Oblivion Awaits! Part II.

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Quite possibly my last giveaway before I go on hiatus. Well, this is more of a unique giveaway, and I wouldn’t be quite surprised if any of my ideas are used in future giveaways, as my previous ideas have been inspired by many for their own giveaways. As for the prizes, well, there’s not one, not two, not three, not four, but five prizes. The first three have been given away in previous giveaways before...just not the other two. Also, if you're a winner of the ErupTran, choose one. You can't win all three at once.

Nature: Quiet
Ability: Flash Fire
EV's: None
IV’s: 30/31/30/30/31/3 [HP Grass 70]
OT: Oblivia (Lord Scalgon)
Special Move: Eruption
Semi-Redistributable. (as long as you credit me as owner)

Nature: Quiet
Ability: Flash Fire
EV's: None
IV’s: 31/31/31/31/31/2 [HP Ice 70]
OT: Oblivia (Lord Scalgon)
Special Move: Eruption
Semi-Redistributable. (as long as you credit me as owner)

Nature: Quiet
Ability: Flash Fire
EV's: None
IV’s: 31/31/31/30/31/3 [HP Electric 70]
OT: Oblivia (Lord Scalgon)
Special Move: Eruption
Semi-Redistributable. (as long as you credit me as owner)

1. legendarymaster
2. davidryan
3. Sat
4. mazzulmaz
5. Victini

1. StealthX
2. Dr. Alex
3. Cipher Admin Lovrina
4. Palu
5. jucca
5. cake is the truth
6. Chris Teke
7. mannyfanaz
8. Stormfront
9. Cereza
10. uber effective
11. Ninjawes
12. cjgamer
13. Kai Kusanagi
14. Shinyweavile
15. The_Duke
16. Arcaseven
17. assassinfred
18. Guypersonman
19. JackieChun
20. neap tide
21. waffles101
22. eriXtone
23. Jet Star

How to win - For the ErupTrans, simply critique one of my artworks. ICBB/blacklisted members are ineligible for this giveaway. Anyway, try to be detailed if you can. If your critique is chosen as winner, you win one of my ErupTrans. As for the artwork, here's one I just drew recently (sorry, I have no access to a scanner!):

As an added bonus, if you can think of a name for this aesthetic boss art and is chosen as a winner, you will also receive a very nice Zekrom from me (5 winners). The details?

Nature: Jolly
Ability: Teravolt
EV's: None
IV's: 31/31/31/13/31/31
OT: Masters (Lord Scalgon)
Semi-Redistributable. (as long as you credit me as owner)

1. Dangertrout (Digitalis)
2. Dr. Alex (Glistross)
3. Cipher Admin Lovrina (Crystal Lotus)
4. Guypersonman (Florapture)
5. neap tide (Myr Genesis)

Other notes about this art: I thought of a deadly flower, and this is what came out of my head.

Well, that's all I have to say for this part of the giveaway. The thread isn't over just yet, I still have one more thing left in mind. If you've paid attention to my giveaway that occurred a month before the great purge, I've hosted a lottery in that thread. Except, I'll twist this lottery into something via originality. This lottery tournament will involve eight random teams of 4 people fighting via random numbers generated from my graphing calculator, and the last team standing will win the grand prize. You can claim any spot you wish - there are no advantages whatsoever. My graphing calculator will decide the random numbers and what teams will advance further via the RandInt function.

So let's say a team faces an opponent team. The team with the highest random number will advance to the next round. For example:

Team Alpha 14 > 12 Team Beta (Team Alpha advances)

I don't decide the numbers - my graphing calculator does. Just like the lottery giveaway from the past, the chosen number via the RandInt function (again) is deemed the winner. Almost anyone can enter. Again, the only ones ineligible are blacklisted and ICBB members.

I hope everyone can understand this. As for the positions:

[Team Alpha]
1. assassinfred
2. Cereza
3. Pippy
4. uber effective

[Team Beta]
7. Dr. Alex
8. Cipher Admin Lovrina

[Team Gamma]
9. Luxpluff91
10. Kai Kusanagi
11. DoctorOctagonapus
12. JackieChun

[Team Delta] (WINNERS)
13. cjgamer
14. StealthX
15. Ninjawes
16. Shinyweavile

[Team Epsilon]
17. Chris Teke
18. jucaa
19. mazzulmaz
20. Pink Floyd

[Team Zeta]
22. Stormfront
23. Bluecaptain
24. mannyfanaz

[Team Eta]
25. The_Duke
26. Dangertrout
27. eriXtone

[Team Theta]
29. neap tide
31. Guypersonman
32. Arcaseven

Oh, and the grand prize will be not only the three ErupTrans and Zekrom, but a timid HP Ice Victini as well.

Nature: Timid
Ability: Victory Star
EV's: None
IV’s: 31/14/30/31/31/31 [HP Ice 70]
OT: Masters (Lord Scalgon)
Semi-Redistributable. (as long as you credit me as owner)

Giveaway ends in 7/25 at 4:00pm PST. If I have anything else to say, I'll edit. Anyway, thread's away! Remember to specify what ErupTran you're after should you be a winner.

And the lottery tournament begins...and the results for round 1:

Team Alpha (10) < Team Beta (20)
Team Gamma (16) < Team Delta (18)
Team Epsilon (17) > Team Zeta (1)
Team Eta (3) < Team Theta (5)
Therefore, Team Beta, Team Delta, Team Epsilon, and Team Theta advances.

Results for Round 2:

Team Beta (6) < Team Delta (19)
Team Epsilon (11) > Team Theta (9)
Therefore, Team Delta and Team Epsilon advances to the finals.

Results for Final Round:

Team Delta (19) > Team Epsilon (17)
Team Delta wins the tournament! Congratulations. And thus concludes this giveaway...
We are allowed to try and win all three different things, right? (to win zekrom you think of a good nicname, right?)

For Zekrom- NN: Dark Link (sorry if I misunderstud you)

for the lottery thing: #14 please

for your art....

I like it! (and I'm NOT "just saying that") the outer blades look really cool, they remind me of swords baddies use in legend of zelda (don't remember what sort of creatures are, exactly). I also think the part of the "flower" just inside the "swords" looks like multiple Gliscors flying outwards =)

Sorry if I got something wrong! I TRIED to read everything.

EDIT: Oh sorry! I though it was Zekrom, "boss" that we though of a name for! xD
We are allowed to try an winner all three different things, right? (to win zekrom you think of a good nicname, right?)

For Zekrom- NN: Dark Link (sorry if I misunderstud you)

for the lottery thing: #14 please

for your art....

I like it! (and I'm NOT "just saying that") the outer blades look really cool, they remind me of swords baddies use in legend of zelda (don't remember what they are, exactly). I also think the part of the "flower" just inside the "swords" looks like multiple Gliscors flying outwards =)

Sorry if I got something wrong! I TRIED to read everything.
I meant the art. Zekrom doesn't need a nickname. =\

And yeah, it's possible to win the Heatran and Zekrom at the same time.
Whoa, cool giveaway!
I can distribute. I'm not really an expert on art, but I think it looks great. I think the name should be named Xeron(Zeer-rahn).
I know nothing of art, so I wont even try to critique that, but I will say it looks awesome.
I tried thinking of a name for it, and for some reason the name "Digitalis" keeps popping into my head. Not sure why, since it looks nothing like it. Might be because iirc, it's a poisonous flower and the blossoms grow along a spike-like plant.
The lottery thing sounds fun, may I pick #26?
Here is mine, for the HP grass one

The drawing looks like it has been done with a pencil, with various shades and textures. In the middle, I see an intriguing, symmetrical, kaleidoscope design. The center almost resembles a snowflake, and as it goes further out, it slightly resembles an explosion. The further out we go, the more less symmetrical it gets, and more deviant designs start to bloom. In the top corners, wings seem to be spreading, giving the artwork an animistic appearance. And the bottom corners seem like a group of tail feathers.

From the outside, the drawing can look like a bird of prey, but the inside sort of looks like a leech or lamprey mouth, with many teeth used to suck blood and nutrients from its victims. The very bottom looks like it could be a stinger of some sort, not to different from a scorpions. The body vaguely resembles Gliscor!!!

The shading done here is remarkable, I can almost see colors within the gray pencil markings. The absence of shade on the “wings” is brilliant, adding more and more detail. The flame looking things near the outside of the “mouth” give the artwork life and movement.

All in all, this is a great drawing, nothing I can do thats for sure! The smoothness tells me that you are an experienced artist. As far as a name goes, hmmm... Its kinda got the body of a Gliscor and a mouth of an Eelektross. Since this is a Pokemon site, I want to name it



Edit: Lottery number: 7
For the lottery, I pick #8! I am no art fanatic, but I marvel at the intricacy of the flower pattern. I enjoy the multiple face interpretations that one might find through the eyes and points of the shape. Inside it, I see elements of ninja stars, snowflakes, flowers, starfish, and eyes.

For a boss title, I'd call it "Crystal Lotus"--it's a pun on Crystal Lattice, which is the chemical skeleton for water and its frozen molecules. I look at the boss as the nexus between Winter and Spring--a frozen flower-snowflake hybrid.
Alright Lord Scalgon, here is my critique of your piece:

The most striking aspect of the piece is the duality created between the natural and the man-made, and between growth and death. Let me elaborate on what I mean my that: There are two opposing images very blatantly representing themselves within the piece. The first is of pain and violence; the object appears to be sprouting blades everywhere, blades which are instruments of injury and suffering. They are cold, lifeless weapons, doing little more than killing and wounding. One could not touch the pictured object without risk of said pain. The parts of the image that are darkly shaded make me think of the dark stains of blood, and the very hard, defined lines in the symmetrical center of the piece could very well be scars.

However, the image also presents itself as a beautiful insect. I see the dual-pronged horns of stag beetles crawling out of the center of the piece and I see a graceful butterfly or perhaps an elegant moth soaring with wings spread wide. When viewed in this manner, the protruding blades and daggers are transformed into delicate nuances of a fragile insect. In my opinion, the form of the insect is very clear. Two antennae distinguish themselves at the top of the piece, the long dagger extending on the bottom forms itself into the creature's abdomen and thorax, and on either side of the body wings are formed by two sets of three blades each. This interpretation of the image is much more peaceful and serene. Just think of how a butterfly floats through the air, moving from flower to flower. Its life is a cycle of perpetual growth and development. It is constantly changing and turning itself into something fresh and new. Such a creature could never be a harbinger of death and destruction! It is a being of grace and elegance, and the curved, flowing lines of the piece help to emphasize that elegance by making the piece seem more organic and fluid. Had you used many straight lines, I feel the graceful fluidity of the piece would have been lost.

In addition to seeing the resemblance to a moth or butterfly, I can also see the image of a spider in the piece. In this case, the defined lines which I previously mentioned to be scars now appear to me as the silky threads of a spider's web. The large blade on the bottom of the piece contains a pattern which is reminiscent of a gaping maw, much like the mandibles of a spider. Also, I see many, many eyes lurking on the piece, again, much akin to a spider. For instance, there are the six circles near the center of the piece, and there are two eye-like slivers on the corners of the upper-most striped wings. Also, there are eight blades protruding from the spider (excluding the large lower one which counts as the head), which is symbolic of a spider. I like thinking of the piece as a spider because it helps combine the deadly and the beautiful into one. A spider can be both deadly and toxic, but can also be a harmless creature that creates beautiful webs. Again, the notion of a spider is perfect because it fuses the two contrasting ideas that were originally presented.

Finally, I'll wrap up this rather lengthy critique with a few words on color. Overall, I like that you've left the piece in black and white. The very fact that you did that allows for the whole duality to exist. Whether the mind jumps to a flurry of blades, or a butterfly, or a spider, or something else entirely upon seeing the piece is entirely depended on the viewer. It allows each individual to make the piece resonate in a way that is personal to them. If you would prefer the viewer to know your intentions when creating the piece instead of allowing them to make their own story, you could easily accomplish this by the use of color. I think that any sort of color would get rid of the dichotomy I described and would very definitively show what the piece is supposed to be. I would, however, advise against adding in such color, so that you can maintain the mystery of the piece's double-nature.

And that is the end of my critique. I hope you found it insightful.

A couple titles for the piece could be something along the lines of Nature's Razor, Reclamation of Man's Constructs into Nature, or Deadly Metamorphosis. I think all three are valid titles that express the dichotomy between nature and the man-made that is expressed in this piece.
Every time i look at it a lotus flower comes to my mind, i always imagine like as if it is painted in a deep purple mixed with a light blue, because it looks like it is somewhat frozen.

A name to it: The frozen lotus.

And a number to choose: 18!

I want the HP Ice Heatran
absolutely stunning artwork, just by looking at it one can tell he ime and effort which went in to creating it, there are no sloppy shortcuts, and the shading is beutiful, also the image seems to draw you into the centre, simply elegant and a well thought out original piece

EDIT: ooo and can i have nuber 21?
For the Lotto, I would like 17 please.

Now, onto the important stuff.
Critique for [untitled] by Lord Scalgon

A very interesting piece. Striking at first glance, and equally detailed on further viewing. It resembles a flower, but does not feel like one. It gives the impression of being watched by a powerful being. All in all, a wonderful piece and I have saved it into my personal collection. However, as this is a critique, there is always the other side of the coin.

The symmetry is a bit skewed, which does not seem intentional. This is really noticeable on the horns at the top and the spike at the bottom. the shading is also a bit inconsistent with the right side being smoother than the left. The spikes however, are smoother on the left than the right.

Those are just minor issues, and do not take much away from the piece. Most of the issues can be fixed with a blending stub, and the others are not major enough to worry about, but could be fixed with minor erasure and redraw.

The piece strikes awe and fear into my heart, almost as if I am looking into a mouth that belongs to a dark god. The grey scale enhances this effect and brings me back to the title of this giveaway in fact. I feel as if I am looking into the "Mouth of the Oblivion". As such, I have saved the picture under this title, and suggest that it be taken as the official title.
Jup, I forgot, I like that piece of art you made =)

For the lottery, #19 please.

Deep respect for you, I don't get how you did, I can't draw for even a bit.

It looks like it's meant to be symmetrical, and it is of course, although the right side is a bit more roughly drawn than the left side.

Overal it's stunning though, and it looks absolutely beautiful, kudo's to you mate. And a cookie. Free cookie's here!
I'd like number 24. The drawing looks like a gligar at quick glance lol. Anyways I like the symmetrical design, with the top giving the appearance of eyes. It looks like a creature when looking from top down but like shapes when looking from center out, which is pretty neat.I don't know if you're planning to add color, but some red in there would look sweet. I'd name it "living shapes" due to the fact that I see a life form and the shapes
The art to me looks like a merciless Emperor wearing full Armour with Shoulder Claws, while sitting in a giant throne or walking down a long hallway addressing his forces and preparing for battle in a mighty war.

For the name.

The Mighty Emperor (not the most original).

Lottery #22

EDIT: I just added a little more detail to my critque.


Tastes Like Candy
I'll pick #2.
About your artwork, at first glance it looks like a complex spaceship of some sort being watch from bird's view. It has a strong look into it.I like how you shaded it using a pencil since it gives this metallic feeling.

Now, it you look from a front view, you will notice all its strength is practically gone, it doesnt have this mecha feeling anymore, and resembles a mystical object that needs to be collected to save the world. Its very well detailed, I really would like to see it scanned. I would name it Millennium's Heart, after the spaceship from Stars Wars and because of its resemblance to a heart.

~Sorry if I did something wrong, If I did just let me know and I'll edit this message.
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