Nuzlocke Challenge

Well, I have been finding the time to do this in short bits on FireRed between beating gym leaders on Heart Gold, however I have no inspiration for writing a story, therefore I will not until I do get some.

I am currently through Viridian Forest, after beating Green (or indeed Toru as my FireRed suggested it as a name). Here is my team at the moment, as I prepare to face Brock!

Wrists the level 16 Ivysaur.

I am so original when it comes to reasons for picking and naming starter pokémon.

Mercutio the level 7 Pidgey.

He is the coolest character in Romeo and Juliet, which I am studying in English.


Chuck the level 4 Rattata.

Died at the hands of a Weedle while training in Viridian Forest

Chuck 2 the level 3 Rattata

Also died at the hands of Weedle poisoning in Viridian forest.
EDIT: Ok, before I begin. A word of advice to those playing FRLG. DON'T use Virindian Forest as a training ground. to many chances for Poison to kill you're pokemon

Parts 1-3

Parts 4-6

Parts 7-10a

Part 10b:the downpore, of vines!

Now that I've got an answer to Misty, I need to get everyone up to par, starting with Chomper. He pops out of his pokeball and starts tearing through the wild pokemon with glee, though I have to call him off several times before he kills them. "No need to actualy kill them," I tell him, "just knock them out." He seems to understand, and controls his attacks. Then, after a while, he starts putting off attacks until he's been hit once. I couldn't understand that, so I pulled out my pokedex, and realize that he's learned Focus Energy. Seems fine to me, so he finnishes off the bellsprout and comes back to me. Almost expecting it, I close my eyes instantly as the bright light apears. I had just checked ratata's information in the pokedex, so I knew that the evolution was called Raticate. When the light cleared, Chomper stood before me, looking like he had let himself go REALLY badly... I wondered if he lost any speed in the evolution, but that fear was quickly demolished as he travels nearly as fast as I can see to take out another ratata. I smile and call him back. He was done trainging

After several more hours of intense training, the only pokemon left is Victoria. Easing her into it, not wanted another POWDER episode, I constantly switch in and out. Bullet Seed is useful, but I'm leaning toward using Vine Whip more, which makes me wonder if using the TM was really worth it. I guess it doesn't really matter, since none of my other pokemon could use it. As she gets better, Victoria begins taking on opponents by herself, except for the pesky spearows of course. I can see her eyes light up with exileration at the idea of battling, which I assume is a good sign. Like all my other pokemon, she needed to be taught to control herself, but once she did everything went smoothly.

Finally Victoria reaches the level of strength that the rest boast, so I take her into the gym. First up is some guy in a swimsuit, sending out a couple of lower level water types. "Vine Whip!" Two water types up, two water types down. Victoria looks rather pleased with her acomplishment. I know that, no matter how wimpy she may look, victoria is a force to be reckoned with. Next is an EXTREMELY overconfident girl, who says she'll wipe the floor with me, when she only has one pokemon. The battle was quick, and painless on my side of things anyway. Seaking got away with only a few scars. So I turn to face Misty, but suddenly the gym is glowing with intense light. I was NOT expecting Victoria to evolve... But indeed, that's what happened. I look up in my pokedex that I now have a Weepinbell. Funny how it's called weepinbell, but Misty will be the one crying once it battles her.

Speaking of whom, misty seems completely unfazed by the whole escapade. So either she's used to it by now, or she's just dumb. Not wanting to assume the later, I assume she's seem at least one evolution in here. So, with a confident looking Victoria in tow, I walk up the pedastal and chat with Misty. She says something about a policy, and her's being all out offensive. I woder to myself what mine is, and pretty much come up with the same idea.

Anyway, the Staru I'm facing doesn't look particularly powerful, but is indeed fast. It starts spinning in circles, and I'm wondering what's happening. Suddenly a great ring of water smacks Victoria from behind, coming from the pool. Weepinbell can't seem to work out what's happening, but takes my word for it when I say that Staru is the problem. One down. Now Misty sends out Starmie. This thing does look powerful, and I'm wondering if I should've trained more. I tell Victoria to Vine Whip once again, and without Staru she seems to have cleared her mind. Starmie takes a heavy hit, but not heavy enough. Water Pulse comes again, but this time Victoria expects it, and knows what's going on. "Bullet Seed," I command, hoping she'd string together enough to take out this moster. At first it seemed like she had, but no. Starmie still stood. I told Victoria to repeat bullet seed, but Misty decided that she wanted to heal Starmie first. While Misty was putting up the used bottle, however, Victoria used the opertunity to get in five hits with Bullet Seed. Now seeing a chance that I hadn't attempted before, I switch tactics. "Sleep Powder!" I yell, "sweet dreams," I add as the Starmie falls asleep. "Now finnish this with Vine Whip!" Two hits was all it took, and I was walking out with this lovely Cascade badge and a very confident Victoria.

Part 11: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

As I head out I think more about my "policy" for battling. I decided that, for two reasons, mine was NOT an all out offensive. 1) people who go all out don't care how much damage they do, and use moves that can poison other people's pokemon. I shuddered at the thought. I would never try to poison something else, dooming them to die once I left them, because I knew that, even if my pokemon didn't finnish them off, the poison would. 2) I do, on the other hand, use moves like Sleep Powder and Supersonic. Those are not all out offensive moves, but they are extremely usefull.

In the end, I come to the conclusion that my policy is to fight how I want. yeah, not very specific. I stop thinking about it for a while, and head back up north to see this Bill kid. Seems like he knows a thing or two about pokemon. I notice a new patch of grass, and check my map to see if this is a different route. Yes it is! Time to see what I can catch. Caterpie! "Hmm, do I really want another caterpie? I don't want a repeat of POWDER..." After mulling it over, and a little encouragement from Scortch, I throw the pokeball and Monarch joins the team. I resolve to work on his later, however, now is not the time.

I blow through all the trainers, LVing up JackieChan as we go, and I come to a house with a beautifull view. I was never much of a photagrapher, but it wouldn't've taken much of one to get an awesome picture from this cliff. The view holds my gaze fore a few seconds, minutes, or hours, I'm not really sure which; but I finally break off and enter the house. I see a clefairy, but no boy. Disapointed, I turn around and start heading for the door

"WAIT!! HELP ME!" cries the little pokemon. I turn on the spot, I had never heard pokemon talk before... "I am Bill, but my experiment got messed up and I fused with a pokemon. Please, could you help?" Trying to hide my laughter at the deep voice coming from the little clefairy, I nod. "Ok great, just flip that switch on the computer when I'm in the machine." These instructions souded easy, until I realise that there are about 50 switches on this thing... Hoping that I magicaly pick the right one, I flip one of them, and it seems to work. Now I'm just hoping that a boy comes out and not a mutant. Indeed, Bill walks out and thanks me by giving me a ticket to a brand new cruise ship, the S.S. Anne.

Excited about the prospective of going on a cruise, I eagerly head toward vermilion city. Suddenly I realize that all the paths are blocked... How can I get to the cruise ship in time? Then I notice the police officer standing by the door of one of the houses, muttering something along the lines of, "blast that team rocket, how are we gonna catch him now..." Anger stirred in my heart, Team Rocket again? I'll show this guy. I head into the house, and am shocked to find the whole wall blown out. "How in the world did this happen?!" The wife was in too much shock to tell me, but the husband said that Team Rocket stole his TM Dig. I race out the hole and release Dracula to scout out where the thief went. He had not gone far, and with a little persuasion he gave me back the TM and vamoosed. I head back, Charmeleon leading the way into the night, to give the TM back to the rightful owners; however, they say to keep it, and that they'll just use diglet instead. Chomper, here's a new move for you.

I continue on to route 5, where I stop and check out the native pokemon. Meowth! Eager for a new addition to the team, I catch Frisky and leave him with the Day Care Center just south of where I caught him. [outside note, this guy doesn't breed for you, so I'm allowing it] After running around for a bit, I pick up Frisky for $500 and start training him myself. I notice his naughty behavior at first, but he begins to respect m commands, and becomes a powerful force. Suddenly one battle he begins chucking coins at his opponent. I find this a double blessing, gaining some extra dough and EXP at the same time is always good! In fact, I start wondering if he's better than Chomper. having two weak to the same type, with the same coverage doesn't sound right. I try to put off the decision for now.

Part 12: anxious waiting

I reach Vermilion city, laughing at the reduclously high level weedle, who should've evolved by now I'm sure. After healing I notice the electric type gym is barred by another one of those anoyying trees, so I head out to do some preperations. I was already told that the ship would be leaving in a few hours, so I had plenty of time to check around. I try to catch a diglet, but my pokemon were just too powerful; however, I am sucessfull at catching a Sandshrew, which I quickly name Sandman. Maybe it will be of assistance in the Electric type gym. I continue the battling the many trainers in the area, when suddenly I hear a loud horn. It's time to depart!

Currently in Party

Frisky LV 20

Pick Up
Scratch/Growl/Bite/Pay Day

Scortch LV 23

Scratch/Growl/Ember/Metal Claw

Dracula LV 22

Wing Attack/Astonish/Supersonic/Bite

Victoria LV 22

Vine Whip/Growth/Sleep Powder/Bullet Seed

Chomper LV 23

Dig/Focus Energy/Quick Attack/Hyper Fang

JackieChan LV 20

Scratch/Fury Swipes/Low Kick/Karate Chop

In the Boxes

Flapper lv 10



Tackle/String Shot

Sandman LV 14

Scratch/Defense Curl/Sand-Attack


Tackle/Whirlwind/Gust/Quick Attack


Tackle/String Shot

-died to crit tackle from Pidgey
Alright, so my team was posted on page 11, the mighty trio! I will make these first chapters fairly short, they're not the most interesting, I will start with the trip to Oreburgh because before that is just boring.

Chapter 1: Old Rivals
Walking down the steps leaving the city, I find my (kinda) friend CORY, I don't know what he is doing there though. He quickly rushes up to me and asks for a battle, I don't know why, but some force is compelling me to say yes even though I really rather not, but I say yes anyway, and the battle begins, he starts with a weak Starly.
"Starly! Use Quick Attack!"
FISHY took a glancing blow, and replied with a quick return, it looks like it hurt, one more return took it down.
"Arghh, no, Starly! Go Turtwig!" said my opponent. Turtwigt comes out and FISY hits it hard with return, he used withdraw, I tell FISHY to use Growl until he is at -6 attack and +6 defense, at this point I figured bubble would do more damage than any physical attack
"FISHY use bubble!" I screamed, and it didn't look like it did much, but it will certantly wear it down, it's attack is doing next to nothing until...
"Turtwig! Tackle!"
"NO!" I screamed, it hit FISHY right in the weak spot...twice. My FISHY looked hurt but it prevailed in the end with almost no energy left, PECK the Starly still safe in my party got no experience from the battle but his time will come when I get to the grass gym, for now we go to a Pokemon center and rest. It was a good battle.

Sorry if it's lousy, it's kind of rushed and stuff as I have to go, next: Chapter 2 Oreburgh mine and gym. I am just going to avoid my sprites and just post my party here real quick, I haven't made any progress from last night.

-FISHY the Piplup, level 12
-PECK the Starly, level 10
-FROMAN the Machop, level 14

-Badges: 1
-Play Time: No clue
Hey guys, I have some bad news.

I was going to get a little farther in Ruby, and realised something... my file was gone.

:( All that hard work for nothing. I'm gonna quit that run now. I guess I'll continue Yellow soon then.
thanks arsyniic ^_^! It's always good to receive feedback :DD! I know that they are just some doodles that dont make much sense, they are just graphical representations of some moments of my run. If I had to actually tell a story, that would take way too long, since I draw using a mouse and I already waste a lot of time doing so, meaning that my 'story' will only makes some sense if you already know the sequence of events in Sapphire.
I've been readying for the Emerald challange by playing... Emerald, and after Ruby was lost, it's the best thing to do. So I came upon an odd circumstance...


<Mattman324> STUPID CRITS!
<Dracoyoshi8> i know the pain of crits
<Mattman324> It... refused to be released?

<Dracoyoshi8> battery dies

<Dracoyoshi8> lol


<Mattman324> Twice!

So I get to keep Zomnoopy the Poochyena! Yaaaay!
So i decided to give this a go on pokemon leaf green

I decide to pick bulbsaur(fruity) for the poision resist so my 1st battle aginas my rival(ShitHed) and his charmader so he gose 1st and uses scratch and dose about 1/5 damage and i use tackle for about 1/7 damage.

he attacks 1st and uses scratch and dose about 1/5 damage and i use tackle for about 1/7 damage.
he attacks 1st and uses scratch and dose about 1/5 damage and i use tackle for about 1/7 damage
he attacks 1st and uses scratch and dose about 1/5 damage and i use tackle for about 1/7 damage.
he attacks 1st and uses scratch and dose about 1/5 damage and kills fruity

So i decided to give this a go on pokemon leaf green

I decide to pick bulbsaur(fruity) for the poision resist so my 1st battle aginas my rival(ShitHed) and his charmader so he gose 1st and uses scratch and dose about 1/5 damage and i use tackle for about 1/7 damage.

he attacks 1st and uses scratch and dose about 1/5 damage and i use tackle for about 1/7 damage.
he attacks 1st and uses scratch and dose about 1/5 damage and i use tackle for about 1/7 damage
he attacks 1st and uses scratch and dose about 1/5 damage and i use tackle for about 1/7 damage.
he attacks 1st and uses scratch and dose about 1/5 damage and kills fruity

Winning with Bulba is crap, use the potion that is in your pc on your room. (Only reason why I won(Good thing Bulba was mild this time))
i pick bulba again and against a beat my rival with 2hp to spare so heal up and agianst a wild pidgy he crits me with tackle and takes me to about 1/4 health so i try ro run and cant escape RESTART
im going to be doing this and keeping a journal

edit: nevermind my question, reread thread, and hopefully ill pick a game have a journal set up today
Wow, I just picked up my Diamond to begin a Nuzlocke on it, and I can't help but be miserable after the godly interface that HG/SS contain. This feels so weird.
ok, I'll be writing my next few sections soon, and I was wondering if anybody wanted to critique what I've done so far, and also see if anyone wanted me to add stuff, like a synpsis of what happened, or something else.

almost lost two of my newer recruits


This isn't even my final form
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Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Okay, I'm in even more of a rush than usual so I'm not putting any real dialogue this time, sorry. You should get some next time, for now you get Chapter 7.

I had never imagined that so many strange moments could happen on the somewhat short road to Hearthome City. First was Lucas, who let me decide on one of two presents from his hands. I picked the right hand, then he gave me both, making me wonder what the point of this whole game was.

All this route had now was a few trainers and a couple of hidden items, which I found with that new Dowsing Machine that Lucas had just given to me. Treasure hunting can only amuse me for so long, so I went off to Mount Coronet.

At this point, I was just trying to get across the pass to the other side, although it was a bit intimidating to see the massive mountain above me. Maybe more intimidating was the man in oddly normal clothes who was obviously from Team Galactic. He didn't even seem to notice that I was the one to mess with two of their operations already, just blabbering on about how terrible the world was.

I was glad when that was over... It was disturbing to say the least. When I got back out into the fields, however, it felt a lot better. The road to Hearthome was mostly downhill, though that random Buneary didn't seem to mind... At the edge of town, it just ran into me. An idol ran up and apologized before running up into the city.

I kept being led to this contest hall, and despite my lack of caring about them, I finally went inside, after hearing the apparent gym leader's broken English and how she thought I wasn't good enough. I guess I still had a lot to prove...

Inside, I found someone that I couldn't help but be shocked by. Why was my mom there? She jumped to the conclusion that I was taking up contests, and decided to give me a dress to compete in. That would have been fine, but she gave me one when I left... Now I had seven outfits, and only four were really good for wearing out in the field. If it were up to me it would have been five total, but I figured trying to stop this wasn't worth my time.

As I tried to leave town, Barry showed up... Actually not running into me for once. I knew he saw my surprise at this, but it didn't matter to him at all, as he was looking for a battle. And, like usual, I won, though I had to switch around a little to not have any of my Pokemon die. I just hope that lasts...

My team:

Monferno (Sam) Lv. 23 (M)
-Mach Punch
-Flame Wheel

Staravia (Tori) Lv. 23 (F)
-Quick Attack
-Wing Attack

Bibarel (Chase) Lv. 23 (M)
-Hyper Fang
-Water Gun
-Rock Smash

Geodude (Kaede) Lv. 23 (F)
-Rock Throw
-Rock Polish

Machop (Amaya) Lv. 23 (F)
No Guard
-Low Kick
-Seismic Toss
-Karate Chop

Budew (Hitomi) Lv. 22 (F)
Natural Cure
-Mega Drain
-Stun Spore

In box:

Starly (Kai) Lv. 2 (M)
Keen Eye

Buizel (Colette) Lv. 9 (F)
Swift Swim
-Water Sport
-Quick Attack
-Water Gun

Shellos (Melo) Lv. 11 (M)
Storm Drain
-Mud Sport
-Water Pulse
-Mud Bomb

Meditite (Evan) Lv. 13 (M)
Pure Power

Ponyta (Carlos) Lv. 15 (M)
Run Away
-Tail Whip
Found this cool challenge today. I'm trying it on FireRed. :D

My Rules
-Must catch the first Pokemon I see in each area. If I fail, no Pokemon from that area.
-Pokemon must be nicknamed, and cannot be used until a name is given.
-If a Pokemon faints, it goes in the box marked "Failures."
-If everything ends up in that box, Game Over.
-Gift Pokemon count for that area.
-PC Pokemon are my reserve, unless in the "Failures" box.
-If I'm low or out of Pokeballs, I can buy them, but only Pokeballs. And that's all I can use (save 1 Safari ball).
-No items, held or otherwise, except Pokeballs. TMs, HMs, and evolution items are allowed though.
-Battle style Set.
-No legendaries.

Also trying to avoid Move Tutor moves.

Current Overview

Starting Out:
I picked Squirtle (Koopa) as my starter. Despite Bulba's poison immunity, I figured I'd rather have a water-type; it has a more diverse movepool and can be used for Surf. Rival was little trouble.

I couldn't avoid seeing a Pokemon on Route 1, so I couldn't catch anything there. Caught a Spearow on Route 22 and named him EyePecker. I was quite pleased, since it covers Koopa's grass weakness, gets STAB Peck, and is immune to Sand-Attack. Trained him to Level 5 on Route 1 and moved on.

Caught Pidgey (Robin) on Route 2 and a Weedle in Viridian Forest. I named him Hornybee for several reasons... then learned that he was MODEST. O_O

Both were going to be used as death fodder, but then EyePecker died of poison; a Weedle with awfully high Defense survived Peck and poisoned him. 3 more HP and he would have lived...

To Brock:
Not deterred, an unshaken Robin took his place. I leveled her up to 9 then fought the Rival on Route 22; Koopa almost died to Pidgey (dirty Sand-Attacks), so Robin had to finish it. Robin swept through Viridian Forest with ease, and Pewter Gym was cleared by Koopa.

Mt. Moon:
Route 3 was relatively simple: Koopa and Robin beat most of the Trainers. I caught another Spearow but forgot to NN him, so I decided he would be left in the box until he was properly named.

Then I walked into Mt. Moon, expecting the imminent Zubat I would have to waste a ball on... but a Paras appeared! I was pleased and caught it, naming her Kushi. After training her to Level 13 and giving her Bullet Seed, I took down Mt. Moon piece by piece. Koopa's evolution was delayed until Level 18 to get Bite earlier, and before the Super Nerd I let him get paralyzed to avoid poison.

Before Misty:

Emerging from the cave, I caught a Rattata (CRUNCH!) and healed at Cerulean City, then met my Rival. Koopa struggled against Pidgeotto (Sand-Attack), so I had Robin finish it. Had to switch again on Rattata to preserve her HP for Bulbasaur. Then I let Koopa be put to sleep because I know he loves to use it, but even with Bite and Gust, it wasn't enough. Kushi had to finish the fight for me, and Crit'd Abra too. ^_^

Nugget Bridge came down in three parts, both due to poisoning. After that I bought more Pokeballs (only one left) and caught an Oddish (Stinkweed) and Weedle (ImGonnaDie). After that I met Bill.

Stopped right before fighting the Rocket outside Cerulean City (to get Leech Life on Kushi), then I'll take on the Gym.


Wartortle (Koopa)- Level 21- Gentle, Male- Water Gun / Bite / Tackle / Tail Whip
+Starter Pokemon and main team member. Pretty bad SpcAtk and Spd IVs, but I'll live.

Pidgeotto (Robin)- Level 21- Calm, Female- Gust / Tackle / Quick Attack / Sand Attack
+Second team member and successor to EyePecker. Fearless in battle and holds her own.

Paras (Kushi)- Level 18- Naughty, Female- Scratch / Poisonpowder / Stun Spore / Bullet Seed
+Third team member; useful against several types, poor against the rest.

Oddish (Stinkweed)- Level 17- Naive, Female- Absorb / Sweet Scent / Poisonpowder / Stun Spore
+First Poison-type who may actually stay. She's new, but Kushi's showing her the ropes.

Weedle (Hornybee)- Level 4- Modest, Male- Poison Sting / String Shot
+He's the team clown. Saving for death fodder, preferably against a female. ;P

Rattata (CRUNCH!)- Level 12- Timid, Male- Tackle / Tail Whip / Quick Attack
+Probably won't train him; if anything I'll take advantage of Run Away.


Spearow (needs a name)- Level 7- Rash, Male- Peck / Growl / Leer
+Useless until given a formal introduction (nickname). Or I could trade him for a Farfetch'd...

Weedle (ImGonnaDie)- Level 8- Impish, Male- Poison Sting / String Shot
+As the name implies, he's death fodder unless I evolve him to use as a doorstop.


Spearow (EyePecker)- Level 6- Lonely, Male- Peck / Growl
+My original 2nd, cut short due to poison from a stalwart Weedle.
Last off, I had saved in front of Brawley (hate him). I managed to pull off a victory. By abusing Sand-Attack and Bullet Seed. Yeah, I'm real honourable.
Anyway, taught Pop-Eye Bulk-Up and sailed all the way to Slateport.
There, I cleared the museum, got the Pokeblock Case (will probably not ever use this), and most importantly, evolved HEART into Linoone, and EARTH into EARTH(Shedinja) and WIND(Ninjask).
The combined powers of Pop-Eye and WIND took out May, however sacrificing PWNER, a Magikarp I caught on Slateport beach, in the process. Feeling victorious, I let WIND take the lead and obliterate the rest of the trainers/wild pokemon. Until I faced some guy's Wailmer.

??? sent out Wailmer!
Ninjask used Cut! (below half health)
Wailmer used Rollout!(above half health)

Holy crap! That was close! Good thing Speed Boost cancels out my Paralysis so I can still outspeed and KO

WIND is paralysed! It can't move!
Wailmer used Rollout!
WIND died!

I believe the appropriate phrase here is:


So ends the short-lived legacy of WIND the Ninjask, a close friend and ally who had plenty of potential and awesomeness inside that was never able to be express. May he rest in peace. (Or a pancake, apparently.)

Good thing I still have Shedinja, or I'd be screwed.


Grovyle (C.Planet)
-Quick Attack
-Bullet Seed

Makuhita (Pop-Eye)
-Vital Throw
-Arm Thrust
-Fake Out

Linoone (HEART)
-Tail Whip

Shedinja (EARTH)
-Double Team
-Fury Cutter


Magikarps(PWNER and WATER...)
Alright, again, no progress update from last night, sorry, I have been busy, I did however forget to post my rules so:
-No healing items, or held berries that heal
-Pokeballs ONLY
-You can't buy Pokeballs
-If a Pokemon faints, it must be released/put in a box marked DEAD
-Pokemon must have nicknames
-If all Pokemon faint then I must restart
-Only one Pokemon can be caught on each route no matter how many times you go there, and it must be the first Pokemon that you haven't already caught, if you already caught it, you can catch the second/whichever number Pokemon you haven't caught
-If you don't catch the first uncaught Pokemon on a route, to bad

Rules I am forgetting?
I've been readying for the Emerald challange by playing... Emerald, and after Ruby was lost, it's the best thing to do. So I came upon an odd circumstance...


<Mattman324> STUPID CRITS!
<Dracoyoshi8> i know the pain of crits
<Mattman324> It... refused to be released?

<Dracoyoshi8> battery dies

<Dracoyoshi8> lol


<Mattman324> Twice!

So I get to keep Zomnoopy the Poochyena! Yaaaay!
It has to do with HMs. Is it your only Pokemon that knows Rock Smash by any chance?

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