Nuzlocke Challenge

I lost my Blue Nuzlocke Challenge.
Sad face.
I'll write up some details in a bit.
I also drew a comic in study hall because I was so frustrated. I lost because of a rather unconventional reason -.-
Give me twenty minutes or so and I'll write up what happened.


A distant memory
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Fire Red Nuzlocke Update #5!

Here's another update to my Fire Red Nuzlocke, in a whole series of hide tags (Wow...Who cares...)...

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4

  • If a Pokemon faints, It will be boxed, never to come out of the PC again.
  • Only catch the first wild Pokemon encountered in an area.
  • Battle Style will be "Set".
  • No Items used outside of battle, with the exception of giving a Pokemon an item or to use a TM.
  • Only Pokeballs are to be bought in a mart.
  • I can leave a Gym to Heal only if I've beaten all the minor trainers.
  • Nicknames are compulsory.

  • Started on Route 6.
  • Beat all the trainers on that route, except for the Bug Catcher with the Lv20 Butterfree, whom I dodged & challenged after the grind that happens later on. I killed a Meowth for the first Pokemon on route.
  • Arrived in Vermilion, put Root in the box, got a Vs. Seeker & after hearing about a Rapidash, got a Bike Voucher, which I went to Cerulean to redeem.
  • After returning to Vermilion, I went to Diglett's Cave & caught a Male Lv21 Diglett named WhacAMole with the help of Sparrow. A couple of seconds later, a Lv29 Dugtrio appears...X_X Luckily all it did was spam Ground Type Attacks, as I manage to escape after 4 attempts with no casualties.
  • I go onto Route 11 after healing & catch snakE the lv13 Ekans, who I boxed. Several minutes later on the same route, while beating some trainers, a Gamer with a Lv18 Growlithe gets a lucky critical hit Bite on Rock Pile. RIP Rock Pile...:'(
  • The loss of Rock Pile spurred me to grind my three Pokemon RootOfEvil, Sparrow & WhacAMole to Lv25, 24 & 26 respectively. In the process, Sparrow evolves into Fearow & WhacAMole evolves into Dugtrio.
  • I then go onto the SS Anne, & beat the trainers there without too much trouble, although two Gentlemen gave me the shits with status.
  • Eventually, I find Texas & challenge him to a battle. To make a long story short, WhacAMole dominated, although two Sand Attack's from Pidgeotto nearly derailed WhacAMole due to the accuracy drop...
  • I find the Captain & rub his back after reading some random manual. He doesn't teach me how to Cut, but he gives me a HM for Cut.
  • I leave the SS Anne & the boat leaves. The bastards...Next year...
  • I take Ninth Life out of the box & teach him Cut. I then go inside Vermilion Gym & trash the minor trainers with WhacAMole.
  • After doing the trash can puzzle, I confront Lt. Surge. With WhacAMole in the lead, the battle was over in three turns, with WhacAMole OHKOing his entire party with Magnitude. The only damage he did was a Quick Attack from Pikachu.
  • After getting the badge, I heal again.
  • In Vermilion City at the moment.

Sparrow (Female Fearow) @ Nothing
Lv:27/Bashful/Keen Eye
-Fury Attack
Comments: Sparrow is a great member on the team, especially since evolving, even though she's playing a support role to RootOfEvil & WhacAMole, she is still a fine member on the team.

RootOfEvil (Male Ivysaur) @ Nothing
-Sleep Powder
-Leech Seed
-Razor Leaf
Comments: The starter & the undisputed leader of the team, always willing to help his team mates when they're near death. RootOfEvil will be critical to my success in this Nuzlocke.

WhacAMole (Male Dugtrio) @ Nothing
Lv:29/Gentle/Arena Trap
-Fury Swipes
Comments: Basically filled the void left by the late Rock Pile. He came out swinging after her unfortunate death & took out all the major Trainers this update without too much worries. A worthy team member.

Ninth Life (Male Meowth) @ Nothing
Comments: Only in the party, because it's a HM Slave. I know he'll do well as one.

Worm (Male Caterpie) @ Nothing
Lv:7/Careful/Sheild Dust
-String Shot
Comments: Boxed because it's pathetic. What else?

Flapper (Female Pidgey) @ Nothing
Lv:13/Jolly/Keen Eye
-Sand Attack
-Quick Attack
Comments: Flapper has been boxed in favour of Sparrow, is a back up in case Sparrow bites the dust.

Root (Female Oddish) @ Nothing
-Sweet Scent
-Stun Spore
Comments: Boxed as it's inferior to RootOfEvil. If he dies, this will come out.

snakE (Male Ekans) @ Nothing
Lv:13/Mild/Shed Skin
-Poison Sting
Comments: Boxed because it's crap.

Joey (Female Rattata) @ Nothing
Lv:9/Modest (Bah...)/Run Away
-Tail Whip
-Quick Attack
Comments: First casualty as expected. No-one on the team really liked her anyway. Caught on Route 22 when I really wanted a Nidoran, Joey was weak, & useless. Weak enough to be killed by a Lv14 Spearow. RIP.

Stingers (Male Beedrill) @ Nothing
Lv:14/Quiet/Shed Skin
-Poison Sting
-String Shot
-Fury Attack
Comments: Stingers was a useful member early game, with a powerful Fury Attack, he was a great member. Sadly, he fell on the Nugget Bridge to a random crit from a Lv18 Mankey's Fury Swipes. He will sorely be missed. RIP.

Rock Pile (Female Geodude) @ Nothing
Lv:21/Rash/Rock Head
-Mega Punch
-Defence Curl
-Rock Throw
Comments: Rock Pile was a great member. She was my best check to the ever so annoying Raticate & contributed so much. Unfortunately, she fell to a random crit from a Gamer's Lv18 Growlithe's Bite. Rock Pile will be sorely missed by the team. RIP.

That's all this update. This Nuzlocke will be put on hold until I complete my Pearl No-Evo Scramble. Next update after Rock tunnel.


I am never, EVER writing another update in the reply box again. First I lose half of the final HeartGold update, then this time I had the entire update written out, only to completely forget that Smogon logs you out automatically when you don't switch pages for a long time, even when you're typing a reply. I hit reply, got the "You can't do that" page, and realized I couldn't get it back because when I hit back it gave me the same page because I was on advanced reply. So I log back in, and think I have it back only to see that it's actually the first update I had quoted to get my hide boxes. GAHHH! Even worse is that I now realize that had I logged in when I first got the page it probably would have worked fine. FML, now I have to type that all up again and I'll be even farther behind -_-'
If you're typing a long update, I'd recommend using Notepad, as it saves time. Also, when you've typed out your update, Highlight the entire thing & go Ctrl+C to copy it, just in case something like that happens. If it does, log back in, go to the reply box, & Ctrl+V to paste it all in, so your hard work isn't erased. It automatically logs you out after 30 minutes. Hope I helped.
I had four hours of physics class today, but possibly the most important thing i learned today was that my rival's +2 alakazam (before victory road) using psychic will ohko my lv 50 vaporeon with a critical hit.... RIP Layla....

Do you think it woulda ohkoed without the crit?

Time to grind Calvin the slowpoke up to speed (ha ha get it? slowpoke has no speed!!)

I miss you Layla.....
Skwog's Blue Version Nuzlocke Super Hard Challenge!

May only catch the first Pokemon I see upon entering a route.
When a Pokemon faints, it is dead. No revives, no nothing. Dead.
No antidotes or potions.
May only purchase five Pokeballs per Pokemart. These are the only Pokeballs I'm allowed to use, bar the ones I find while adventuring.
White out means game over, even if there are extra Pokemon in my box.

Chapter 7:



So, I beat Misty and such. Went down to the route with the daycare and saw a Pidgey first, so I killed it. Then I went under that tunnel and came up, and a Meowth appeared! Score!

I was grinding up my neat little Miley, and she was epic. Critical Bites were flying all over the place (I love how crits were determined by speed in 1st gen). Then, out of nowhere, Bite randomly missed. Yeah. So much for 100% accuracy. Lame thing about 1st gen is 100% actually means 99.7%. The Bellsprout I was battling killed Miley, and I suffered my first casualty.

Then, while battling through the trainers on the SS Anne, Pablo got confused. For whatever reason I was convinced he could live the confusion and/or hit himself and survive whatever move the Shellder I was battling was about to use. Well, turns out I hit myself, then the stinking Shellder did a critical Tackle and killed Pablo. Looks like I bit off more than I could chew...

I got HM01 from the puking captain, but then I realized I had nothing that could learn cut. Not a problem, let's go get a Diglett, right? Wrong. Orlando OHKO'd the Diglett with confusion.

Now what could I do? Oh, I know, let's teach Cheddar the Ratatta how to Cut! Wrong.
"Herp derp, I have big teeth but can't cut stuff. Deeerrrrrr....."
What kind of blasphemy is this?!

I was stuck. I couldn't progress any further because I didn't have anything that could Cut, and I had encountered my first Pokemon on every route where I could get a nifty new cutting Pokemon. I had only one choice, and that was to end my character's life and start a new game.

Who ever heard of losing a Nuzlocke because you didn't have anything to Cut down a stinking bush?! It is ridiculous... Oh well, that's the challenge of it. I'll be posting an update of my new file featuring Skwog and his new companion Pedro the Squirtle soon enough.
Hahaha Skwog, that may be the most tragically pathetic ending to a Nuzlocke ever recorded. Hold your head high!

I am never, EVER writing another update in the reply box again. First I lose half of the final HeartGold update, then this time I had the entire update written out, only to completely forget that Smogon logs you out automatically when you don't switch pages for a long time, even when you're typing a reply. I hit reply, got the "You can't do that" page, and realized I couldn't get it back because when I hit back it gave me the same page because I was on advanced reply. So I log back in, and think I have it back only to see that it's actually the first update I had quoted to get my hide boxes. GAHHH! Even worse is that I now realize that had I logged in when I first got the page it probably would have worked fine. FML, now I have to type that all up again and I'll be even farther behind -_-'
Augh, this bites. I've had this happen to me more than once on various forums, it's just the worst. Now, when I anticipate making a long post, I always use Word or something. Losing that much work is just the worst :x
Hahaha Skwog, that may be the most tragically pathetic ending to a Nuzlocke ever recorded. Hold your head high!
I nearly threw my Gameboy onto the floor when I found out that the stupid derp rat can't learn cut in first gen. Not even Raticate can learn it. So frustrating.

Let me be remembered as having the most anti-climactic ending to a Nuzlocke challenge!
Here is the first update in my Nuzlocke challenge :/ I'll do a lot more (hopefully) next time.


Ready to see your mind EXPLODE FROM AWESOMENESS?

Then stay tuned on my Heart Gold Nuzlocke Challenge :D

Heart Gold Nuzlocke Challenge - Update #1

- Nickname all Pokemans.
- Pokemon faints, release it immediately.
- Can only catch one Pokemans per route/cave/area, and if you were in the route already you can't catch Pokemon there.
- If all your Pokemon faint, then it's GAME OVER.
- Battle style to 'SET'.
- The only kind of healing used are Pokemon Centers and programmed AI.
- Cannot use legendaries, but you can catch them.
- No catching the same Pokemon.
- No trading.

Started out with a Chikorita, called it Funky. Went to Route 29 & 30, battled Pokemon in each so no catching allowed there. Cleared the rival, then got the Pokeballs. Hit up Route 46, found a Geodude, caught it and called it Chance. Got it up to level 4 then took on the Trainers at Route 30, cleaned 'em up and got their numbers. Hit up Route 31, found a Pidgey and the critical landed right at the red HP, caught it and called it Effort. Went inside Dark Cave, found a Zubat, caught it and called it Instinct. Back out to Route 31, cleared out the Trainer there with no hassle and got his number.

Got up to Violet City, healed up my Pokemon and headed for Route 32 to try find a new Pokemon and found a Rattata. Caught it and called it Passion. Afterwards took on Sprout Tower and the Gym, no problems there. Got togepi egg, then moving onto Azalea Town on the next update.


Funky The Chikorita
Lvl 11, Lonely Nature with Overgrow. No items attached.
Has the moves:
- Tackle
- Growl
- Razor Leaf
- Poison Powder
Trainer Comments: A very balanced and good leader of the team, Funky is able to be the tank of the team and has a good offense when needed.

Chance The Geodude
Lvl 12, Careful Nature with Rock Head. No items attached.
Has the moves:
- Tackle
- Defense Curl
- Rock Throw
- Rock Polish
Trainer Comments: With his physical strength and defense, it can certainly cause a worry in the early game for gym leaders and trainers alike. It will be very useful until late-game when Chance could potentially be replaced.

Passion The Rattata
Lvl 6, Docile Nature with Run Away. No items attached.
Has the moves:
- Tackle
- Tail Whip
- Quick Attack
Trainer Comments: Could be useful sometime sooner, but for now Passion's chance of shining bright will have to be put on hold.

Instinct The Zubat
Lvl 7, Adamant Nature with Inner Focus. No items attached.
Has the moves:
- Leech Life
- Supersonic
Trainer Comments: Often very weak right now, he will be a good powerhouse of the late game for sweep. Instinct will have to wait.

Effort The Pidgey
Lvl 8, Hasty Nature with Keen Eye. No items attached.
Has the moves:
- Tackle
- Sand Attack
Trainer Comments: Effort needs more effort from me, what else can I say? Hopefully he will be much more useful later on.

None are in the box.

Our forces still stand strong.
Son Of Shadoo, considering your huge Rock Type Weakness, I'd recommend taking either Bronzor or Geodude out of the PC, just so you have something to take on Rock Type attacks with.
Well, he's already in my party as filler, and a wall in case I need to heal (though Fluffy does that pretty well too), but my problem with Bronzor is, until it evolves, it can't really do jack shit for damage... How can I remedy that?
If you're typing a long update, I'd recommend using Notepad, as it saves time. Also, when you've typed out your update, Highlight the entire thing & go Ctrl+C to copy it, just in case something like that happens. If it does, log back in, go to the reply box, & Ctrl+V to paste it all in, so your hard work isn't erased. It automatically logs you out after 30 minutes. Hope I helped.
I did that for the first update, but completely forgot for the second one -_- I'll probably just do them in Word or Notepad from now on, much safer. Speaking of which, I'll probably be working on the update today, I'm even farther ahead than I was before, and the game has continued to troll me, giving me a Modest Geodude *facepalm*

EDIT: I just realized that the thing about me being nature/ability trolled was in the lost update, so I should explain.
-Starly, Brave nature-OK, at least it boosts attack but the speed lowering sucks
-Shinx, Calm nature with Rivalry-Great, crappy ability and a nature that lowers my best stat. At least I get a special defense boost that might be slightly useful?
-Budew, Adamant nature with Poison Point-*facepalm*
-Geodude, Modest nature-*headdesk*
just stumbled upon this thread, glad to see so many people taking the challenge.
after the third badge my team is
  • Release all fainted pokemon
  • Only catch the first pokemon in each area, if it dies, too bad
  • Name everything

  • Tormtimer - lv28 Grotle
    - team leader, all around BA.
  • Flutter - lv30 Dustox
    - saved me countless times thus far, and the only reason i beat Gardenia. unfortunately, the fact that its already a 3rd evo makes me worry that he'll be outclassed when everyone else evolves
  • Swoops - lv28 Staravia
    - my most recent team addition, his powerful stabs in return and wing attack have proven to make him an awesome team player. He's currently avenging the death of his brother, flyguy.
  • Ivan - lv27 Bronzor
    - unexpected team hero. I thought i'de have to xp share him to a bronzong, but after 2 iron defense's, he plowed right through the fighting gym, and earned a solid role on the team.
  • Tails - lv9 Pacharisu
    - umm... he knows flash and cut. He's probably gone once i find something interesting, and don't accidentally kill it with swoops (sorry, ghastly!).

    Oh, and my last slot is an egg (happiny, if i remember this part correctly)
my fallen comrads:
  • Flyguy - starly lv2-4
  • Dracula - Zubat lv 3-6
  • Norbert- Bidoof lv 2-14
    - my first really painful loss. Just one level from becomming a graveler, and he dies to a critical hit water gun.
  • Jake Ghastly lv 12-14
  • Punchy- Geodude lv6-24
  • Jenn- Ponyta lv 16-18
    - Double battles are my worst enemy. If i had known geodude would outspeed tortimer and use magnitude, i never would have kept you in, Jenn. I'm so sorry.

    As you can see, my first nuzlocke run has been filled with lots of casualties, but i'm determined to make it through, and avenge my fallen buddies.
  • Teefers- lv8 Zubat
  • Derp - lv4 Bidoof
  • Zelos - lv8 Buizel
  • Mark- lv5 Zubat
  • Brover - lv16 Bidoof
  • MetroBear - lv12 Buneary
a brief update of where I am currently:
having finally made it to veilstone, Marcus trudged to the pokemon center to heal his friends. After a quick refresher, he marched confidently to the gym, knowing Flutter and Swoops would decimate Maylene. After clearing the trainers, he walked up to the anxious young leader for a battle. Thinking of spreading the love, Marcus decided to give Ivan the bronzor the first shot at battle. To his great surprise, Ivan would go on to solo the whole team. Using iron defense, he was able to shrug off any physical blows, and took down maylene's fighting trio with confuse ray and extrasensory. Now dawn wants his help with team galactic. He's not incredibly fond of her, but whatever, its more xp.

Swamp Thing

formerly Srs Bisnis
1st update

-If a Pokemon in your party faints, you must release it.
-Every time you reach a new route, cave, etc., you must catch the very first Pokemon you see, regardless of your current number of party members. The Pokemon may sit within the box for an indeterminate amount of time as a backup.
-If you fail to catch the first Pokemon you see, either via it fleeing, knocking it out, or having no Pokeballs, you may not catch another. Tough shit.
-This means you can not catch a Pokemon in a route you were in before you could catch Pokemon. So no route 1, you were there before you had pokeballs.
-If a town you go to contains a body of water or a gift, Pokemon like Bill’s Eevee in G/S/C/HG/SS, that may be considered a Pokemon of a new area.
-You must nickname your Pokemon so there is some sort of attachment. Each Pokemon is a best friend to you, to see them die is heartbreaking.
-If your entire party faints, they all must be thrown away. If you have a Pokemon left in a box somewhere, you may continue, otherwise you must start your game over.
-You are, under no circumstance, allowed to get a second Pokemon from any given area.
-You may not switch out before the enemy trainer sends in a new Pokemon.
-You are not allowed to use legendaries in battle.
-Potions are allowed, other healing items are not.

Although I am a boy in real life, I recently started my Pearl as a female named Mikala. My starter is a male Piplup named Caesar. After officially getting him from Prof. Rowan, I trained him to level 8. I walked to Route 202 and caught my male Starly, now named Nero. I ran to Jubilife to heal, and trained my Pokemon to the south of the town. At this point, my Pokemon are level 9-10. I felt ready to catch my 3rd Pokemon, so I went to route 204, and caught a female Bidoof, and named her Numa. I was on the verge of giving up and using her as death fodder because she was almost impossible to train. Just after she killed a Budew, Poison Point struck her and she was poisoned. Running to the PC, I checked every couple of steps to see how long she had to live. Miraculously, at 2 hp, the poison went away. I decided she was a trooper, and that I would keep her.

I went to Oreburgh and caught a Zubat named Sudoku. I challenged the gym, and survived Roark's Cranidos with 8 hp on Caesar. Caesar evolved into Prinplup from this win. I received Rock Smash and went through a cave, where I caught a male Shinx as soon as I got outside. This is the route outside Floaroma Town. I named the Shinx Gamma. Nero evolved into Staravia after I battled a bug catcher. As soon as I get to Eterna, I think I may rename Shinx. I just need a little input: is Gamma too girly for a male Shinx?

Prinplup "Caesar"

Quirky, Torrent
Pound, Peck, Bubble, Metal Claw

Bidoof "Numa"

Serious, Simple
Tackle, Growl, Defense Curl, Rock Smash

Staravia "Nero"

Modest, Intimidate
Tackle, Double Team, Quick Attack, Wing Attack

Zubat "Sudoku"

Careful, Inner Focus
Leech Life, Supersonic and Astonish

Shinx "Gamma"

Docile, Rivalry
Tackle, Leer

This is my first Nuzlocking experience, so sorry that the journal thing is badly written.


It's all coming back to me now
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yeah sorry, bit of a wall of text with this update

After my success vs Gardenia I moved on to the Team Galactic Hideout. Zap destroyed all the grunts there while in the process Kazza evolved into the mighty Kadabra. I faced off against Mars which would have been very difficult had it not been for my trustworthy Kirsty who managed to Bug Bite Skuntank, stealing its Sitrus Berry. In the process however, Paul the Bidoof was killed leaving me without the use of Cut. Frustrated by losses of my friends I carried on and received a Togapi egg from Cynthia. I revived my Skull Fossil and received a Cranidos which I named Nick. Cranidos proved to be very valuable as him and Kazza teamed up to act as the powerhouses of the team working well with Zap. I added a Ralts (Zed) to my party and seeing as it was male decided to evolve it into a Gallade once I had achieved the necessary requirements. Sadely before I could even enter Hearthome City Aaron fell switching in a a Geodude who got a lucky Magnitude 9. This loss was guttering for me as a moment ago Aaron had just learnt Aqua Jet and had been set to earn his place on the team.

Moving on, I challenged Fantina who led with Duskul while I sent out Zaps. At level 29 and access to attacks such as Bite I felt that I had nothing to fear. However, Duskul survived the Bite and then Burned Zaps with Will-o-wisp. I then finished it off with a quick Bite.

Fantina then sent out her Mismagius and I knew that this battle was almost over. There was no way Zaps could even 2KO with Bite due to its Burn and banning myself from using items meant that Zaps was staying Burned. Desperate, I played my last card in Swagger which confused Mismagius before a Shadow Ball + Burn finished it off.

With next to nothing left I sent out Nick. My goal was to lower Mismagius’s Speed with Scary Face so that Kazza and Zed would have a sporting chance. I got lucky with confusion as Nick was able to Scary Face with no damage taken. Mismagius being crippled with its Speed cut I ordered a Pursuit with Zed smashing into Mismagius multiple times. Fantina re-gathered herself as Mismagius snapped out of the confusion, and ordered a Shadow Ball. A ball of dark energy flew through the air, directly at Nick. I could only watch helplessly as it connected blasting Nick backwards. Fantina grinned in triumph… and Nick got back up. Amazingly, it had survived that massive blow and now nailed Mismagius with a Pursuit. Leaving only Haunter to take down.

As Haunter came out I realised that I had next to nothing to take down Haunter. Everything I had would be taken down by Shadow Claw, everything but Jessie my newly hatched Togepi. Jessie came out as a fist of shadow passed harmlessly through it. It waved its finger and tickled Haunter weakening its attack and defence. Seeing Tickle brought a flash of inspiration. There was no way that Jessie could take down Haunter, but maybe, just maybe, Nick could. 2 Charms later and Haunter’s attack stat had been reduced to pathetic levels. It fired off a hypnosis and it connected, sending Togepi to sleep. I then switched to Nick getting in safely as Haunter Sucker Punched. It was going to come down to this. Would my near death Nick survive a STAB Shadow Claw from a -6 attack Haunter???

Haunter attacked, a claw of Shadow slammed into Nick who swayed, then, still alive, KOed Haunter at last with a Pursuit. After taking a heavy loss in losing my team member Zap, I had still managed to come out on top thanks to the outstanding efforts of Nick.

(For the record I survived the Shadow Claw with about 2 HP left.)

I buried Zaps just outside Hearthome and then trained up Kazza seeing as I expected Barry to be waiting for me. Kazza learnt Psybeam and then crushed Barry, OHKO’ing everything bar his Staravia. I lost Nick a bit later in a double battle where it got double targeted and I was caught off guard by a Jump Kick Buneary (P. sure it was Level 22 as well so how the fuck did it get Jump Kick that early???)

I needed more party members as Zed was very weak at that point (failing to beat shit like Cleffa and Togepi like wtf). I found a Chansey (!) first go in the Grass which I named Jasmine. Nice pokemon but I needed something with a bit more power. I gained a Duskull in the Lost Tower (Alec) and then captured a Scyther (Sabre) which I guess is better than nothing. At long last Zed finally evolved which hopefully leaves me in a better position than I was before.

Ill do the team update thing later.

Also guys im kinda stuck. This game is hammering me and I keep losing valuable team members. Its’ really annoying. Also I have 2 slots left in my party and I am not sure what I should put in there. I guess I can add my Eevee but I have no idea what I should evolve it into. Any advice for me?
A warning to those who plan on nuzlocking Black and White: It is really fucking hard.

The first couple gyms are challenging, as the wild pokemon you'll be battling are a full 7-10 levels lower than the gym leader's pokemon. Still, with enough grinding you should be able to overcome them without too much trouble. After that, it gets easier (especially once you get the Lucky Egg as a gift) but the Elite Four was majorly tough.

Even though the E4 each only have 4 pokemon levels 48-50, they all have high base stats and the best moves possible. I had grinded in Victory Road (wild mons ~38-41) until I was levels 51-54 and still had a hard time; I was 1 attack away from probably losing 3 or 4 pokemon but managed to only lose 1.

The Elite Four aren't the real problem however; the battles with N and Geechizu afterwards are. I had originally planned on not using Reshiram during the fight (the unofficial "no legendaries" rule) but decided to anyway because of the difficulty I had with the other battles. Sure enough, N's team of 6 level 50s and Geechizu's of 6 level 52s was incredibly difficult, but I again made it away with only 1 casualty (ironically it was Reshiram!).

And if you plan on finishing the game, all trainers are buffed up to at least level 65 pokemon, which is in itself pretty difficult unless you plan on grinding a lot.
I am happy. To buff up my forces, I go to National Park, and find a Lvl 10 Caterpie. After 1 level up, it was a level 11 Metapod. Than it was Level 12, and evolved into Butterfree, learning all 3 powders. Yay! I still need to fight Whitney, though. Here's my team.
Florence the Level 19 Sassy Quilava
-Quick Attack

Alexia the Level 18 Quiet Rattata
-Hyper Fang
-Tail Whip
-Quick Attack

Stephan the Level 18 Calm Bellsprout
-Vine Whip
-Sleep Powder

Stacy the Level 17 Sassy Zubat
-Wing Attack (yes!)

Muscle the Level 18 traded Lonely Machop
-Low Kick
-Focus Energy
-Karate Chop

Ria the Level 13 Timid Butterfree
-Sleep Powder
-Stun Spore

Delilah the Level 14 Pidgey
Calvin the Level 6 Metapod

Jeremy the Level 10 Togepi- Died due to me forgeting Nidoran learnt Double Kick
Wess the Level 6 Hoppip- Died to save Florence from a -2 Defense Focus Energy'd Quick Attack from Bugsy's Scyther
Hey, srs bisnis, cool to see our first attempts are both on pear version. Hint: staravia is really helpful, don't let your first one die ( poor fly guy).
anyway, update time, i guess.

EDIT: oh, and ginganinja, consider putting your team in hide tags. I liked reading the update, but i didn't always know what pokemon you were referring too with the names.
  • Release all fainted pokemon
  • Only catch the first pokemon in each area, if it dies, too bad
  • Name everything

  • Tormtimer - lv33 Torterra
  • Flutter - lv30 Dustox
  • Swoops - lv32 Staravia
  • Ivan - lv31 Bronzor
  • Tails - lv9 Pacharisu
  • Rachel - lv22 Gyarados.
my fallen comrads:
  • Flyguy - starly lv2-4
  • Dracula - Zubat lv 3-6
  • Norbert- Bidoof lv 2-14
  • Jake Ghastly lv 12-14
  • Punchy- Geodude lv6-24
    - my first really painful loss. Just one level from becomming a graveler, and he dies to a critical hit water gun.
  • Jenn- Ponyta lv 16-18
    - Double battles are my worst enemy. If i had known geodude would outspeed tortimer and use magnitude, i never would have kept you in, Jenn. I'm so sorry.

    As you can see, my first nuzlocke run has been filled with lots of casualties, but i'm determined to make it through, and avenge my fallen buddies.
  • Teefers- lv8 Zubat
  • Derp - lv4 Bidoof
  • Zelos - lv8 Buizel
  • Mark- lv5 Zubat
  • Brover - lv16 Bidoof
  • MetroBear - lv12 Buneary
  • Happiny Egg?
  • Paul - lv22 Geodude
  • Peepers -lv22 Hoothoot
a brief update of where I am currently:
Marcus helped Dawn out, though her stupid clefairy wasn't much help. He proceeded to find a Fly HM, and slapped it on swoops. "Carry me, swoops!" he shouted. Swoops did so, but seemed greatly distressed.

Heading to south of vielstone, Marcus found a Magikarp in a lake using a good rod. "I'll name you Paul" he said, joyfully. Only seconds later, he realized the magikarp was a girl, and swoops flew everyone to Eterna to rename the new teamate, Rachel. A cave on the same route yielded a Geodude, but Marcus knew he could never love another geodude the way he had loved Punchy. To the box, he goes.

Two routes full of rain, mud, and trainers later Marcus arrives in Pastoria city, eager to wipe the floor with these water type pokemon. Oh yeah, Tortimer and Rachel evolved somewhere in that rain hell. Good stuff.

"Alright team, its time" Said marcus, looking at his mons. He knew Tortimer could steam roll this guy, but once again decided to give Ivan the first shot, he was under leveled, comparatively. Dragon rage gyarados proved to block his walling efforts, however, and Marcus brought in swoops to finish the job. Next up was floatzel. Who, after narrowly surviving a razor leaf, fired off a powerful ice fang. "Oh God! No!" shouted Marcus. Luckily for Marcus, he had greatly underestimated his turtle's tanking prowess. Tortimer would live to destroy both floatzel, and his comrade quagsire, and earn a Gym badge for Marcus. "Thanks guys" he panted "awesome work."

Following a galactic grunt out of town, Marcus met his rival, Steve again. This time, He was determined not to loose any pokemon. Thanks to Swoops, Steve's team was decimated, and Marcus' buddies lived to fight again. For the first time in days, Marcus was really starting to feel confident in his team again.
Lost the challenge.
Got half my pokemon owned in the Second Gym by my own stupidity and the rest were cleaned up by the rival.
I'm going to think out my strategies better then go for this again.
finally i got in the mood to start one of those although i dont want you guys to expect
anything great both because i am lazy with updates and cant speak english for shit. also
notice i am using as simple program on my PC to write this instead of doing it on smogon so
try to ignore the bad format until i fix it, that is if i get in the mood to do so.

edit: fixed what i could.


1-thou shall release any defeated pokemon.
2-thou shall nickname each new pokemon.
3-thou shall not buy any items besides pokeballs.
4-thou shall only catch the first pokemon in a new area.
5-thou shall do your best to update at least once a week.

might as well start off with platinum.

chapter 1: lets get this game on!

After finishing watching the most boring channel out there i moved one step only to see Ryan, my best friend, to show up inside my room for no good reason(does he got my room key or something?) at all, talk about my new PC and run off saying i should go asap. i am telling you guys, that kid got problems. also quickly changed the text options to fast.

going down i hear more trash talk from my mother, simply ignoring i exit my house and check what Ryan is smoking and see if he can give me some only for him to somehow open his house door right on my face, say hi and notice he forgot something, rushing back and closing the door on my face. with friends like Ryan who need enemies?

i enter his house(does anyone in this godamn town close they house door?) and check inside his room to check up on him. i was fast to notice he already finished all the good stuff and told me to meet up with him on the town exit. jumping a few minutes into the future we are there. he said he wants a pokemon and will rush to the DANGEROUS grass if nescessary, i told him to go first for the heck of it but just as he was rushing to him own death we hear a voice coming from the lake directon, turns out it was no one other then professor...humm...what is his name again?

he was quick to call us stupid kids for doing such a move but i came up with a excuse about pokemon love. he forgived us and told a 10 years old girl to give us a pokemon. she appears to be the most sane person so far besides me since she was fast to disagree with the idea, however the old man simply ignored and told me to pick one up. i had 3 options: a turtle, a monkey and...a bird that cant fly. i picked the monkey while Ryan got piplup. the old man and little girl left and Ryan challenged me to a battle right after that. i easily trashed his ass, stole his wallet and ran back home.

chapter 2: do i really gotta do it?

my mother scolded me for the situation although she said nothing about the fact i stole my best friend money and almost killed his new friend. in fact she gave me some new shoes for said act. maybe i should be a jerk more often? i go out to see how Ryan is going and he told me to follow him to the lake cause WE(him) want to catch a legendary pokemon as a reward for the old guy giving us...normal pokemons. geez dude, why not keep said legendary?

we head to the lake only to see a pretty weird guy talking to the river. he was the most crazy character so far because of that. after leaving the lake while bothering no one(Read: he punched Ryan face to make way) me and Ryan heard a pokemon cry from the lake, maybe the other guy is not so crazy after all? Ryan however said something smart for a change and noticified us of the fact we posess no artifacts of pokemon slavering, thus we decided to ask the prof to give us such objects.

i meet my first wild pokemon in said route, thus i am not allowed to catch anything here. after reaching level 7 my monkey and i went to the prof lab. the cute sane girl from before awaited me outside. we both enter the lab...not before i get my face crushed by the lab door thanks to, guess who, Ryan. he was way too full of sugar to listen to reason and quickly ran away before i could say a word. with my nose bleeding from both the cute girl face and door smash i enter the lab, with the crazy prof waiting for me.

after a long and dumb speech he allow me to give a name to my pokemon(finally) thus i called him Axel(got it memorized?) and receive a pokedex, a object that allows me to record data from wild pokemons(yes, even the ones i saw before getting said object) i meet. after leaving the lab the prof shows up, give me a useless TM(for now) and rushes back. dawn(got her phone too!) mentioned that he was probably a pokemon trained in the past if he had a TM. after that she showed me the city and said functions i already knew about and told me to check with my mom if i could go on a dangerous adventure that might get me and my friends killed. i did so and she said yes, then came back for dawn to teach me how to throw balls at wounded animals to slave them. she gave me 5 of them and ran off.

chapter 3: a mah going pimp here.

now with the ability to catch pokemons i move on(not before healing on the poke-center of course) only to see a kid challenging me to a duel(err..pokemon battle). easily trashed and stole his money. same for the next 2 idiots that got in my way. also in the middle of the grass i found a starly, catched him and named him Raven(misson accomplished). i went to jubilife city only to see dawn in front of it(is she a stalker?) waiting for the moment to tell me i should catch some moah. we then meet a crazy guy hiding behind obvious places. we ask him what he is doing and he told us he was a super secret detective or whatever, dindt really believe a shit of what he said(Dawn did though). after that she tells me Ryan is at the pokemon school and leaves.

thinking the situation cant get any worst i went to check on him. he told me about stuff that was written all over the blackboard behind him and left right after. i noticed two kids doing nothing on the school and decided beating they pokemons up would be nice training for Axel. it sure was and i stole a potion from one of the kids pocket after that.

while grinding Raven on a earlier route he got crit. while not killed it did scared me and made me realize the dangers of a nuz run, thus i decided i should be more careful from now on.

i decided to keep going after that, however a weird person stopped me and made me find 3 clowns in order to win a clock in order to continue the game. 5 minutes later i got the damn clock and decided to get a new pokemon on the upper route of the city(204). sadly all i got was another starly that i called ragdoll. after beating some trainers i decided to take the right route of the city only to find Ryan awaiting for me.

he challenged me to a battle that i obviously won thanks to Ryan poor team and skill(justified). got myself a kricketot and named him Mad Daddy after that and put him on the box(went back to the city for a full recovery) because of how useless he is and decided i should sleep for now and continue tomorow.


Axel(chimchar) lonely level 12 male


the main pokemon of the team. a cold character who prefers to battle alone. justified because he is more then capable of taking care of himself. not much is know about him for
now but i will learn about this interesting pokemon with time.

Raven(Starly) naive level 7 male


second in command(and only pokemon in the team besides Axel). different from Axel who is just cold Raven is a outright monster. having no problems with pecking eyes out and using dirty tricks, however he is loyal to his mission and fully obey me, works well with Axel despite differences.

Mad daddy(kricketot) naughty level 5 male

a useless member and that is not saying much.

Ragdoll(starly) impish level 4 female

another useless member who will probably be used as a meat shield one day.
Another update. Beat Whitney without trouble by using a metric crapload of X Attacks/Speeds on Muscle while fighting Clefairy, than proceeding to severely murder Miltank. Afterwards, I go up to the Pokeathalon Dome, earning a Jump Medal for Alexia, Delilah, and Ria. I'm going to do a lot more Pokeathalon stuff after a while to get a Leaf Stone for Staephan.

Next I go to Route 36 and catch Davey the Hoothoot. next time, I'll be fighting Sudowoodo and probablly Silver.

PS: I decided to boot Ria off the team, she was just too underleveled, and I alredy have Flying covered by Stacy and status by Sthephan

Florence the Sassy Level 20 Quilava
Item: Charcoal
Quick Attack
Flame Wheel

Alexia the Quiet Level 19 Rattata
Hyper Fang
Quick Attack
Tail Whip

Stephan the Calm Level 18 Bellsprout
Item: Miracle Seed
Vine Whip
Sleep Powder

Stacy the Sassy Level 18 Zubat
Item: Soothe Bell
Wing Attack

Muscle the Lonely traded Level 20 Machop
Item: Quick Claw
Low Kick
Seismic Toss
Karate Chop

Delilah the Level 14 Pidgey
Calvin the Level 6 Metapod
Ria the Level 13 Butterfree
Davey the Level 13 Hoothoot

Jeremy the Level 1-10 Togepi: Died due to me forgeting Nidoran leans Double Kick
Wess the Level 6 Hoppip: Sacrificed to save Florence from a -2 defense Focus Energy'd Quick Attack from Bugsy's Scyther
Flamestrike: I love your updates! Its a shame I started reading them so late(Elite 4 of HG). Please just keep them coming.

Skwog: I read your story and that sucks but after reading through your story I'm just wondering what pokemon you caught/fainted on route 4, 11, 25. I read your updates and I account for every route but those ones, the reason I mention it is I am also doing Blue and I know that there are pokemon on those routes that can learn cut. Route 4 is right after Mt.Moon(b4 Cerulean) which has Sandshrew(25%), then Route 25 is right b4 all the trainers b4 Bill, and it contains Bellsprout(25%) and finally your best shot if you haven't restarted is Route 11(right of Vermillion City) has Sandshrew(45%).

If it is indeed over I look forward to your new updates as with flamestrike they are really well done.

I'm on Cinnabar Island in my 2nd Blue Nuzlocke(first is on my broken laptop) and I've lost so many members, I'm hoping I'm to the point where its pretty much safe for my Mons :)
Skwog's Blue Version Nuzlocke Super Hard Challenge!

May only catch the first Pokemon I see upon entering a route.
When a Pokemon faints, it is dead. No revives, no nothing. Dead.
No antidotes or potions.
May only purchase five Pokeballs per Pokemart. These are the only Pokeballs I'm allowed to use, bar the ones I find while adventuring.
White out means game over, even if there are extra Pokemon in my box.

Chapter 1:

So this is what it is like to be dead. It feels so familiar. I can recall all of my memories. Memories of the world I once lived in. My mother, suffering from poison. My Pokemon, my companions, each of which relied on me. I let them all down. I especially let you down, Pablo. I swore to never let you die, and yet I let you hurt yourself in confusion. I was foolish, and I lost my best friend...
I deserve to be dead...
What is strange is this all seems so familiar. Almost like a dream...

Colors and shapes began to form in his vision as Skwog could feel his eyes blinking rapidly. The morning light was shining in his face, and woke him up from an evening of slumber. There he was, snug in his bed, back in the same place he was before he set out on his Pokemon journey.

Was it all just a dream? No, it couldn't have been. I know it was real, I can remember it all so distinctly.

"Skwog, it was not a dream. What happened really did occur."

Who is this? How do you know what I am thinking?

"My name shall be hidden for now. It is a matter of unimportance. I speak with telekinesis, Skwog. I know what goes through your mind. I know of your journey with Pablo, of how you were determined to bring peace back to the realm of Pokemon. You were not only determined to do this, Skwog. You were destined."

So... Pablo is back?

"Unfortunately, no. After you took your life, I revived your soul to the best of my ability. Though I could not get the details precisely the same, I did bring you back to your realm. I have brought you back to the day when you first selected your Pokemon. However, this is where the similarities end. Skwog, you must remember this: you are destined to save the world. You must not fail again."

Wait, though. Can't you tell me who you are? Or what I am supposed to do?

Silence. As soon as the voice appeared, it was gone. Skwog was only left with a plethora of questions, none of which he had the answers to. Whatever benevolent being was kind enough to bring him back to existence, Skwog was thankful for.

Later that day, he found himself in the same position he did in his past life: picking his beginner Pokemon. "I would like a Squirtle," Skwog said while selecting the Pokeball. "Welcome back, Pab---..." Hesitation overtook him. It would do injustice to his previous companions to name his new Pokemon the same names. "I mean Pedro..."

Chapter 2:
Rock Hard​

"Well, team, here we are. Pewter City. Home of the must rugged trainers, and where the first Pokemon Gym we are going to challenge." Skwog looked beside him, examining his companions in journey. There was Pedro, the Squirtle he set out with on the first day. Unlike Pablo, Pedro was much more flamboyant and joyous.

"Squirtle! Squirt!" boldly said the turtle as he clenched a fist, his eyes looking over the city. The small Pokemon was clearly the leader of the team, and his Water moves proved to be useful in battle. His strengths would be confirmed in Skwog's first gym battle.

"Spearooooooow!" cawed a small bird as it perched upon Skwog's shoulder. Skwog gently stroked the plumage of the Spearow, chuckling at his Pokemon's eagerness to battle.
"Sorry, Carlos, but I don't think you'll be used here. Your attacks won't do much against Brock's Pokemon."
The Spearow was disappointed, but cooed quietly, acknowledging today would not be his day for battle. Besides, Carlos had just powered his way through the Viridian Forest, a series of strong Pecks quickly taking out Weedles and Caterpies belonging to bug catchers.

"Arnold, unfortunately I'm not going to use you today either." The yellow, mouse-like creature looked up towards his trainer, a look of confusion upon its face. A small jolt of electricity surged through its cheeks, then the Pikachu shook his head rapidly as if to disperse the shock from its body. "I guess that means you understand." Arnold was the newest member of the team, only been picked up in Virdian Forest moments earlier. Though his level was low, Skwog knew not to underestimate how valuable its Electric moves could be.

"Come on, Pedro. Let's get this over with."

"A challenger? Very well. You will never take down my rock hard defenses." The gym leader, Brock, seemed confident of his ability to defeat Skwog, despite not knowing Skwog brought along a Squirtle. "Come on Geodude. Stand strong."

"Pedro, let's go." A Pokeball opened, and a beam of white light formed into the small turtle Pokemon. A fierce grunt came from Pedro as he positioned himself to attack, awaiting Skwog's orders. "Bubble." A series of bubbles flew from Pedro mouth, their liquid forms bursting upon the foe's Geodude. The rock creature could not handle the hit, and fell to the single blow.

"Dang. Geodude, return. Onix, you know the drill." Brock released his signature Pokemon from its sphere, the massive rock snake standing massively above Pedro.

Skwog laughed, knowing the size difference played no part in battle techniques. "Pedro, be quick on your feet. That Onix is fast."
"Onix, tackle that Squirtle."
The large mass of rock lunged towards the turtle, but not fast enough. Pedro was able to anticipate the targeted attack zone, and jumped nibly into the air. Onix crashed into the ground, the missed Tackle being a significant miss. Pedro then landed upon the back of the snake, knowing what was going to be ordered to him.
"Pedro, Bubble. Its weak spot is exposed, show no mercy."
Another ferocious attack of bubbles shot towards Pedro's opponent, their liquid soaking the rock creature. The weakness was not one the Onix could overcome, and Pedro managed to defeat his opponent.

"Your battle skills are admirable, Skwog. Here, take the Boulder Badge. Go to Cerulean City next, and show Misty what you are made of. There is evil in the world, and I feel there is something different about you. Something I cannot explain. I think you may be Kanto's only hope for peace."

Skwog was somewhat disappointed he did not get to be tattooed like he did in the previous life for winning in gym battles. The nifty badges were a neat substitute though, and Skwog neatly pinned the badge to the inside of his jacket. "Good work, Pedro. Let's make our way to Mt. Moon next."

"Squirtle!" said the creature in agreement. Pedro then dashed ahead of Skwog, eager for what challenges lay ahead of them. Skwog could only chuckle lightly at his companion. It was interesting to see the difference in personality between Pedro and Pablo. Both were unique in the own way, and Skwog was determined not to let his new companion down.

Chapter 3:
Dark Side of Mt. Moon​

Skwog looked at the entrance into the mountain, the looming darkness inside almost inviting him to come inside. He knew of the evil inside. He knew Team Rocket lurked in the mountain. After adjusting his backpack, Skwog ventured into the tunnel knowing he had to stop Team Rocket from stealing the fossils deep inside.

Suddenly something swooped through the air, attempting to latch a set of fangs into Skwog's arm. "Arnold, come on out. Use Thundershock on whatever that is!" The yellow mouse nodded and pulled his arms in tight. A small spark was generated on its cheeks, and was sent flying towards to airborne foe. The opponent shrieked, then Skwog threw a Pokeball and successfully caught whatever it was that attacked him.

The Pokedex began to recite an entry on a Pokemon named Zubat. "Zubat, eh? Hmm... I'll call you Valerie." The trainer placed his new companion on his belt, the new Pokemon taking the fifth spot on his team. The other new member was a Pidgey he found outside of the mountain which Skwog named Jackson. "Good work, Arnold. Next time you should react faster." Arnold looked at his trainer, confused as to what he meant. "You're such a dunce..." Skwog grumbled while returning his companion.

"What's a kid doing in here? Looks like it is my job to stop you," said a man dressed in the signature Rocket uniform, readying himself to battle Skwog.
"Team Rocket..." whispered Skwog as he gripped a Pokeball.
"You know of us?"
"I know enough. Enough to know it is my job to put you to an end." Skwog tossed his Pokeball, sending out Pedro who was now in his Wartortle stage.
A few well aimed Water Gun attacks took down the Rocket's Pokemon, leaving the man stunned. "I need to warn the others... you must be stopped."

Team Rocket was unable to hold off Skwog, however. A combination of powerful Pokemon and a previous knowledge of the trainers gave Skwog the upper hand. Each trainer defeated gave Skwog more experience, and improved the abilities of his Pokemon. Both trainer and Pokemon grew dramatically in strength, and Skwog came across the final trainer in the cave.

"You came to steal my fossils... You cannot have them..." said a man in a raspy voice as he sent out a Grimer to defend his tokens of pride. Skwog sent out Pedro, and the Wartortle wiped out the man's Grimer, as well as a Voltorb and a Koffing. "My... fossils."

Skwog pushed the man aside, and pocketed the Helix fossil before heading down the few last tunnels inside the caverns. Natural light and fresh air greeted him as he exited Mt. Moon, Cerulean City a short ways in the distance.

I'm getting closer to where I failed last time... I can't let down Pedro. Not after what happened last time... Cerulean City, here I come.

The Crew​

Pedro the Wartortle Lv. 21
-Tail Whip
-Water Gun

Pedro is the leader of the team. His personality is joyful and bubbly. Pedro is also proud of his strength, and wants nothing more than to be recognized a "strong" by his trainer.

Carlos the Spearow Lv. 16
-Fury Attack

Carlos's raw strength enables him to muscle through tight situations. He is on the quiet side, but he shines in battle with powerful moves that he can use to muscle through opponents Pedro could not handle alone.

Arnold the Pikachu Lv. 11
-Thunder Wave

Arnold is the dunce of the team. He does not have the best time processing orders from Skwog. His lack of intelligence provides comic relief for the gang.

The Box​

Jackson the Pidgey Lv. 8
Valerie the Zubat Lv. 7

This time I will not lose because I don't have a cutter. I have yet to encounter my first Pokemon on Route 4, so I may see a Sandshrew. I can also see a Bellsprout or Meowth. Worst case scenario, I could trade away Carlos for the Farfetch'd.

Also, is would anybody be mad if I did the Mew glitch and use a Mew as one of my Pokes? It's tempting to do, but I feel as if it is not in the style of Nuzlocke to abuse a glitch in the game. So yeah, let me know what you guys think. I'll be gone for the weekend, so I will check in my leisure time and post when I come back.
Been inspired to try this challenge by some of the storys written by Firestrike, Skwog and the comics of nuzlocke himself :3.
Starting this challenge on my fire red version, will probably start out recording my journey in comic/manga form. Character name is Edward, will post up my character design and bio tomorrow. However due to studies + work it's probable updates will not be that frequent.
The thing with the mew glitch skwog, is not only do you have to see an abra, but you have to catch it as well. If you can do that I see no qualms other than making sure it doesn't violate the area rule of your nuzlocke. I'm not 100% sure of what part of the bridge the mew appears but I believe it appears in the actual city part of Cerulean, which means you get 2 chances for Abra 24 and 25. And you can't trade for Jynx later (does anyone actually do that?). Unless of course you're gonna be patient and buy one at the game corner in celadon, but then no eevee for you lol.

Again I like your style of story telling so keep the updates coming.

Skwog's question reminded me that I had a similar question about in game trading. He mentioned that he might have to trade his spearow for farfetche'd for cut, well my question is, is there any rule that says you can't trade a dead pokemon for an in game one?

I mean morally speaking I don't think it follows the Nuzlocke spirit but, I mean if its that or restart like Skwog had to, isn't it better to pawn your dead friend off to the oblivious in game trainer :)


The professor?
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on leafgreen:
about to embark the ss anne at vermillon with:
ivysaur, lvl 22
diglett, lvl 21
fearow, lvl 21
mankey, lvl 20

zubat, lvl 7
bellsprout, lvl 13
bellsprout, lvl 15
pidgey, lvl 12
sandshrew, lvl 12

butterfree, lvl 20

My rival's charmander on the nugget bridge has been my hardest challenge, so far as my mankey missed with rock tomb and i had to switch out, because i didn't want to run the risk of it missing then getting knocked out. It took quite a bit of switching from butterfree to ivysaur and quite a few sleep powder's to finally defeat it.
Misty was no problem at all, ivysaur ohko'd the whole gym except stramie who was a 2hko.
My butterfree died after getting poisoned by a gamer's oddish. i switched out, but the pokecentre was too far away and it died.
I haven't been grinding at all, bar when spearow joined the team, which is probably why i'm reasonably underleveled.

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