Wing Attack to allow for some serious STAB early on. Robin didn't fare as well, as he failed to KO a Kricketot in time, thus making the records as the only pokémon I've ever lost to both Bide and Kricketot. Didn't expect my first incident to occur this early, but I've never been one to schedule my wake-up calls. Rest in peace Robin, sorry for not making you into a proper sidekick.

Wattson wasn't as promising as his fellow rodent, but he was a better choice than Baskervill. Nurtured with care and love, he quickly grew into a mediocre ally, where his Tackles did little damage, but overall he managed to outlive most opponents. But knowing his true strength, I decided to leave him out of my following battle with my friendly neighborhood nemesis, named Nero. Piplup did short work out of his Starly, but I was impressed that his Turtwig managed to withstand a Wing Attack to the face and then respond with a tackle of its own. Didn't change the outcome, but I've made a note not to underestimate it. A quick reconnaissance after the fight revealed two new teammates:

Pecker - Starly ♀, Hardy, Route 203
Rushmore - Geodude ♂, Lax, Oreburgh Gate

Pecker was a welcome find, although a Shinx would have been an equally delightful surprise. She's technically better than Dangerface, but since he was already trained and ready, he was allowed to continue. Rushmore, on the other hand, became an instant team mate, and was quickly trained thanks to his natural resistance to Tackles. His nature made his special defense all the more pitiful, but I was never expecting him to tank such moves in the first place. Moving onwards to Oreburgh, the surroundings blessed me with two new captures:

Everest - Geodude ♂, Rash, Route 207
Toblerone - Geodude ♂, Quiet, Oreburgh Mine

Despite the game's subtle hints to turn me into a rock trainer, these two were immediately boxed as Rushmore had a more favorable nature. The fact that I encountered three Machops in a row after my encounter with Everest did little to make the haul less satisfying, but I'll have to make do with that I've got. With this, I should be prepared for a battle against Roark. I'm a little concerned about how Piplup's only water attack is Bubbles, which is hilariously weak even while super effective, but I'm secure that Rushmore will handle any physical threat my penguin can't handle.

Bonaparte (Piplup)
Ability: Torrent
Mild nature
Likes to run
- Pound
- Growl
- Bubble
- Water Sport

Wattson (Bidoof)
Ability: Unaware
Naive nature
Quick to flee
- Tackle
- Growl
- Defense Curl
- Rock Smash

Dangerface (Starly)
Ability: Keen Eye
Hasty nature
Hates to lose
- Quick Attack
- Growl
- Tackle
- Wing Attack

Rushmore (Geodude)
Ability: Rock Head
Lax nature
Thoroughly cunning
- Tackle
- Rock Throw
- Rock Smash
- Rock Polish

Baskervill, Mild, Route 204
Pecker, Hardy, Route 203
Everest, Rash, Route 207
Toblerone, Quiet, Oreburgh Mine

Robin Lv 3-7 , death by Bide.
I just beat the League for the first time (see the signature for team status etc). I'm a bit disappointed because the .avi file were broken and couldn't be read, but the fights weren't so interesting (with few exceptions: Destiny Bond Gengar is a bitch and fortunately he wasn't KO'ed, and the two Genesect were very dangerous!)...randomizing the enemy pokémon is funny but it can bring really weird things and sometimes they are annoying more than expected, like:
- random OP pokémon like high level Palkia from random trainers with Aura Sphere/Spacial Rend/Aqua Tail and Hydro Pump or Earth Power depending on level
- crappy gym leaders/E4/rival/etc. with unevolved pokémon (see the videos to get some exemples)
Does anyone else think it would be interesting to do a Nuzlocke in-game tier? While you are restricted to a the first Pokèmon you see, you still get the option of some choices. Nuzlocke tiers would be quite a bit different than the in-game tiers, seeing as some Pokèmon are actually not as survivable as others but work great in normal runs (like Starly).
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