Nuzlocke Challenge

Being reading these now, and enjoying very much your stories, EvilBob and Res Ipsa Loquitur. But EvilBob, do you have a Graveler or Geodude? In the story you say that you have Geodude, but in the summary it's a Graveler. (Also, the lenghts are fine, don't make them shorter!)

Might myself give this a shot when I get some time, but still don't know which game I'll do it in. Probably Crystal or one of RSE, have to decide yet.
Oh thanks for pointing it out. He recently evolved and I guess I just was too used to calling him a Geodude still. I think it's just that last chapter it matters in though. He evolved a bit after I beat surge and I don't think I used him in the TR Hideout.
Pokerade: I was having the same trouble as you, Pokecenters make it too easy but if you don't use them you can't get back PP, but I've just had an idea to fix this. You can put your mon in the box and take it out to replenish PP, but doing so costs money(Ether sells for 600 in game, so around 1500 maybe is fair seeing as it replenishes PP for all moves?). Oh and you have to be at full health to deposit a pokemon, so as not to get free healing(or just add even more money maybe?). Anyways you get the general idea, and I'm sure you can work out some numbers you feel are fair.
EvilBob said:
After seeing how much I have to scroll to see all of my newest chapter, I realize I really need to try harder at making them shorten.
No way EvilBob! Your stories are wonderful. I don't think they need to be any shorter; don't worry about so much...

Note: After realizing that a geodude against flying and bug types= demolishment, I'm combining what was going to be chapters one and two into just one chapter.

Chapter One: Killing Birds and Bugs with One Stone!! Gym Numero Uno and Deux!

Putting Gusios as my first pokemon, I proceed to raep all the flying type trainers in the gym, before facing Falkner, who awaits me with samurai like patience. We look eyes, and he stands up, grabbing his pokeballs (pun intended...) He smiles as he throws out his first pokemon, a pidgey. Gusios rolls towards me, polishing her body for quickness. Gusios moves first and uses tackle, crushing the poor pidgey's body with a critical hit!! Falkner's smile disappears as he throws out his next pokemon; a pidgeotto. It attacks with gust, and Gusios uses rock polish again, gaining speed. Just learning rock throw, she crushes the pidgeotto with her rocks. Falkner hands over his badge, and gives me the tm for roost (none of my pokemon can use it.) After healing I ready myself to for the next gym. Before leaving, I get a call from Elm, who tells me to meet his assistant. I acquire an egg, and some traditional girl tells me she sees my potential.

Now en route to Azelea town, I catch a bellsprout and name her catcher... after defeating all the trainers on route 32, Amun-Ra evolves, becoming a bayleaf. I continue into union cave, dispatching the trainers in here, and catching a zubat; Sonicous. Finally I reach the other side of union cave, and battle a hiker who makes me feel bad, so I grab his number, and he calls me to tell me to call my mom sometime (guilt increases to overwhelming levels...) I catch a hoppip and name her Drifuos. I reach Azalea town, and watch as a Rocket grunt abuses an old man. Unable to do anything about it at this time, I continue into town, and try to enter the gym, however it is blocked by a rocket grunt. I walk around a few houses, and meet an old man named Kurt, who runs off to slowpoke well. I follow suit.

As I climb down, I see Kurt rubbing his back. He tells me to stop team Rocket, and he'll meet me once he is better. After killing a zubat, I train Emprez, my gastly, by ruining there pokemon. I reach Proton, who is beat after a long tongue lashing (hehe) Team Rocket retreats, and Kurt brings me to his home (no its not what you think...) where he gives me a fast ball, and I ask him to make me some pokeballs (since I can't buy one... I smell a loop-hole.) Afterwards, I go into the gym, and began a slow climb to Bugsy. After defeating a couple of bug enthusiast (aka... weirdos...), reach Bugsy, who faces the power of my level 14 geodude! Bugsy looks at me, and points at me with his net.

"Stop underestimating my bug pokemon!!" He shouts, probably reading my mind after imagining me swating a fly with a rock. The battle with syther is easy, and after using a single rock throw, scyther falls to a crit hax (overkill much). Next comes a metapod, who faces the wraith of Emprez's night shade! Finally I send in Gusios, who gets poisoned by that darn Kakuna. I send in Sonicuos, who defeats the kakuna with its leech life.

"Darn you! Helios!!" Bugsy whines as he hands over my badge and tm u-turn. Smirking, I remember my poisoned pokemon, and make it to the pokemon center with time to spare. I heal up, and get on the road for Goldenrod, the first major city hub of my journey!

Chapter 2: Artemis and the Normal type Gym!

Will update more later...
rbygsc kid, I wanted to do something similar in my run with the no pokecenters but you can buy items, but what do you do about PP? I'm almost positive you can't buy Ether so... :/
I'm taking a huge risk, but I am hoping that the Move Deleter can be encountered before the Elite 4 sometime. If so, I can consistently forget all of the HM moves and then reteach them to my pokemon. So in theory, Blastoise will have unlimited PP for Surf once I encounter the move deleter.

If I am not able to run into the deleter, then I will have to rely on TM's and Level up moves, and this will be MUCH MUCH harder. I definitly didn't guarantee that I would be able to pass this challenge. I may have to learn this the hard way.

No, you cannot buy ether.
I'm taking a huge risk, but I am hoping that the Move Deleter can be encountered before the Elite 4 sometime. If so, I can consistently forget all of the HM moves and then reteach them to my pokemon. So in theory, Blastoise will have unlimited PP for Surf once I encounter the move deleter.

If I am not able to run into the deleter, then I will have to rely on TM's and Level up moves, and this will be MUCH MUCH harder. I definitly didn't guarantee that I would be able to pass this challenge. I may have to learn this the hard way.

No, you cannot buy ether.
IIRC, the move deleter is in Fushia.
Pokerade: I was having the same trouble as you, Pokecenters make it too easy but if you don't use them you can't get back PP, but I've just had an idea to fix this. You can put your mon in the box and take it out to replenish PP, but doing so costs money(Ether sells for 600 in game, so around 1500 maybe is fair seeing as it replenishes PP for all moves?). Oh and you have to be at full health to deposit a pokemon, so as not to get free healing(or just add even more money maybe?). Anyways you get the general idea, and I'm sure you can work out some numbers you feel are fair.
yeah, im thinking about making every trip to the pokecenter cost money [buying something and tossing it] maybe 300 each.

Im going to use Platinum.. and i cant decide over Turtwig or Piplup.. so annoying. I hate being indecisive. Any ideas?
Depends if you want a Special powerhouse or a Physical powerhouse? Both have decent defenses so they should last a while without healing.
IIRC, the move deleter is in Fushia.

Thank you. I would of most likely gone to gamefaqs to look this up, but you have saved the trouble. That is HUGE because it will help me recycle moves such as cut, fly, surf, strength, etc. but overall, I still think I'm biting off more than I can chew.
I have started a speedrun, emerald nuzlocke, currently at Brawly, who I will be skipping but fighting his trainers, with a level 16 Marshtomp and a level 16 Shroomish, 1 hour in
No way EvilBob! Your stories are wonderful. I don't think they need to be any shorter; don't worry about so much...
Thanks. Not going to consciously worry about length then if people are still actually reading it. ( I also suggest people that enjoy reading this stuff check out nuzlocke's forum which has a lot of comics and stories now).
Episode 1

Pokemon FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge!

This is my first attempt at a Nuzlocke challenge. I chose FireRed because it's the remake of the first game I owned and the one I know best and the only ROM I had lying around piracy is bad. I can't stand grinding, so don't expect me to reach the end or anything. Without further ado, let's start this sucker up!

First thing's first with the naming screen, the only area of customisation the game offers you and one that offers all kinds of opportunities for abuse.

Our hero, Pokemon Trainer RAD, wakes up to another day in sunny Pallet Town. How did he get here? Nobody knows! What are his motivations? Nobody cares! Least of all his parents, it seems, who are either absent or determinedly not talking to him. So poor RAD soon finds himself on the streets, where he is approached by a mysterious old man.

"Who are you?", asks RAD, suspicious of this stranger.

"People call me "Professor Oak". The reference to wood is entirely coincidental. Would you like to come into my house? That's where I keep all of my rare Pokemon. And candy."

Needless to say, it was only a matter of time before RAD found himself in the private chambers of the Professor, eagerly anticipating his first ever Pokemon and, indeed, his rite of passage into manhood.

But something was wrong.

And that something was Rival Trainer BRAD.

A ferocious battle ensued.

(I chose Squirtle because he's the only starter I've honestly never chosen before. I hate middle-of-the-road starters. But he seems like a pretty solid choice for a Nuzlocke Challenge.

I nicknamed him Kappa because I saw someone else name their's Koopa and I thought it was stupid because Koopas obviously breathe fire not water. In contrast, Kappas are water spirits who perv on underage women and eat babies. The correct decision is obvious.)

Having attracted too much attention, RAD and BRAD are rushed out of the laboratory and left to fend for themselves. RAD soon finds himself traversing the treacherous Route 1 and narrowly avoids death from the small woodland creatures that inhabit it. Little did he know that this danger was only the beginning of a quest of far grander proportions.

With nothing but a single Pokemon to his name, RAD struggled to find a home in the town of Viridian. Rumours of a gangster hideout and the association it carried with the deadly Elite Four had tarnished the town's name and all major industry had been shut down, leaving RAD to seek a job as a humble deliveryman for the local MART. It was there he received the package for his old friend Professor Oak, who repaid him in Pokemon capture devices and the promise that RAD would be "always welcome" when it came to "handling Oak's BALLs".

Weeks of homelessness embittered poor RAD, stranded in Viridian as he ways. Disillusionment overtook him and he decided that Viridian was no place to make a living. The nearby city of Pewter offered his best chances, but his path was blocked by the deadly Viridian Forest. Crossing it would mean training his body and mind like never before. It would require dedication and sacrifice, the likes of which RAD could not comprehend. But mostly it just required a bit of grinding.

While training in the fields of Route 22, RAD made a most unusual discovery.

(I named Mankey "Ethy", after my sister, at her request. She's the one who does all the art. Personally, I think a Blissey would be more appropriate. That probably makes me a bad person.)

Their friendship forever sealed by the unbreakable pact that is the brofist, RAD and his friends shared many good times together training through the summer. (They also fought Douchebag Trainer BRAD again, but it pretty much went the same way as last time.) But all good things come to an end. With the cold chill of autumn setting in, the time was right to venture to the Forest. Steeling himself and his Pokemon, RAD packed what few belongings he had and prepared for the greatest journey of his life.



After my pokemons' training session in the mine, we left Oreburgh from the west exit and proceeded back to Jubilife and headed north towards our next adventure.

On the way I met the professor I got Peppy from, and his assistant being assaulted by some guys in wierd clothes. Me and his assistant kicked their butts all the way to next week, and I went north to Floaroma town. Upon reaching town, I explored a bit, noticed those creepy guys guarding a meadow, decided i was too lazy to worry about it, and headed east. There a little kid told me to rescue her dad who was being held hostage at the Valley Windworks. Sammich to the rescue!

But first, a patch of grass! From it, I caught a Pachirisu, which I named Pachwerk, and proceeded to the windworks. After destroying the creepy guy, who told me he was from team galactic, he took it like a little baby and locked himself in. Oh well, so sad, north to Eterna City!



More of the Team Galactic goons stopped me from heading north. I offered to destroy them in battle like their other friends, but nooooooooooooooooooo. I headed back to Floaroma, noticed the Galactic newbs wern't hanging out in front of the meadow anymore, and decided to go in. They were assaulting an old man. I kicked their asses, took the spare key to the windworks, and the old man gave me honey. Yayyyyy honey. I tryed it, it tasted like Pidgey droppings, so i rubbed it on a nearby tree, and took a nap.

My Pokemon:
Chirpie Level 10 Kricketune/Impish/Growl/Bide/Fury Cutter (Caught on Route 202)
Buddy Level 17 Budew@Pecha Berry/Gentle/Mega Drain/Growth/Water Sport/Stun Spore (Caught on Route 204)
Zoobee Level 14 Zubat@Oran Berry/Quiet/Bite/Supersonic/Hidden Power (Ice)/Astonish (Caught on Ravaged Path)
Lonestar Level 10 Starly@Cheri Berry/Jolly/Tackle/Growl/Quick Attack (Caught on Route 203)
ChuckNoris Level 14 Machop@Aspear Berry/Hardy/Foresight/Karate Chop/Rock Smash/Focus Energy (Caught on Route 207)
Pachwerk Level 8 Pachirisu/Growl/Bide/Quick Attack (Caught at Velley Windworks)

Alive Boxed Pokemon:
Pazuzu Level 7 Zubat/Brave/Leech Life/Supersonice (Caught in Oreburgh Mine)

Deaded Pokemon:
Peppy Level 12 Piplup/Careful/Pound/Growl/Bubble/Water Sport (starter) Killed from a Wild Kricketot’s Bide.
Part 1

Chapter 2:
Enter Goukazaru!

Red continues on his quest to conquer Kanto and break the Nuzlocke curse. While traveling around Viridian, he goes into a small shop,
where he is confronted.


"Red: Woah, calm down woman. It must've been random techno-fetish fat guy."

"Crazy Attendant: Oh..ok, sorry, my contacts popped out. Ah, I need you to take something to the old man. He asked for it, but
we don't deliver."

"Red: Uhh...ok?"

"Crazy Attendant: Then you'll do it! Here!"

*throws the package at Red*

Red, trying to keep from using rage on the woman, left. Once he got back to Oak's "lab", Oak asked him about Plant Man.

"Oak: Oh! It must be growing attached to you...erm, you might want to get that checked out.."

"Red: Ook..Here's a package for you."

"Oak: Red, a UPS guy...that's odd.."

"Red: Just take the damn package and be happy."

"Oak: Ah, my custom balls came in. Finally I won't feel small...wait a sec, these are Poke Balls..damn..."

"Blue: HOLD ON A SEC!"

Blue comes in, being pissy as usual.

"Blue: What do you want?"

"Oak: Oh yeah, here's some Pokedexes for you. Red and Blue, I want you to record data on all 493..I mean 150..or was it 151, oh well,
just record data on them all."

"Blue: This is a piece of crap! It's just a piece of wood, painted like a Pokedex!"

"Red: *mutters* Strange, it works for me..."

"Oak: HEY, THIS CRAP IS FREE! Wait, lemme see're right, I gave you the fake Pokedex..take this one instead."

"Oak: Just throw the Pokeball and you should catch it."

"Blue: I'm gonna complete it first. I'm gonna jack a map from my sister. Don't even try to go to my house after this!"

Red leaves the building, and goes to the home of Daisy, who, after having intercourse with Red, gives Red a Town Map.

"Daisy: Come back soon sweetie~"

With his virginity lost, Red travels out into Route 1 again, but with some Pokeballs.

"Argh, I can't catch any here..=/"

Due to the laws of Nuzlocke, Red can't catch Pokemon in a route he's been in already, if he's encountered a Pokemon in that route
and either caught it, defeated it, or fled. So he levels up Plant Man a tad.

Upon reaching Route 22, he encounters a Mankey, although it's only Level 2.
"It'll have to do," Red thinks to himself.

With Plant Man at Level 9, Leech Seed is the only thing that won't OHKO it, so he waits, stalling with Growl until it's weak enough.

At around half, Mankey is caught! Red gives it the name Goukazaru, which is actually the Japanese name for Infernape...Oh well.

To make Goukazaru halfway useful, grinding must be done to keep Red from having to dismiss a Pokemon.

*Several Levels Later...

Goukazaru learned Low Kick!

Current Party:
Plant Man the Bulbasaur Lv. 9 29/29

Goukazaru the Mankey Lv. 7 20/23
Day 1
Day 2 Part 1
Day 2 Part 2
Days 3 and 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

I'm mostly just going to skip straight to the Pokemon League, since I wan't doing much other than grinding anyway.

Days 8, 9, and 10

I grinded all of my Pokemon up to Lv. 44, which is Sesqui's level, so I can take on the Kimono Girls. Butterfree is able to Sleep and take out Umbreon and Espeon (Synchronize doesn't reflect Sleep). Rocky is able to take out Flareon and Jolteon and Sesqui is able to take out Vaporeon.

I head up Tin Tower (I don't care that's now called Bell Tower) and pick up a lot of useful items along the way. I know I need to defeat Ho-oh since I can't catch it so I send out Rocky first. Ho-oh hits him with a critical hit Sacred Fire and Burns him which makes it so I can only bring it into red with all 5 hits of Rock Blast and he's now at 25% health. I quickly switch to Torpedo to take the next (hopefully) Fire attack and Ho-oh uses Sunny Day :D. Torpedo easily takes it out with a Waterfall and I Fly off the Tower, back to New Bark Town.

I head up to the Pokemon League and my Pokemon take out the trainers pretty easily. Chompy gets Poisoned at one point and I realize I can't Fly back to Johto (WTF Gamefreak), so I quickly get into another battle and heal her with a Pecha Berry.

I actually don't catch a Pokemon on Route 26 until I start grinding there. I beat my rival pretty easily. I think Sesqui took out all but two of his Pokemon. (His Magneton has Magnet Pull, BTW, because I couldn't switch Sesqui out of it. It was still easy, though, because its most powerful attack was Spark.) I start grinding all my Pokemon up to Lv. 50, to have a better chance against the Pokemon League.

Day 11

I continue to grind my Pokemon up to Lv. 50 and I end up teaching Earthquake to Torpedo (who's now a Poliwrath) because he can't learn Drain Punch and I go to Blackthorn to get a Soft Sand for Rocky.

Once my Pokemon are finally up to Lv. 50, I head into the Pokemon League with Sesqui as my lead. It ends up sweeping Will and it only takes two Psychics from his Exeggutor, which gets it down to half health. It also ends up growing a level in this battle.

I lead with Mothra against Koga, since I think I can take out all of his Pokemon with a couple of Psybeams after I put them to Sleep. I start off by using Sleep Powder on his Ariados. This ends up being a terrible mistake since Ariados stays awake because of Insomnia and nearly hits Mothra half his health with Poison Jab. I figure he can take another one, so I hit Ariados with Psybeam. It survives it with red health and hits me back with another Poison Jab which brings him into red health and Poisons him. I thought it was over for Mothra, but he survives the Poison with 1 HP. I quickly use a Full Restore as Koga does the same. I hit Ariados with another Psybeam and it uses Spider Web so I kill it with another Psybeam. Koga brings out his Crobat and I know it'll just sit there and spam Double Team so I try to put it to Sleep ASAP. The first Sleep Powder misses, but the second one connects and I KO Crobat before it wakes up.

Koga then sends out Venomoth, which hits me with Supersonic as I hit it with Sleep Powder. I know Mothra won't be too useful if it's Confused, so I switch to Kenya and OHKO Venomoth with Drill Peck. Koga then sends out Forretress, which Kenya won't be able to do much damage to, so I switch Torpedo into a Swift (seriously, is that like the worst move to put on a Forretress?). I 2HKO Forretress with Surf and it uses Toxic Spikes, which means I would be able to switch Rocky into Muk. Koga sends out his Muk and I easily 2HKO it Waterfall while it uses Minimize.

I get to Bruno and I lead with Mothra again. He sends out Hitmontop and I quickly put it to Sleep. It ends up waking up and getting a Quick Attack in before I KO it with a few Psybeams but it doen't do a whole lot to Mothra. Bruno sends out Onix, like I knew he would, so I quickly switch to Torpedo to take the enevitable Rock Slide and KO Onix with Surf. Hitmonchan comes out next and while I know Torpedo won't like taking a ThunderPunch much, I figure he can outspeed Hitmonchan. He does, but he's only able to hit Hitmonchan into low orange and takes a ThunderPunch which brings him down to less than half health.

He sends out Hitmonlee next and I figure I'll still be able to outspeed it and Hitmonlee is even frailer than Hitmonchan. I do and Hitmonlee goes down without getting an attack off. Machamp comes in and I know it can hit Poliwrath hard with a STAB Fighting attack so I switch Mothra into a Cross Chop which only brings him to down to about 33% even with the critical hit. I quickly put Machamp to Sleep and switch to Fearow since it's more expendable at this point. (I need Butterfree for what I'm about to do next.) Fearow promptly 2HKOs it with Drill Peck, since I don't want to risk Fly missing.

I lead with Butterfree to take on Karen (as I've been planning to do since it got Sleep Powder). I put Umbreon right to Sleep and use my Full Restores/Max Potions/Hyper Potions to heal my Pokemon and I only have one Full Restore left at this point. Umbreon wakes up at one point and uses Double Team but I still end up taking it out without Mothra taking any damage. Murkrow comes up next and I switch to Rocky to take the Flying attack but it uses Whirlwind instead forcing Kenya out. I figure I don't want to have anything else take any damage from switching in, so I KO Murkrow with a Return.

Karen sends out Houndoom next and I decide to keep Kenya in. She's able to outspeed 2HKO it, while it only sets up a Nasty Plot. (I was almost certain she was going to do this. The AI seems to put setting up over everything else.) She send out Gengar and I decide to leave Fearow in again since I'm going to use it against Vileplume. I hit Gengar with Assurance as it uses Spite. I use another one and Gengar hits Kenya over half her health with Focus Blast. I realize that Drill Peck has more power, so I 2HKO Gengar with it as Karen uses a Full Restore. Vileplume comes out last and Kenya easily OHKOs it with Drill Peck. I figure I'm just going to end up using Kenya as death fodder in the battle against Lance, so I don't bother healing her in the battle.

I send Sesqui out against Gyarados who promptly OHKOs it with Discharge. Lance sends out Charizard next and I go to Rocky since Torpedo won't be able to take an Air Slash. Rocky loses over half his health due to taking Fire Fang and Air Slash but he manages to take Charizard down with Stone Edge. Lance sends out one of his Lv. 49 Dragonite and I assume it's the one with Blizzard since the one with Thunder wouldn't be very useful against Rocky. I figure I can still use him to lock Lance's Lv. 50 Dragonite into Outrage, so I use Kenya as death fodder instead. I immediately send out Sesqui to take it out. It ends up outspeeding me and hits Sesqui with a Thunder Wave as I use Discharge. Fortunately, Discharge Paralyzes it and brings it below half health so I quickly use a Paralyze heal to cure Sesqui. However, Dragonite hits me with a critical hit Dragon Rush that brings Sesqui into red health. I still outspeed it, due to Paralysis, so I KO it with another Discharge.

Lance sends out his Lv. 50 Dragonite and I know there's absolutely no way Sesqui can take a Fire Blast, so I switch Torpedo in to take it. Dragonite uses Safeguard as I use my last Full Restore on Sesqui. I had expected it to just use Outrage and OHKO me but it seems the AI really does like setting things up. I use get two Body Slams off before getting 2HKOd with Outrage which brings Dragonite down to just over half health. I send Sesqui out to wall the last hit of Outrage and hopefully KO Dragonite with Discharge. I nearly hit it into red with a Discharge and its Sitrus Berry activates, while it hits back with the third hit of Outrage and gets down to just above half health. Lance uses a Full Restore as I hit it with another Discharge, hoping that I would be able to take it out. I switch Rocky in to hopefully take a Fire Blast and lock Dragonite into Outrage but it gets OHKOd by said Fire Blast.

I send out Chompy to hopefully get it into KO range of Discharge and she hits Dragonite with a Strength and gets taken out by Outrage. I send Sesqui back in to try and take it out with Discharge but it ends up surviving it and hits me into red with Outrage and gets confused. I figure I can finally take it out but Lance uses another Full Restore and it takes the Discharge. I hit it back down into red with a second Discharge and Lance takes out Sesqui with a Fire Blast. I'm down to Mothra and I know that the only way I can win is if I can outspeed all of his remaining Pokemon and put them to Sleep, which is highly unlikely since he still has Aerodactyl. But first, I need to take out Dragonite with Psybeam. Of course that doesn't even work because Lance uses another Full Restore. (DAMN YOU LANCE AND YOUR FULL RESTORES). Mothra does pathetic damage with Psybeam, so I know I have to put it to Sleep and Confuse it with Psybeam before it wakes up. I put it to Sleep, but it wakes up before I can Confuse it and Mothrea and it takes him out with Outrage. :'(

So now all my good Pokemon are dead and my next highest level Pokemon is the Lv. 33 Donphan I caught in Victory Road. It would take atleast a week of grinding to get another good team so I'm just going to give up. To anyone who's trying this on HGSS, you absolutely need a Pokemon that can outspeed Lance's Dragonite and KO it with an Ice attack.





Spinarak (Aracnia) Lv. 3 (F) - Insomnia - Lax - Poison Sting/String Shot
Rattata (Remmy) Lv. 3 (M) - Run Away - Docile - Tackle/Tail Whip
Hoppip (LOLZ) Lv. 6 (F) - Leaf Guard - Naive - Splash/Sythesis
Togepi (Eggy) Lv. 1 (M) - Serene Grace - Relaxed - Growl/Charm/Extrasensory
Aipom (Goku) Lv. 3 (F) - Pickup - Timid - Scratch/Tail Whip
Sandshrew (AJ) Lv. 6 (M) - Sand Veil - Modest - Scratch/Defense Curl/Cut
Rattata (Esquire) Lv. 11 (M) - Guts - Lax - Tail Whip/Quick Attack/Focus Energy/Bite
Drowzee (Dremcachr!) Lv. 14 (F) - Insomnia - Quirky - Pound/Hypnosis/Disable/Confusion
Metapod (3rd? WTF) Lv. 9 (F) - Shed Skin - Brave - Harden
Zubat (Batman) Lv. 15 (M) - Inner Focus - Hasty - Leech Life/Supersonic/Astonish/Bite
Rattata (TAFKAR) Lv. 16 (M) - Run Away - Bashful - Focus Energy/Bite/Pursuit/Hyper Fang
Koffing (BOOM!) Lv. 14 (F) - Levitate - Mild - Poison Gas/Tackle/Smog/Smokescreen
Raticate (Ratty) Lv. 17 (M) - Run Away - Naughty - Focus Energy/Bite/Pursuit/Hyper Fang
Pidgey (Phoenix) Lv. 13 (M) - Keen Eye - Naughty - Tackle/Sand-attack/Gust/Quick Attack
Magikarp (Drachen) Lv. 20 (M) - Swift Swim - Docile - Splash/Tackle
Magikarp (Splash) Lv. 20 (M) - Swift Swim - Jolly - Splash/Tackle
Magikarp (Fishy) Lv. 20 (F) - Swift Swim - Naughty - Splash/Tackle
Magikarp (Flail!) Lv. 20 (M) - Swift Swim - Naughty - Splash/Tackle
Tentacool (Jellyfish) Lv. 16 (M) - Liquid Ooze - Adamant - Supersonic/Constrict/Acid/Toxic Spikes
Fearow (Gryphon) Lv. 21 (F) - Keen Eye - Lax - Leer/Fury Attack/Pursuit/Aerial Ace
Mareep (Baah) Lv. 15 (F) - Static - Careful - Tackle/Growl/ThunderShock/Thunder Wave
Weepinbell (OMNOMNOM) (M) Lv. 24 - Chlorophyll - Careful - Sleep Powder/Poison Powder/Stun Spore/Acid
*Terrible STAB aside, this could be useful.
Golbat (Dracula) Lv. 22 (M) - Inner Focus - Naughty - Astonish/Bite/Wing Attack/Confuse Ray
Poliwag (Leviathan) Lv. 20 (M) - Water Absorb - Quirky - Hypnosis/Water Gun/DoubleSlap/Rain Dance
Graveler (IWannaRock) Lv. 25 (F) - Sturdy - Rock Throw/Magnitude/Selfdestruct/Rollout
*Anyone else think this icon looks like it's trying to grope someone?
Dratini (Basilisk) Lv. 13 (M) - Shed Skin - Hardy - Wrap/Leer/Thunder Wave/Twister
Kingler (KrustyKrab) Lv. 22 (F) - Hyper Cutter - Bashful - Harden/Bubblebeam/Mud Shot/Metal Claw
*I actually had to catch her in an Ultra Ball.
Ghastly (Gheist) Lv. 20 (M) - Levitate - Rash - Mean Look/Curse/Night Shade/Confuse Ray
Goldeen (Gold) Lv. 20 (M) - Water Veil - Naughty - Water Sport/Supersonic/Horn Attack/Water Pulse
Donphan (Phat) Lv. 33 (M) - Sturdy - Quirky - Magnitude/Slam/Fury Attack/Assurance
Raticate (AnotherOne) Lv. 28 (M) - Guts - Gentle - Hyper Fang/Sucker Punch/Scary Face/Crunch
Krabby (Mr. Krabs) Lv. 22 (M) - Hyper Cutter - Naughty - Harden/Bubblebeam/Mud Shot/Metal Claw


Wooper (Woopah) Lv. 18 (F) - Water Absorb - Naive - Mud Shot/Water Gun/Slam/Tail Whip
*Got taken out by a critical hit Rock Smash from Sudowoodo. She didn't even get a chance to evolve. :'(
Bayleef (Qat) Lv. 26 (M) - Overgrow - Mild - Magical Leaf/Headbutt/Poison Powder/Reflect
*Taken out by a critical hit Rock Slide from Chuck's Primeape. I don't know what I'll do against Water types without him.
Quagsire (Mudkipz) Lv. 26 (F) - Water Absorb - Sassy - Surf/Mud Bomb/Slam/Amnesia
*Hax takes down another one of my best Pokemon. Chuck's Poliwrath got in a Focus Punch when Mud Bomb missed and hit her after a few Accuracy drops.
Tentacool (BJellyfish) Lv. 25 (M) - Clear Body - Modest - Acid/Toxic Spikes/Bubblebeam/Wrap
*Took a Thunderbolt for Mothra. He didn't even get a chance to attack.
Fearow (Kenya) Lv. 51 (F) - Keen Eye - Hasy - Return/Fly/Drill Peck/Assurance
*Took a Blizzard from Lance's Dragonite so Sesqui could get a free switch-in. I knew I'd be using it a lot and couldn't afford the damage or Freeze.
Poliwrath (Torpedo) Lv. 50 (M) - Damp - Jolly - Waterfall/Surf/Earthquake/Body Slam
*Got 2HKOd by Lance's Dragonite's Outrage. Ended up taking away almost half its health before going down.
Graveler (Rocky) Lv. 50 (M) - Sturdy - Naive - Earthquake/Stone Edge/Rock Smash/Rock Polish
*Got KOd by Dragonite's Fire Blast after taking down Charizard.
Raticate (Chompy) Lv. 50 (F) - Guts - Serious - Strength/Super Fang/Crunch/Quick Attack
*Taken out by Dragonite's Outrage. She was the first Pokemon I caught.
Magneton (Sesqui) Lv. 51 (N) - Sturdy - Hasty - Discharge/Tri Attack/Magnet Bomb/Thunder Wave
*Got taken out be Dragonite's Fire Blast. It's still the MVP of this playthrough, though.
Butterfree (Mothra) Lv. 51 (M) - Compoundeyes - Quiet - Bug Buzz/Psybeam/Gust/Sleep Powder.
*My last Pokemon to fall to Lance. He just couldn't do enough damage to Dragonite and got taken out by Outrage.
Part 1
Part 2

Chapter III:
Enter the Forest of HELL!

Red continued to grind Goukazaru up to a decent level, until...

"Spearow used Peck!"

AW SH!T! Goukazaru barely survived, and was able to flee. Deciding to continue along to the next route to get another man before taking on Blue, he encounters a strange old fellow.


Red: "Erm, I already kn-"

"Wild Weedle Appeared!"

Five minutes later...

Hikari the Pidgey joined your team!

Amazing Hikari here took a Crit Scratch from Goukazaru and lived to be captured! Time for the hard grind!!

After an amazing number of close calls, Hikari and team are about ready to take on Blue.

Blue: "Hey, let's battle!"

(I don't feel like making battle logs)

Hikari has a VERY close call being dropped to 1 HP, and is able to switch to Plant Man, who almost dies himself. Goukazaru bests Charmander one-on-one with only 2 HP to spare. As a result, Hikari levels up and learns Gust, and Plant Man levels up and learns Vine Whip.

Finally, Red began to head into the hellish Viridian Forest. And, lo and behold...

"A wild Pikachu appeared!"

Hikari weakens it, survives a Thundershock, and catches it!

Electrum joined your party!

Urgh, Quiet Nature -_-.

Current Team:
Plant Man the Bulbasaur Lv. 10 31/31

Goukazaru the Mankey Lv. 9 27/27

Hikari the Pidgey Lv. 9 27/27

Electrum the Pikachu Lv. 5 19/19
Chapter 1: The Great Gonzalez
Chapter 2: Strange Books and Stranger Boxes
Chapter 3: New Companions and Old Rivalries
Chapter 4: The First Gym
Chapter 5: In the Mountains...
Chapter 6: Waterside Warfare
Chapter 7: Experiments at the Cape
Chapter 8: Struggle on the SS Anne
Chapter 9: Giovanni
Chapter 10: The Pokemon Tower

Kind of a filler chapter. The events after the Gary fight were sort of dull compared to the previous events, and Erika is probably the last really easy gym. Tried to keep it a bit short since there wasn't as much worth stating here and I'd like to get my run up to the latter stuff in the game, which I'm looking forward to writing.

Chapter 11: Ghosts and Gyms

A deep fog surrounds me as I walk up the stairs to the third floor of the tower. Dark shapes fly around the ceiling, their movements getting more erratic as I approach the top of the stairs. Nervously, I bring out Gonzalez while I take a closer look at the Silph Scope, which is simple in design, and resembles the scope of a rifle. I look through the scope at the shadowy figures flying around, and through the scope, their bodies appear to have an actual form. Wisps of gas surrounding a large black face with white eyes and fanged mouths. Possibly knowing its being watched, one of the figures swoops down at me. I order Gonzalez to attack but it seems confused. "It's not holding the scope, so it can't see it like I can!" I say to myself as the realization sets in. Trying to figure out what to do, I begin fumbling around with the scope. A small button is on the top of the front end of the scope. I aim the scope at the figure and press the button. A white flash fills the air, and the shape becomes more solid, allowing me to see its form even without the scope, which means that Gonzalez should be able to see it too.

"Gastly, the gas pokemon." The electronic voice from the pokedex states once the pokemon's form is fully clear. Guess it finally would tell what it was, but how can I catch a gas pokemon? Might as well try it though, having a ghost could be useful.

"Gonzalez, use sleep powder!" I shout and a green powder sprays into the air from the plant on the Ivysaur's back. It seems even the gas pokemon can be put to sleep. The Gastly floats down the floor, its large white eyes closed. I throw out an empty pokeball onto the floor next to the gas, and the pokemon is sucked inside as it opens. The ball rolls around for a moment, then lights up. Fortunately, I thought ahead coming into the tower and only brought five pokemon, so Gastly's ball stays in my possession instead of getting teleported to the storage terminals. I give my new ghost the nickname 'Murray.'

After looking at my new pokemon's entry in the pokedex to try to figure out what attacks it can use, I recall Gonzalez and bring Murray out. The new pokemon swirls around me a few times before coming to rest near my shoulder. Interesting little creature. With Murray at my side, I continue heading up the tower. According to the information in the pokedex, ghost pokemon are good at taking down opposing ghosts. This shows to be the case as Murray easily fends off any ghosts that come near us as I head up the tower.

As I reach the stairs leading to the top floor of the tower, a large ghostly shape materializes in front of me. I press the Silph Scope's button, and the shape takes the form of a large Marowak. The ghost-Marowak flies around violently, before diving at me. I duck to the floor as it flies overhead, and Murray unleashes a dark ball of energy out at the Marowak. The ball collides midair with the ghostly pokemon, and in a dark flash, the pokemon dissipates. "That was weird," I think out loud, "didn't think ghost pokemon retained their original shapes." Deciding not to confuse myself thinking about it, I turn back to the stairs and walk up to the final floor of the tower.

On the tower's top floor, I find a group of Team Rocket lackeys harassing an old man. Remembering how well Tenma tore through the Team's hideout, I switch Murray out for my Kadabra. The sound of me switching pokemon alerts the TR grunts however, who quickly turn around to face me. Fortunately, it seems at least one of them recognizes me.

"Oh shit! It's that kid from Celadon," One of them shouts out, taking a step back.

"You mean this here kid is the one that fought with the Boss?" Another one says as he turns toward his teammate.

"Who cares, there's five of us, and just one of that twerp." A third one sneers as he steps forward. I smile and send forth Tenma...


The sun begins to set as I walk back into Celadon City. The Team Rocket grunts in the Pokemon Tower ran away pretty quickly after Tenma took out their pokemon. The old man they were harassing was the keeper of the tower. Turns out the Team Rocket members were interesting in capturing the Marowak ghost, but I ended up getting to it first anyway. The old man thanked me for helping out, and gave me a flute, which he said he felt I would find useful. No idea how a flute would end up being useful, but maybe he knew something I didn't. I find the Celadon gym pretty easily, and pause for a moment to ease the door. As I put my hand on the door, Giovanni's words begin to linger in my mind once more. No, I think to myself silently, I can't let those words get to me. I know that if I want to reach the League, to confront Lorelei, I need to earn this badge. I need to keep moving forward. I push against the door of the gym and walk inside.

A fragrant scent fills my nose as I enter the gym. The floor is covered in soft grass, and everywhere I look there are girls with grass pokemon, either planting flowers, or smashing up spores and leaves in small bowls. A beautiful young woman wearing a bright yellow kimono.

"Welcome to the Celadon Gym. My name's Erika, and I'm the leader here. You wouldn't happen to be Bob, would you?" The woman speaks to me in a soft voice.

"Uh yeah. We met before?"

"Oh no, Mr. Surge warned me, I mean, told me about you not too long ago. I'm guessing you're here to challenge me for my badge?" Erika whistles, and three large plant pokemon, which my pokedex identifies as Victreebel, Tangela, and Vileplume run up to her. My first instinct is to bring out Gonzalez, but after realizing that it would take forever to take down a team of plants with another plant. I bring out Tenma.

Erika's Victreebel is the first to move, leaping through the air at my Kabadra. Tenma's eyes begin to glow, and before the Victrebel can reach its target, it plummets from the sky and collapses on the ground. Tangela, a small clump of tentacles with little red feet, is the second of her pokemon to move forward. As soon as it steps forward, Tenma begins to move its arms around in circles. Two of the Tangela's tentacles begin moving, and wrap themselves around its feet, leaving the Tangela unable to move. Finally, Vileplume gets ready to fight. It begins to spray a poisonous dust from the flower on its head, but Tenma quickly thrusts its arms forward, and an invisible force slams into the Vileplume, sending it flying to the back wall of the gym.

Erika calmly looks around at her easily defeated pokemon, then turns to me and smiles. "Well, I guess that was to be expected. I've spent too much of my time lately making perfumes and potions, and haven't been spending enough time training my pokemon." She hands me a small multicolored badge. "In any case, you've earned yourself the Rainbow Badge. I'll give you a fair warning though, the next gym leaders you're likely to face take their positions a lot more seriously than I do. It's been over 5 years since anyone has beaten Sabrina or Koga." I nod quietly and turn to walk out of the gym, giving a quick wave as I open the door. Was she really a weak gym leader, or are my pokemon simply becoming more powerful? I'll find out I guess when I run into one of the leaders she mentioned. At least if the rest of the gyms go down easily, it won't be long until I can face the League. I head to the pokemon to let my pokemon and myself rest. It's been a long day.

Pokemon Report!
Active team:
Gonzalez - Level 28 Ivysaur
Shiz - Level 24 Pidgeotto
Chim-Chim - Level 22 Mankey
Stallone - Level 27 Graveler
Murray - Level 23 Gastly
Tenma - Level 28 Kadabra

Callie - Level 20 Meowth
Monty Jack - Level 11 Rattata
Kenny - Level 10 Ekans
Alf - Level 6 Nidoran F
Morocco - Level 19 Diglett
HRPufnstuf - Level 13 Drowzee
Infosphere - Level 14 Voltorb
Ein - Level 25 Eevee
Wiggler - Level 16 Beedrill - Fell as a necessary sacrifice to Gary to switch in Callie.


Ridley is in Smash
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Despite owning Emerald for over a year now, I have yet to play R/S/E. I think I'll take the challenge. Look for my story soon.
My Nuzlocke run was cut short when my battery died... curse you forgetting to save... I'll probably restart my challenge, just not right now...

Wow Crisis! Tell your sister she has beautiful art! Keep the stories coming guys...

vonFielder said:
Despite owning Emerald for over a year now, I have yet to play R/S/E. I think I'll take the challenge. Look for my story soon.
The challenges are fun, but remember to save...
Playing on Platinum.. it's pretty fun like this. Have a handful of pokes I wouldn't normally use.

Bold = Real Team


This shit sounds fun, I'm going to do it for my old Pokemon Yellow version. Ohhhh shit, Brock's going to be hard if I don't manage to catch a good Mankey/Nidoran/Butterfree...
Yeah Yellow's probably the hardest since you have to get a Mankey/Nidoran in the begining, have a Pikachu that won't evolve, have a super powered Sabrina, and have all of the stupid things like Poison Gas on every Poison type and Wrap Ekans to deal with.

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