Oblivion Awaits! Part II.

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Giveaway is now over and winners have been announced! Congratulations to all the winners. The lottery tournament will start at 5pm PST, so grab the spots before it's too late. The automated tournament will start even if there are vacant spots.
Anyone who won a Eruptran can attempt to find me around 6pm-2am Pacific Time.

4th gen or 5th.

I preshifted them with stealth rock,dragonpulse,iron head.and eruption just in case.
The art looks sweet it reminds me of spider man 3 i think when the sandmanand the black spidey were hiden up in the black web with mary jane as a hostage. But it looks cool

lotery number 18

dont care which heatran

And If i had to name Zekrom it be Dark Wave (Dark cus he is black the wave cus of thunder wave)
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