Nyasu does arts and such

Hullo Smogon, I'm fairly new here (joined because I was dying to comment/vote/participate in CAP8), and just sort of stuck around...

I have an undying love for pixel art. Started it Dec '04...never bothered to read any tutorials; just figured I'd teach myself how... =P I used to do primarily game-style fakemon, but then got hooked on large-scale pixel arts a year ago.

~ New stuffs

After getting hooked on RNG, I decided to do a pixel of a Shiny Lucario.

~ Old Pixels that have been posted 43940932 times on SPPf, PC, TSR, ect... So if you go there, you might have seen these...


In case it wasn't obvious, these are all done in Paint (who does pixels in Photoshop? Ewwww...)

~ Fakemonz (Most of them are terribly unoriginal, but I don't pretend to be an expert in design. Most of them were made up when I was 13 anyway, and suffer from "cool" syndrome.)

Grasler | Lizinthis | Serpentyll | Allorive | Dreonyx | Glydrosher | Reynile | Reynile | Metalosaur

...Don't try to tell me you never wanted a Mecha-rex Pokemon when you were 10.

~ Misc

Colossoil Sprite submission. Sadly, it looks like I'm gonna do pretty poorly in the polls. Dx

Cyclohm Sprite submission. I wish I hadn't made the backsprite so fail. xX

Sprite I did of pkmn-taicho's CAP8 design. I like the posing...makes it look more dynamic.

(It's a game.) It was completely made in less than two days by me and three friends for Global Game Jam. I did all the art for the game from scratch in that amount of time. I love the blocky style, which was based off of some rough draft scribbles made in a notebook while we were brainstorming for game ideas. Everyone should totally play it. ;P I wish we'd had enough time to do everything we had planned to do, but such is the nature of making a game in two days. Also, our instructions are pretty vague because they were added last second. =P



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Man, I've been waiting for you to open an art thread ever since you posted that sketch of Cyclohm in the spriting thread. I loved your sprite for Cyclohm, especially because of the back sprite, and am disappointed it didn't go further ;_;. I also love your large scale sprites, especially Lucario, and I look forward to the completed Shiny Lucario.
I'm in the exact same boat as Cyzir, I LOVED your Cyclohm spite.

This is some really nice art. Your narwhal game is also fun to play, I just can't seem to stop killing everybody on the ship >_<
Thanks for the comments, guys. I loved participating in CAP8, and even though I would've loved my sprite to be the one for Cyclohm, I wasn't too upset that it didn't win. I was confident in my spriting mechanics, but I hadn't realized how hard it would be to do, stylistically.

(Oh, and The Mantyke: lol you're actually playing it. xD Btw, you don't have to save everyone--just about 5 or so per level is good. Some of them are hard to get to anyway, and I usually end up with a few drowning by using them as a step ladder to get to places. =P You need to have saved enough people to stack them up to reach the top of the final level, though...)
Your art is fantastic, Clawed Nyasu. Your sprite for Cyclohm was my favorite and I'm really excited that you've taken an interest in the CAP project.

I particularly love your sprite of pkmn-taicho's submission. You...you wouldn't happen to take requests would you?

By the way, I ended up leaving that girl who throws the lollipops behind...she really should know better.


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whilst artists' ability to bring things to life on paper drives me nuts with envy, something about pixel art does a number on my head (in a good way)

mew looks absolutely adorable, and lugia looks badass

mewtwo's shading seems a little off, but then i guess you're aware of that and it's probably an old piece
Except til I found a killing bug
A killing bug, eh? There are a couple of epic glitches we know about, like sometimes if you throw someone, they'll disappear randomly (like 2% of the time, but more often with fat guys); and also never throw a box at the door because trying to pick it up again will crash the game. Lobsters in general can cause strange effect when boxes or people land on them. Picking up dead people causes a sprite error until you throw them, and my favorite glitch is the gravity increase or reversal when you pause the game while swimming. Very useful. ;3

For the lulz, this was my entire production sprite sheet for Narwhal 2. We wanted to animate cutscenes and have each level be a different part of the ship, like a dinner room and such.

I particularly love your sprite of pkmn-taicho's submission. You...you wouldn't happen to take requests would you?
Hm, requests...it depends on the request, and whether it's like...a game style sprite or a large-scale one, and such. I usually tend to procrastinate requests infintely unless it's one that really piques my interest. xP


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Wow dude! I love the last evolution in this! This is like one of the only thousands of fakemon I've ever liked and holy crap this guy is just amazing! What type is he? Looks like Grass / Dragon to me ^^.

Props to you man amazing creativity and skill, I know how extremely hard it is to sprite things, (or at least it is for me) so a big thumbs up for you and all your amazing sprites dude :D!
I've progressed some on the Shiny Lucario sprite.

The fur is very subject to change. I'll be playing around with it a lot. I think I've finally settled on a palette that I like with the yellow.

Still not sure how to shade the right ear. Right now it looks like it's folded over, which was what I was going for, but I'm not necessarily sure if it's correct.


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imo it ought to be folded over, but since lucarios' ears seem quite "thick" or bulky, you might just want to slightly elongate and minimise that shadow, or make it more shallow, if that makes sense

shading of the chest/torso/abdomen/whatever fur and tufts looks great
Good grief did I let my art thread die. x.X I apologize if there's a rule against reviving art threads, but most forums hold that as an exception to the typical no-bumping rule.

Finished the shiny Lucario at least...

I don't like his left paw (our right) very much. Also the shading on the legs looks a bit meh to me.

Also started a project where I've been drawing Pokemon skeletons. I really only have an amateur knowledge of anatomy, never having taken an actual class on the topic. I am likely clueless about any errors in structure that may seem obvious to experts. =P Still, I have fun doing them.

- Warning HUGE pictures ahead -

Hmmmmm, how did I ever miss such an interesting thread?

Seriously though, I can't get over your large-scale sprites. They simply amaze me. I have next to no knowledge about spriting, but yours seem really well done (particularly the shading). Excellent job!

I also LOVE the pokemon skeletons. Screw anatomy, they're pokemon! And they look awesome. Such a creative idea. (yay charizard)
Are you sure you never took anatomy/skeletal structure stuff? Those look amazing, and their my favorite peices of your art. Charizard looks awesome, and Arceus and Skymin are great too. Good job!
Whoo thread revival~

Finished up my submission for CAP9, Colossoil. Dunno how I'll do; probably 4th place like with Cyclohm. =P

Also, I hate Photobucket right now. It refuses to display the currently uploaded edit of this link. x_X;

Your art is amazing! I can't believe you do all of that in Paint. It's really incredible. Your Colossoil sprites are great, but you might want to change the blue color on the shiny. It looks a little awkward. The hand position on the backsprites is great as well. By the way, your Cyclohm backsprite is not fail. It's really good, and your front sprites are godly.

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